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Earth's Animal Population  


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02/24/2019 10:10 am  

Booted out of edit window by my very slow mobile editing, here is the link I meant to get into post above:

This link and its comments from others is years old but further points out that the veterinary community was becoming awarhue of the intrinsic dangers of uncontrolled or monitored foreign pet rescues from many, not just China, countries and the problems in the canine populations but its still only being talked about by those willing to educate but trying not to strike fear into the populace or let's face it, drastic PETA recations to what us commonly viewed as humanitarian efforts to save animal lives from countless countries that have far different cultural views. 

We truly need to see the forest here, and not just the trees..or as Unk p shared, the deer crossing the road in the forest. 

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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