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[Solved] Is it too late to prevent climate catastrophe? Or is there hope?  


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06/29/2017 4:18 pm  

Today a group of prominent climate scientists and leaders released a report that we have just three years to avoid a climate catastrophe.  The Washington Post characterized their position as "optimistic" by scientific consensus standards.  I usually tell people we have a decade, so this report with it's simple math calculations was a shock even to me who has always seen climate change happening faster than the scientists.  

Still I am hopeful.

It's true that my readings, going back ten years, have shown that a climate change surge begins in 2017, and a game changing drought in the U.S. Heartland (and no doubt in other countries as well) in the mid to late  2020's.  This week, Iran temperatures hit the highest recorded - 165 degrees; and in Arizona they can't land airplanes due to the 118 degree heat. That's just the beginning of what is coming, but the press stopped short of saying that. 

Why I am hopeful:  Well for one thing hope is the only way we are going to change this situation. Hope, which is something beyond the actual, has to be something active, not passive. It is something you do, not just something you have. 

I'm also hopeful because I believe in miracles, but not the airy fairy kind of miracles. Miracles are spiritual, energy-based events that come from consciousness.  If you imagine it, or  enough people imagine it, and you open to the incredible consciousness of the Universe that is flowing to us all right now, then you create a miraculous event that falls outside the realm of science.  

But active hope also comes from activism. We have to do something to save this planet.

 And I'm hopeful because I believe many of us are here on this planet at this critical time in order to help save it.  Everyday I think about why I'm here. I give readings to people these days in order to help them see why they are here. Who is my real Self? Who is your real Self?  That search will show your place in this world, i.e., why you are here. 

Earth is a jewel in the universe, a one of a kind living breathing organism of love and interconnectivity of life and consciousness. Saving it will require that each of us evolve into a force of love, but not co-dependency. We have to lead our civilization to a new level of light. 

But it isn't going to be all sweetness and light. People need to get how dire our situation is.  Kingsolver said it well in her 2012 novel Fight Behavior, "We are on the top of Niagara Falls in a canoe."

I have seen in visions that the U.S. will actually go from the denying climate laggards  to sustainability leaders in the late 2020's.  That's encouraging.  

Will it be in time?

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06/30/2017 8:59 pm  

Well I think the collective consciousness is what will bring about major change. Our thoughts are very powerful and if everyone believes the truth about climate change then we will come up with sustainable, actionable ideas and ways to mitigate/survive/change the course of events. I am hopeful too. For some people they will have to "see" things happen before they change their minds, others will never believe it, but all we need is a majority and a shift in the collective consciousness. There is time and there is always hope.

Personally I know I need to keep my thoughts positive, my heart open, and I need to hold that belief that the best in us will shine thru. There are many, many people that love the Earth and she knows it, she is giving us a chance to change - I feel that from her everyday. Another thing that I'm working on is a "future world" board - it has pictures of community farming, solar panels, wind turbines, the vertical forest building in Italy, lots of hearts, open borders, no racism/discrimination short, a vision of the kind of world I want to live in. 

I think it's very, very important that all of us don't get sucked into hopelessness and worry. We must stay positive. Each thought counts and effects change. There is always something good to be happy about everyday. And of course solar panels on your roof, planting trees, reducing your footprint, also help a lot!!

Just think of the ozone layer hole we had back in the 80's. We did something about it and now it's much smaller...there's no reason to believe that we can't change things now...

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06/30/2017 11:49 pm  

Thank you, Diana.  Lifts my heart.

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09/02/2017 12:09 am  

Diana, I am wondering if there is some way you could share the image of your future visions board.

I believe that if enough people were meditating upon the image of the positive future we want, that we could affect the energetic probability of it coming true.  Focused meditation forms an energetic 'charge' that leads the raw edge of manifestation into form.  By meditating, we can help create the positive world we're sensing far ahead of us.

This might be a good and positive thing to do as a counter to all the negativity in the news.


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09/02/2017 12:16 am  

RunestoneOne, Nice idea!  Welcome to the forum!  Yes, would like to see your vision board, Diana.