Hopeful News for the Climate  


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08/07/2019 5:55 pm  

California, the world’s fifth largest economy, is considering a bill that would penalize companies for contributing to the climate crisis.  We’ve seen for several years now that in the future state and local governments would make up the federal government’s laxity with their own initiatives.  California is the leader in climate initiatives. Here’s hoping this proposal has a chance of passing. https://www.propublica.org/article/proposed-california-law-would-punish-companies-for-failing-to-limit-harm-to-the-planets-forests?utm_source=pardot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dailynewsletter

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08/07/2019 7:47 pm  

It will pass. Our state legislature is 80% Dem.

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08/21/2019 12:32 am  

What's going to happen to the rainforest?  Will it survive? What about trophy hunting, will that be stopped too?

So much destruction, so much pollution, so much sickness, I feel the earth's pain.

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08/22/2019 7:30 am  

I saw that CNN wil hold town halls or debates in a couple of weeks for the Democratic candidates dedicated to the environment.  I don't remember seeing something like this.  Not to this scale anyway.  I think Mother Earth is getting through to us!  That's a start


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