Seven Steps to Giving an Insightful Tarot Reading

The trick is to quiet the mind, be in the moment, and allow awareness to come to the surface. Research shows that everyone is intuitive, including you. Your intuition is in your body, accessible through your senses. You just have to feel what's going on with you below the surface because what's going on is [...]

24 Quick Tarot Spreads for Reading Yourself

Do This Don”t Do This Overview 2. FUTURE LOVE  My future true love Will the attraction be instant or a gradual awakening? What will this person be like physically? What will this person be like emotionally? Obstacles When/where/how will I meet this person? 3. NEW RELATIONSHP What I bring to the relationship.  What the other [...]

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Let the Full Sap Moon Propel You Forward — Full Sap Moon Spread

We are upon the full moon at the advent of the Vernal Equinox.  The Algonquin Indians of New England called it the Worm Moon or Sap Moon, referring to the season when  the earth softens and  the sap rises, when earth worms return to life and robins return to us. After the long winter, it [...]

To deepen your intuition, pay attention to color

  by Catherine Mayell Color is always bursting with meaning. If you pay attention to it when interpreting images, it will deepen your insights.  Some tarot decks, like the Thoth deck, make great use of color to convey meaning. Check out the common meanings of colors below. The energy of colors varies with [...]

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How Tarot Works

  People have been seeking answers from the divine since the beginning of time. There is no one right way to retrieve this precious information, which resides in our subconscious. But the Tarot is the easiest way to bring intuition quickly to the surface, while providing access to profound wisdom.  How do tarot cards work? [...]

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Psychic reading: A Rorschach Inkblot Test

We get intuition through our senses. As consciousness flows through us from the universe, we sense it in ways unique to our own being and life experiences. Some people hear the information, like quiet whispers in their heads. Others feel it in their bodies, especially in the gut. When I read someone who's injured or [...]

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Choosing a Divination Tool for Intuitive Readings

Some people use the I Ching, others find a tarot deck they like. Still others meditate and wait for answers to appear in the form of visions or words, gut feelings or a twinge in their bodies. So what method is going to help you the most? I find a combination works best so I [...]

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The Great Trumps of the Tarot – A Quick Reference Guide

The Trump cards, also known as the Major Arcana (arcana comes from the root "arcane" or mysteries), reflect archetypes of human experience. Archetypes are symbols or idealized versions of everyday experiences that are so common to all of us that we have reactions to them when they appear before us. Andy Warhol made his name [...]

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