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Check out this article about a portal that opened in one of Jeanne’s classes.

I loved, loved loved your Mindful Tarot class last night. A whole lot of healing happened for me. It was by far the most thrilling class I have attended on mysticism. — Linda F


Mindfulness and Positive Psychology September 19th, 26th, October 10, & 17th (no class October 3)  5:30-7:30 pm at Newton Community Eduction.

Learn to meditate in a way that is easy and relaxing. Mindful meditation makes you happier, boosts your immune system, and changes your brain in a wonderful way. It also makes you more intuitive, alert, and in need of less sleep; it even improves your relationships. Our instructor will help you to relax so that you’ll feel like you took a vacation each week. Each session we will have a half-hour meditation followed by a loving kindness affirmation, some powerful healing visioning, and positive psychology techniques to change your brain to a happier, more authentic and fulfilled you. Tuition: $109 To enroll, click here. 

How to See Visions October 24; 5:30-7:30 pm, Newton Community Education.

Did you know that when you close your eyes and look inside your mind, your brain has the capacity to access information about yourself, others, and our world that you cannot get with everyday sight? This inner seeing, also known as your third eye or clairvoyance, opens a world of treasures that can enrich your life once you learn how to ask for and see those visions. Come discover how to access these visions to gain insight and inspiration for your life. You’ll practice inner visioning exercises with classmates to learn how to read other people in order to get a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.  Tuition:$39 to enroll click here. 

The Thursday Night Tarot  Begins Thursday September 21. 6:30 -9:30 pm for five straight Thursdays.

6:30-9:30 pm; This is my best indepth class.  It is designed for beginners to advanced students of Tarot and intuition.  Five weeks to focus your life, expand intuition, and get good at reading the Tarot. Every week we will read each other, discuss the mysteries of the intuitive process, practice psychic visioning, and using the insights from the cards, help each other through our most pressing life issues. We will also learn simple ways to engage in deep brief mindful meditation to relax and tune in, set intentions for our lives, and send and receive healing to each other, our loved ones and our world. This is a support group that also teaches a life long skill. For more information or to enroll email Jeanne. Bring a Thoth deck (large size – much better for reading than the small size) or buy one at the class for $29. Location: Wellesley, MA.  Tuition: $199. To enroll, contact Jeanne using the contact form at the top of the page.

ON-LINE CLASSES!    To enroll, email Jeanne who will send you a PayPal Invoice. If you prefer not to use PayPal, contact Jeanne who will make arrangements to take your credit card number directly.

1. Reading the Future – free, donation appreciated: 9/27/17  Learn the method Jeanne uses that’s made her website the leading world predictions site. In this live webinar, Jeanne will discuss: (1) How to read your own future, that of other people, and the future of the world. (2) How to see the road ahead by month and year.  (3)  How your psyche uses symbols to communicate with you. (4) How to interpret prophetic dreams. The myriad ways to receive messages about the future. (5) Exercises that will help you hone your future-reading skills. (6) How future visions actually play out over time. You will also participate in a group reading to see the future. This workshop qualifies you to participate in Jeanne’s upcoming World Predictions Group, an online group she is forming to do visioning sessions for her World Predictions Website.  To enroll, there will be a link provided by September first.

2 . Reading the Tarot Part I Four classes:  10/2/17:  In this 2-hour webinar, experience an extraordinary knowing about yourself and others through the cards. Learn how to read this ancient divination tool in one easy lesson.  If you already read the cards, learn how to read them intuitively and deeply like never before. Discover how you can unleash your intuition instantly with these ancient visual tools. Experience the spiritual connection you feel with others, yourself, and spirits through the use of the cards. Dates are October 2, 16 (no class October 9), 21, and 30. To enroll, a link will be provided by September 1st.

2A. Reading the Tarot Part II Advanced Begins in January 2018.  Dates to be announced.

3. E.S.P. for Skeptics (a.k.a. the Science Behind Psychic Phenomena) Monday 11/6/17

There is a scientifically based explanation for why we are all able to read other people’s minds, sense  the future, and feel what others feel, including, loved ones, friends, strangers, and animals. It’s physics and the explanation and evidence has been around for decades.  If you’re open to the possibility that psychic phenomena exist, but want to see scientific evidence, join us and find out for yourself. If you’re already convinced but want to understand how it all works, this class is also for you. If you are a believer, but want to share the scientific evidence to others, you will gain that understanding in this class.  Learn about the new reality that combines quantum physics with psychology and neuroscience, challenging the old notions of who and what we are.  This class will change the way you understand the universe and your place in it. Open to all who come with an open and curious mind!  8 to 10 pm eastern time.  To enroll, a link will be provided by September 1st.

4.  Willing Your Way Monday, 11/20/17 Are you feeling stuck or frustrated simply because you can’t get what you want out of life–a new job, losing weight, launching a successful project, or writing a book? In fact, there’s a way to achieve your goals and desires by willing them. This class teaches you how to use the power of intention to change your life. Most people don’t realize that we direct our lives with our many unconscious intentions and expectations, which are largely driven by our childhood training. Without realizing it, we may be sending negative messages to ourselves and to the world that sabotage us from getting what we want. This class will show you how to take charge of your life by emitting the intentions you really want for yourself.  Whether it’s in the realm of love, spirituality, or more “worldly” achievements, you can learn how to achieve greater success. To enroll, a link will be provided by September 1st.

5. How to become happier, 11/13/17  The secret to happiness, according to ancient wisdom and modern science, rests in training the mind to focus on the moment, while savoring all that is good in your life. Happiness, it turns out, doesn’t depend on good fortune, money, or finding the right mate, but upon an internal satisfaction that everyone can cultivate with a few daily practices. These simple practices have a cumulative effect on your psyche and your life. In this webinar, which has been Jeanne’s most popular class, you will learn 8 practices that will make you a happier person for the rest of your life.  You will learn tried, true, and researched methods that work. You will finally, finally, discover how to bounce back from disappointments and challenges. You will  achieve the mind state that will draw relationships to you and deepen the ones you have. You will become a better partner, parent, sibling, son or daughter, aunt or uncle, friend, co-worker, boss, teacher, student.  In today’s challenging world, we all need the skills that will lead to happiness, gratitude and inner peace.  To enroll, a link will be provided by September 1st.


Special Halloween class: Reading Spirits Around Us – Mediumship  Tuesday October 31, 2017 9 pm eastern time. 

Halloween or All hallow’s Eve is the perfect night for connecting to the spirits who want to connect to us. In this class, we will learn ways to connect to spirits.  In Wellesley.




  1. Dalybeth 03/06/2016 at 9:16 pm - Reply

    Are any of your classes available online? REPLY, Dalybeth, thanks for asking. I’m preparing online classes this month and will be putting out an announcement as soon as they are ready!!!!!!! I’ll be teaching all of the same classes you see here, and more! – Jeanne

    • Jeanne Mayell 02/05/2017 at 7:45 pm - Reply

      Yes, I now have four online classes starting up this month. Read more above.

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