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World Predictions for 2018 & Beyond

Forum Guidelines: 1. Be nice! 2. Careful not to pass along anything libelous, i.e., It's libel if it's not true and hurts someone. 3. Have fun! :-)

Welcome to World Predictions Forum

Here is where we tell you some rules and what the forum is really about.


Categories of Interest

How to Cope and even Thrive in difficult times

In times of great stress, some people fall apart and some people actually thrive. This section is for finding ways to actually evolve, become stronger, and wiser during these difficult times. Sometimes you might find here some practical ways to cope with stress.


New Set of Timeline Predictions

Periodically I do a brief set of visions along a timeline. Here's where you can find them by date. After posting, I add them to the timeline on the World Predictions Page.


Understanding Prophecy and Consciousness

To help us bring the art of prediction to a higher level, we need to understand how it works, what we are really seeing when we meditate on the future, and how we can become better at it. Help us to understand and improve by sharing your thoughts here.


U.S. News & U.S. Predictions

This is where we discuss issues related to the U.S.


International News & Predictions

This is where we discuss predictions, post predictions and intuitions, and anything that is not spelled out in the news media about what is going on below the surface and what we feel is going to happen in the international scene. If you have news items, like, "Putin just got replaced by humanitarian liberal" that goes in the section for reporting news items. If you want to ask will Putin ever get deposed or what is happening below the surface in the Russian government, this is the place for that. Or if you have a comment about someone's prediction or an intuition about a subject, post it here. Put news items in the News Items section. Thanks!


Zoron Speaks!

Zoron is a frequent and popular blogger on this website. He has much to offer, and enjoys running exercises in remote viewing, so he now has a section where you can find his posts.


Remote Viewing Challenges - test your ability here on these real life mysteries

This section is for using intuition to solve a mystery. If there is a mystery or a crime you want to get ideas about or have your own, then start a topic on it. (Careful not to accuse or defame anyone - all libel laws apply here as well as everywhere in all forums.)


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