World Psychic Predictions That Came True 2011 to present

All hits that we discover are listed here. There are probably many others, so do help us by letting us know.

2019 Predictions that have come true so far

Note: If you string our “hits” together, they may tell a story about how our Collective imagination is experiencing these times. July 14 —Hurricanes in the southeast. Early hurricanes.  Tremendous heat across the southern US.  Some drought in this same region.  Record breaking temperatures. (Bluebelle). Louisiana Hurricane/Tropical Storm brings flooding in mid July.Predicted June [...]

2018 Predictions That Came True

Below are hits made during 2018 that we noticed. There were likely many more at various spots on the website.  December 26 —More lava fire in Hawaii and then another volcano soon to erupt. A volcano in Italy, and Yellowstone rumblings. These worldwide volcanoes are connected to each other.  People become more interested [...]

Donald Trump Presidency — How it Plays Out

Posted August 6, 2017 Back in 2015, our group saw that impeachment would be a major issue in the U.S. President’s first term. We did not know who the president would be, although most of us, including me, assumed it was Hilary Clinton.  (In a meditation, I had seen a fascistic image of Donald [...]

Reading Robert Mueller reveals much more than Russian Election Hacking

Here is what I got when reading the mind of Robert Mueller on three occasions this past summer of 2017, in May, July, and August.  I have bolded those predictions that have come to light in the press: Key points: The current focus on the Russian hacking  the 2016 election is just the tip [...]

2017 and Beyond Predictions

These predictions were made from 2011 to 2017 for 2017.  Initially I began posting my own predictions back in 2010 and 2011, largely focused on the the fact that I saw climate change happening much faster than scientists were predicting.  Then I began posting my students' predictions along with my own around 2012. They [...]

Predictions for 2017 and earlier that came true

Note: This list is in the early stages of compilation 2017:  2010 – 2030: First comes chaotic energy in America and no real leadership beginning around 2017.  (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 7/10/10. 2017 PREDICTIONS THAT APPLY TO THE WHOLE YEAR (as opposed to predictions that are made for a particular month) Scroll down to next toggles [...]

2019 Predictions That Have Come True

January 9 — Advancements in Alzheimer’s treatment. (Julie) In January, Yale researchers published a study on a new “cocktail” that restores memories in mice with Alzheimer’s. Clinical trials on humans to begin soon. A positive prediction made in October 2017 and predicted for January 2019 January 8 — Health care for all in the [...]

2018 Predictions

The jitters in our Collective continues a few more years, and they seem to be escalating, like the climate changes. All natural systems evolve this way. They follow an accelerating curve that surges upwards near the end, after which there is a shift to a new way. We have visions that seem [...]

2016 World Predictions

2016 World Predictions (We put in bold those that came true). Predictions for WHOLE YEAR Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means a lot of emotion and attachment to emotional points of view. (Jeanne) Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.  (Jeanne) (See this article send by [...]

World Predictions That Came True

Below are the predictions  we've made for the past five years that have come true, starting with the most recent.   Also check the World Predictions Forum for more predictions and check the World Predictions page for continual updates in the timeline. SEPTEMBER 2016 For the past two years, we've seen several visions of a [...]