[Closed] Hurricane Dorian  

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09/03/2019 3:57 pm  

The images currently coming out of the Bahamas...

It is as though a tsunami, tornado and hurricane came through at the same time.  

The U.S. MUST help.  It is a moral imperative.  We have the ability with the type of military craft we command.  The airport is under water and there are no docks.  General Honore ( Katrina fame) insists that we are really the only country who has  the capability to save lives right now.  

May our military  be allow to be light workers for the Bahamas.   May all the  people in the Bahamas receive the help they need from those who are already there doing their best and those who are coming.  




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09/03/2019 9:39 pm  


Imperative the US military  steps up here. I can't even fathom and time is of the essence here. My prayers go out.to these people. 

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