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Animals in the News: Losing Some Species but Rediscovering Others  


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11/14/2019 11:05 am  

Usually our animal posts are personal or show up in our wonderful Predictions "blog"  homepage.

But there are those incredibly important events that deserve a place and home for predictions, intuitions, or news stories that are so incredibly worth sharing and discussing.

Our world has so many immediate and important concerns than just world or U.S. politics.

Things are happening and our often narrow focus misses so many opportunities to send light and love and the best and highest positives thoughts we can to those events and others in their worlds around the globe:  especially our beloved earth's animal kingdom.

Stories can be posted here about our Climate  and Earth Changes in our animal populations around the world.

This news story was more inportant to me than anything I read in the news today.

In a country once ravaged by war, fighting,  bloodshed and destruction there is a sign of hope that our world can be rebuilt or is rebuilding/hanging on to burgeoing hope and life by our Earth Mother, nature herself.

May many more animals and species be hiding away in pockets of nature, may they thrive and increase with available food and water and may they survive climate change and its current and future 

With the help of advanced form's of "trail cameras", researchers have rediscovered a deer-like species called the silver-backed chevrotain in Vietnam.

The species (Tragulus versicolor) known commonly as the Vietnamese mouse-deer, hadn't been seen since the 1990s.

Scientists with Global Wildlife Conservation and others announced the species' rediscovery this week in the journal of Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Deer-like ies Vietnam after 30-year absence:


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11/14/2019 3:24 pm  


Thank you for creating this topic.  I think it is an excellent idea.  I love hearing positive news like this coming out of Vietnam.  It brings hope.