Predictions for 2017 and earlier that came true

Note: This list is in the early stages of compilation 2017:  2010 – 2030: First comes chaotic energy in America and no real leadership beginning around 2017.  (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted 7/10/10. 2017 PREDICTIONS THAT APPLY TO THE WHOLE YEAR (as opposed to predictions that are made for a particular month) Scroll down to next toggles [...]

2016 World Predictions

2016 World Predictions (We put in bold those that came true). Predictions for WHOLE YEAR Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means a lot of emotion and attachment to emotional points of view. (Jeanne) Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.  (Jeanne) (See this article send by [...]