[Closed] 2026 - Adjustments possibly related to depopulation?  


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08/07/2019 7:09 am  

I was wondering if after 2025/2026 (coincidental, 2026, when transpersonal planets will have moved: Uranus in Gemini / Neptune in Aries / Pluto in Aquarius-)-- a world society that has changed their thinking/mentality, is sharing, more localized, change in eating/food habits, energy use/application, working together (see French astrologer André Barbault)-- could this be a description of what happens after climate collapse, nuclear weapon detonations, and/or a massive depopulation-- possibly through a viral infection/pandemic? It just seems like a lot of organizational and cooperative adjustment to occur in a short time. Particularly in a time where more and more governments are finding themselves with isolationist far right leaders with the aid of CA (or whatever it's surviving organization is called). Has anyone had any vision or message in regard to this? I realize that some insane technology can be developed that Changes Everything. So if there is an environmental collapse with accompanying great suffering/die off-- I cannot think of any other event that might motivate those left surviving to make the required radical changes.

Looking at the ages of some of the presidential candidates and how many people bring up how old they are (apparently ageism is ok these days) it is clearly an issue of the day as the most healthcare dollars are expended on our eldest citizens and there are some ideas about rationing that may be influenced by this-- I am wondering with the Pluto's transit through Capricorn indicates some biotechnology might be developed related to arresting age related changes- maybe r/t protein genesis. Also, the development of very cheap and portable solar energy storage systems... and more.