World Psychic Predictions That Came True 2011 to present

All hits that we discover are listed here. There are probably many others, so do help us by letting us know.

Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

December 1, 2014 Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is good but keeps updating as scientists learn more.  They are, however, off in the timing.   My own visions have always shown events happening faster. Intuition tells  us where we are [...]

World Predictions for 2014 & 2015

Below are collective visions of my Thursday Night Tarot group made in January 2014 and earlier. Actual events sometimes  happen in earlier or later months than envisioned. Unless stated, weather events are usually centered in the New England area. Those visions that come true are put in bold when we hear about it,  with [...]

Psychic Predictions 2013-2014: The Federal Shutdown and the U.S. Economy

While it's difficult to see the end of a storm when you are in it (as we are at the time of this posting), we had meditated on this time period way back in January, March, and the middle of September before the shutdown began, and we've got some visions of the outcome to share [...]

Psychic Visions for 2013 to 2014 made on 9.12.13

Once again we give you our visions for the coming year. Taken together with past visions that overlap this period (see here and here), we give you a lot to ponder. A Note on Timing: Events often do not always unfold in the months that we have listed but  in neighboring months.  Thus  it's best [...]

Psychic Predictions for 2013 – Part II

Note: We've bolded events that  have come true, some occurring outside of the month they were predicted. See 1/3/13 post for more visions of this period.] Once again, our group meditated for visions of the coming year.  During this phase we can expect unusual weather,  stock market roller coaster, and some precedent setting events, (like [...]

Psychic Predictions for 2013 – The Great Turning Continues (made 1.3.13)

Last week  my Thursday Night Tarot Group meditates for visions of the future.     Tapping into the collective consciousness, we saw  symptoms of long-term upheaval. [Note we bold the visions that come true, with explanations.] Highlights for the coming year: This is a year of deepening financial, political, and environmental upheaval, fissures in a [...]

2013: The Great Tarot Trumps Tell Us Where We are Headed

The Trump Cards of the Tarot describe the Fool's journey throughout his lifecycle, (the Fool is the first trump card numbered zero) and since we are the Fool, the Trumps describe our journey, both individually and collectively.   They tell us where we are in our lifecycle, what we need to do to move forward, [...]

12.12.12: Precipice

Painting a.r.r. 12.12.12. Today we stand on a precipice. Humanity will not see this date again for a hundred years. Tomorrow is Sagittarius New Moon, a time to begin expansive ventures; a time to live a new paradigm. All this is happening on the advent of the Winter Solstice, 12.21.12, when we begin [...]

Psychic Visions for 2012 (made April 12, 2012)

These visions came from different people during a class meditation, which fuels the group's energy. I do not interpret them for you since interpretation comes from the rational mind. But they stir up wonder, especially when they come to pass, as have many of our past visions. Check them against earlier predictions. 2012 April - [...]