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[Closed] Climate Strike Begins September 20  


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09/19/2019 10:57 am

Kids are planning to speak up around the world.  Adults will be joining in too to support them.  Above  is the info for anyone who would like to participate.  


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09/19/2019 1:40 pm  

Thank you Jeanne, for posting this.  I hope that everyone who can will drop whatever they are doing tomorrow, and join in the strike!

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09/19/2019 3:41 pm  

Houston is flooding again.  My neighbors yard is completely underwater.  Another inch, and it will be in her house.  She is still trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey, which ruined her car, and everything in her house.

I might have to take a boat to the protest on Friday.


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09/19/2019 7:31 pm  

I get it that some people don't like to click on links- so here is an excerpt from the one above^:

"Strike because the people who did the least to cause this crisis suffer first and worst – the people losing their farms to desert and watching their islands sink beneath the waves aren’t the ones who burned the coal and gas and oil.

Strike because coral reefs are so gloriously beautiful and complex – and so vulnerable.

Strike because sun and wind are now the cheapest way to generate power around the world – if we could match the political power of the fossil fuel industry we could make fast progress.

Strike because we’ve already lost half the animals on the planet since 1970 – the earth is a lonelier place.

Strike because our governments move with such painful slowness, treating climate change as, at worst, one problem on a long list.

Strike because this could be the great opportunity – and maybe the last opportunity – to transform our society towards justice and towards joy. Green New Deals have been proposed around the world; they are a way forward.

Strike because forests now seem like fires waiting to happen.

Strike because young people have asked us to. In a well-ordered society, when kids make a reasonable request their elders should say yes – in this case with real pride and hope that the next generations are standing up for what matters.

Strike because every generation faces some great crisis, and this is ours.

Strike because half the children in New Delhi have irreversible lung damage simply from breathing the air.

Strike because Exxon and the rest knew all about global warming in the 1980s, and then lied so they could keep cashing in.

Strike because what we do this decade will matter for hundreds of thousands a year.

Strike because the temperature has hit 129F (54C) in big cities in recent summers. The human body can survive that, but only for a few hours.

Strike because do we want to be the first generations to leave the planet in worse shape?


Strike because batteries are ever cheaper – we can now store sunshine at night, and wind for a calm day.

Strike because the UN estimates unchecked climate change could create a billion refugees this century.

Strike because the big banks continue to lend hundreds of billions to the fossil fuel industry – people are literally trying to get rich off the destruction of the planet.

Strike because what animal fouls its own nest?

Strike because indigenous people around the world are trying to protect their rightful land from the coal and oil companies – and in the process protect all of us.

Strike because every time they cut down a patch of rainforest to grow some more cows, the climate math gets harder.

Strike because science is real, because physics exists, because chemistry matters.

Strike so you can look your grandkid – or anyone else’s – in the eye.

Strike because the world we were given is still so sweet."


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09/19/2019 8:04 pm  

Happening Now:  "All In" with Chris Hayes on MSNBC is airing a show w/Democratic Presidential Candidates on Climate Change (8pm, EST).

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09/20/2019 11:01 am  

NYTimes just posted an article about the birds disappearing:

I'm no expert but I can attest to the fact there has been a lot less chirping going on in my backyard. I miss the little sparrows!

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09/20/2019 12:02 pm  

We're attending the climate rally in our city tonight. We do what we can as an family to lessen our impact, but standing up and speaking out are needed to shift the political will at large so structural change can happen.

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09/20/2019 10:11 pm  

"...and a little child shall lead them"

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