Tarot: Your Life in Twenty-one Steps

Most people don't realize the Tarot  presents a map of your life, a 21-step  journey  from novice or child to mastery and  enlightenment. It is filled with ancient stories that  have  lasted because of their truth. If you understand the journey and the wisdom  hidden in the stories, you'll  see the big picture of your [...]

How to Deal with the Scary Negative Tarot Cards

The Wound is the place where the light enters you. — Rumi    Ryder Waite 10 Swords Some people avoid the Tarot because of the negative cards.  Even seasoned readers dread having them turn up. And when my students accidentally leave cards behind at my house, it’s always the negative cards – lol. [...]

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Daily Guidance with Tarot Card-for-the-Day

Each morning draw a card randomly from the deck. That will become your “Card for the Day.” This practice invites higher guidance into your life, increases your intuition, and deepens your understanding of the cards.  Imagine that you draw the Ace of Cups for your “Card for the Day.”   This marvelous and powerful card [...]

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The Positive Lessons of Negative Cards in the Tarot

People need not be afraid of negative cards in the Tarot any more than they need be afraid of negative thoughts.  Here is how to approach  reading  them. 1. The Tarot represents consciousness, not events.    Negative cards  can look scary, like someone is in pain.  The Rider Waite deck has some gruesome images of [...]

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Using Heavenly Energies to Liberate Yourself

The heavens are always in flux, which stirs up the energies that effect you.    Whether it's a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse, or some heavenly body  going in or out of retrograde, these fluctuating energies  give you a chance to release  old stuck stuff and catapult yourself forward into something new. Here's [...]

Answering Yes-No Questions with the Tarot

Until I found this spread, I discouraged yes-no questions because they give too much power to the cards, without providing much insight.   When clients insisted on a yes-no question, only an ace indicated "yes".  The Yes-No Oracle  provides a more complex answer, providing insight into the situation, while also offering direction.   Thank you, [...]

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Seven Steps to Giving an Insightful Tarot Reading

The trick is to quiet the mind, be in the moment, and allow awareness to come to the surface. Research shows that everyone is intuitive, including you. Your intuition is in your body, accessible through your senses. You just have to feel what's going on with you below the surface because what's going on is [...]

2013: The Great Tarot Trumps Tell Us Where We are Headed

The Trump Cards of the Tarot describe the Fool's journey throughout his lifecycle, (the Fool is the first trump card numbered zero) and since we are the Fool, the Trumps describe our journey, both individually and collectively.   They tell us where we are in our lifecycle, what we need to do to move forward, [...]