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[Solved] Entire solar system, and every planet in our solar system changing.  


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01/02/2018 11:59 am  

Changes happening, have they been predicted?

The earths core is heating up

The molten ketstreams within the planet are accelerating.

Volcanoes are activating world wide some estimates as high as 1 in 2 erupting.

What happens when you super heat a magnet.... it loses its magnetism.

The earths magnetosphere is collapsing

The magnetic fields are shifting

The schumann resonance of the earth is spiking on some days

The jet streams are at times crossing the equator, and are changing drastcally

Human behavior, fish washing ashore in mass, birds who navigate using magnetic field lines are falling from the skies.

The sun is weakening and its protective magnetic shields are also weakening as our solar system moves into a less dense and less protected area in space.

The weather patterns on uranus have changed drastically, as well as saturn jupiters rings, mars, and venus all changing.

So did anyone actually predict all these changes?  I have read alot of predictions, none have seen alot of what is going on.

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01/03/2018 1:33 am  

@godfrequency I don't recall people predicting most of the things you mention in specific--however there are a lot of people twigging on to 2018 being a big earthquake year, which is likely a result of the earth changes you mention.  Time magazine, WaPo and Science all have recent articles about the earth's rotation slowing down & the likelihood of earthquakes in 2018.

If you look at older predictions by Edgar Cayce in the 30's & 40's, he predicted a lot of earth changes which make no sense unless you've got powerful forces at play like you mention above.

I wish I knew more about the Schumann resonance. That might be the proximate cause for a lot of nutty human behavior.  It also may be much more than that...a tuning fork, a part of the noosphere?

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01/03/2018 11:17 am  

Well, all these things have been well-docmented by scientists for quite a while, now. They don’t, unfortunately, make the nightly news very often so we don’t hear much about these issues (in general).

There is nothing cataclysmic about any of this - so perhaps that’s why intuitives aren’t picking them up as “things to watch out for.”

By the way, the earth’s core is neither heating up or cooling down in the way we may think - instead, scientists get creative in their derivative methods and find new stuff all the time. And with each new method, the picture becomes more complex which generates even more questions....

None of these things represent doom and gloom. Hope that helps!

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01/06/2018 12:13 pm  

I have been feeling the emergence of many, new earthquakes in the days and months to come. I just did a search this morning since I have been concerned about my own location in Salem, Oregon and discovered that our not too far away Mt. St. Helens has experienced over 30 small..under 4..earthquakes just since New Years Day!  And it never made the news over my local..i.e. Portland news stations, weather reports..anything! 

I also believe that if we focus on the earths tectonic plates in a really powerful, combined way, we can balance all of this minor activity. So, let's think and meditate on calming ourselves first, the people of our world, second and as we do, our world will also calm. Anything is possible..good or bad. Mother Earth is hurting and venting and the cracks as they say 'are how the light gets in'. Why don't we all bring in the light and help her out!

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01/06/2018 3:37 pm  

Shamanic stuff alert: your mileage may vary in understanding this.

There is a game I play with myself, I call it "The Game of Insides and Outsides."  If I am upset, I often short out computers and microwaves. If I am not feeling well, I look for a metaphor outside of myself that may explain the illness to me. I pay attention to things happening outside of me (birds flying by, the way trees move in wind, the flow of traffic when I unfocus my eyes) and use them as guidance for what I do. What's inside is outside, what's outside is inside.

When I think of earthquakes, I think "I am in the Mother's Body, and the Mother lives in me." If I had earthquakes, what would cause them? ...hmmm...that's like skin eruptions. Usually caused by some foreign element the body wishes to get rid of. I can 'feel' her shuddering, the desire for movement, for **realignment**.  I feel things grinding against each other.

What would I do about that? Smooth out conflict in my own body, in my own soul. Where are things rubbing, grinding, making me twitch? What's needed to stop that abrasion? Emotional work. Spiritual work. Movement and bodywork. Metaphor: We're locked hard into tectonic plates that shove against each other. How can I release and flow easy?

In this case I believe we can help out Mother Earth by doing our own work to unlock, stop grinding against each other, breathe, and release.

That's how I'd bring in the Light.

What's inside is outside, and what's outside is inside.

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