World Psychic Predictions That Came True 2011 to present

All hits that we discover are listed here. There are probably many others, so do help us by letting us know.

2019 Predictions that have come true so far

Note: We had these visions before they happened and pretty much when we said they would happen down to the month. You can find ALL of our predictions for this year and beyond  on this page.  Let me know if you see any hits we haven't noticed.  -- Jeanne Mayell NOVEMBER 2019 November 10–Something [...]

2018 Predictions That Came True

Below are hits made during 2018 that we noticed. There were likely many more at various spots on the website.  December 26 —More lava fire in Hawaii and then another volcano soon to erupt. A volcano in Italy, and Yellowstone rumblings. These worldwide volcanoes are connected to each other.  People become more interested in fault [...]

2017 Predictions

2017 Predictions POSITIVE (2017 – whole year) Charitable giving skyrockets. (Jeanne) (It’s unprecedented in our history: Trump’s election inspired millions in non profit donations) The country begins to turn way from Washington, D.C., and seeks local answers to problems. States begin to form problem solving coalitions. (David W.) Bloomberg gives $200 million to cities [...]

Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

December 1, 2014 Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is good but keeps updating as scientists learn more.  They are, however, off in the timing.   My own visions have always shown events happening faster. November 2019 UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE [...]