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[Closed] End of Whale watching in Washington State?  


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11/07/2018 1:59 pm  


The Washington state task force on critically endangered Northwest orcas wants to temporarily ban commercial whale-watching boat tours.

The group advising the governor voted Tuesday to recommend a three- to five-year moratorium in order to reduce boating traffic and help orcas hunting for food.

Orcas have hit the lowest numbers in more than three decades, capturing global attention as starvation has caused their deaths. Just 74 animals remain in the area.

Researchers say reducing boat traffic must be the first step to mitigating the problem because white noise makes it difficult for them to find salmon."

This would not address other boats and ships traveling in the same areas and the fact that the noise they create is louder.

Whale advocacy groups are concerned the root problem is not being address.  Dwindling prey.It is thought by many that  in order to boost salmon populations  measures such as the  removal of dams along the snake river could help migrating salmon to get to the orcas.

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11/07/2018 3:45 pm  

Lovendures, thanks for your information. I had a friend that used to pilot a Whale Watching Boat on the Olympic Peninsula about 10 years ago. I went with him a few times. He always was very careful not to get too close to the orca's. Not all boats were as respectful though. Some were inflatables with big outboards and some sometimes would zoom get pretty close. Whenever he was in the same area he would inform them they should keep a much greater distance. We definitely need to protect our wildlife from bad policies. 

There used to be numerous American Eagles in the same vicinity before almost becoming extinct. Protection Island, off the northern coast of Washington State, at one time was covered with seals and eagles. Fish and Wildlife put some very strong restrictions in place for a number of years for the eagles and now their population has increased tremendously in our area. I understand Fish and Wildlife has now removed most of the restrictions for them. Hopefully the orca population will be able to increase to its former numbers. I appreciate your sharing!

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