World Psychic Predictions for 2016


  • Market volatile but does not crash.  (dip in market had people worried, but it recovered a month later)
  • International Monetary Fund at impasse
  • New planet discovered!  (a planet the size of Neptune is discovered in January)
  • American politicians, debates fill the news.
  • Refugee riots in Europe. (violence breaks out at Greek/Macedonian border as Syrian/Iraqi/Afghanistan refugees try to get to Germany).
  • New England: not a lot of snow.  (1/22-1/23 Huge snow storm in mid Atlantic states but New England just gets a dusting)
  • A very BIG storm (Biggest snow storm on record in Mid Atlantic states).
  • A crisis in the U.S. West and Heartland. Farms unworked.
  • A lot of elephants — Republican party – Too many presidential candidates. (media complaints of too many candidates)
  • Some strong seismic activity, stormy clouds, people staring at the clouds. (One scientist, watching cloud-like emissions rising above California fault, concerned about San Andreas fault due to high levels of CO2 in the air along the fault line.)
  • Problem with turtles and ocean warming.(As El Nino sparks surge in temperatures and storms, sea turtles are among those disrupted.)


  • Big crocodile (might refer to tragic and rare crocodile death of child at Disney World. The reptile  was not a giant, but it was strong enough to pull the child away from its father’s arms.)
  • Touring the bottom of the ocean  NASA provides live video feed of world’s deepest ocean trench.)
  • Submarine deep sea ride  (WWII Nazi submarine discovered at the bottom of one of the Great Lakes but later was discovered to be a hoax (New World Daily News, a fictional news outlet, issued a fake story that went viral claiming that a Nazi submarine was discovered in Lake Ontario near Niagra Falls).
  • War breaking out  (War didn’t break out but in February Russian PM threatens that there will be a world war if Saudi Arabia and UAE follow through with plans to invade Syria).
  • Lil’ Abners mountain home  (This is an odd vision for us to  have: lol – A production of Lil’ Abner announced  this month in local newspaper called Mountain Home News)
  • A lot of rain (U.S. east coast)  
  • Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl  (final score 24-12)
  • Heightened racism and phobias, backlash. (Trump rallies filled with racism, misogyny, and xenophobia.)
  • Big snowstorms, happy winter, fluffy snow, ice storms (first Northeast storm 2/5/16; second northeast storm 2/8/16)
  • Weather starts out calm then land is pounded once again with snow blizzards, people snowed in. (Two storms in the Northeast during the first week of Feb)
  • Cuba in the news. (Obama makes historic visit to Cuba in March).
  • AIDS news
  • New roots found for human being in Africa  (Early hominins bone fossils over 2 million years old found in South Africa caves ).
  • Greece in the international news  (Chinese buy Greek port, gateway to Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa).
  • Victory from a war, this is likely about military actions against ISIS (U.S. military touts win against ISIS).
  • Peaceful, calm around politics, but deception under the surface
  • Great Lakes region emerging as important center (Great Lakes seen as having a bright economic future due to fresh water supply.)
  • Stock market dip then recovers (looks like a square root sign)
  • Great movie makes the scene  (best picture announced this month – Spotlight)
  • Holland windmill on its side – sign of rising seas

MARCH 2016

  • Move over Vancouver (Reader Carissa W. suggested this vision refers to the City’s need to move its population away from the coast where North America’s largest fault, Cascadia, is due (one in three chance) for a catastrophic earthquake in the next 50 years.)
  • Contaminate water, more cases (Flint Michigan lead water poisoning)
  • Pope making a big statement (Pope makes big statement on marriage)
  • Famine in South America  (Venezuela)
  • Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Inside  (News about this on the weather channel).
  • Syria raids, military going in.  (On March 1, Saudi’s say they will join U.S. & allies against Syria.)
  • War. U.S. involved.  (see Syria raids above ).
  • Cloud seeding, toxic rain  (California seeds clouds)
  • Stock market volatility, stress in the markets
  • Egypt foundings (pyramids)  (March 17 Discovery of hidden chamber in King Tut’s tomb belonging to his queen).
  • Basketball net in a barn, Calgary flyers
  • Upset in primary  (Ohio on March 15 when Kasich beats Trump)
  • Fish – problems with seas (El Nino escalates sea warming and impact on fish; also reports of massive fish deaths around the globe).
  • Mass marches, movements 
  • Holy people, vigils, people carrying lights and candles.  (Rock star Prince’s death set off these vigils).
  • Deep snow, snow shoes  (After dry New England winter, some heavy wet snow on March 21))

APRIL 2016 

  • Economy, finances look good, stock market up
  • Talk of war in Europe. (After Brussels, more talk of allies invading Syria, which Russians have said would start WWIII, but it did not happen.)
  • Climate fluctuating, more snow/spring flowers not sure what to do  (In New England, warm weather followed by freezing and snow have killed off early flowers).
  • President signs gun legislation.  Vision of Capitol Building and a big gun. [On January 4 President announced gun regulations that force gun sellers to do background check).
  • Farm animals sheep and pigs in shrink wrap  (Not sheep or pigs, but China merchants do sell small live animals encased in plastic for key chains)
  • Secrecy/Israel knows of secret plans.
  • The Beatles in the news. ( Sony buys rights to their music, McCartney on new tour)
  • Factory power  (France offers Tesla Motors its nuclear power plant site)
  • Market correction – like square root sign  (brief dip then recovery in April()
  • Bad, bad, bad (American political scene and how it affects the collective)  (Trumps’s attitude and rhetoric arouses violence, racism, white supremacy at rallies)
  • Earthquake (Ecuador has devastating earthquake, many lives lost, Japan experiences two sizable quakes)
  • Coffee beans in the news (two breaking stories this month on coffee beans: counterfeit beans and lung-disease-causing chemicals in coffee plants).
  • Contaminate water, more cases (Flint Michigan lead water poisoning)
  • Caucasian fist/black convertible: (Trump ties to White Supremacists, symbolized by caucasian fist, in the news)

MAY 2016

  • Full moon with chains across it in form of Greek cross.  (This may refer to the impact of the Turkish coups in July on the Greek Cypriots who have 43,000 Turkish groups on their island.)
  • Submarine, Greece, Syria
  • Much political bargaining going on in Texas – Republican party.  (Party trying to unify under the presumptive nominee who so many party members dislike).
  • President signs something big into law (see above vision of new gun law) We made this prediction last year when it seemed highly unlikely that gun control would ever pass the U.S. Congress. However since the mass shooting in Orlando on June, there have been stand-offs in Congress, although nothing has passed, except in California and via federal regulations).
  • Massive fish deaths  (widespread reports of millions of fish washing up in Vietnam, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile with explanations still unknown but possibly Fukushima, ocean warming from climate change, other pollutants)
  • Mountain range in collapse due to earthquake in Turkey
  • Easter Island in the news.  (New study refutes old findings that humans caused the deforestation and demise of inhabitants)
  • Drought, corn fields dry  (drought worsening in the U.S. Heartland)
  • Rockets launching into the air, two of them side by side.  (This probably refers to increasingly popular proposals to launch chemicals into the atmosphere to solidify carbon so it can lower carbon levels and reduce greenhouse gases.)
  • People cheering, tickertape, B is for Bernie  (Sanders draws big crowds at rallies)
  • USA knows of plans in Middle East that it is keeping quiet (along with Israel)
  • Europe and U.S.A. talks/strategizing  (European Union in jeopardy).
  • Cliffs, dangerous ocean currents  (Latest climate study shows warming ocean currents causing irreversible collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet)
  • Stock market crisis, wheel of down turning  (EU exit causes markets to drop in late June)
  • Sorrow (usually this vision is due to loss of well known figure or highly publicized deaths that upset many people).  Sudden death of musician Prince in May; could also refer to the massacre on 6/12 at Orlando nightclub).

JUNE 2016

  • Key hole and symbol of pisces. Keyholes are symbols of getting a glimpse at a new world we may be about to enter. Pisces is a sign of love and caring and spirituality.
  • Quill pen signing, founding fathers, a good month.  (California passes gun control legislation)
  • Melting ice caps in the news.  (June: Respected scientist predicts Arctic will be melted by end of summer 2016; Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking makes statement about melting  ice caps and runaway global warming to eventual Venus like temperatures.)
  • Catastrophic hurricane, years have passed since this has happened. Typhoon bears down on Taiwan July 7th) (Note other visions of Florida Panhandle storm late this summer).
  • Hot summer  (NOAA released data that June marks 14th month of record-breaking temperatures).
  • Statue of Liberty with head cut off, decay of democracy. 
  • Asteroid makes the news in Arizona area.  (Thanks to a reader for spotting this item in the news – on June 2nd, a fireball in Arizona , which was a likely 10 foot asteroid.
  • Warheads poised pointed, airplane, spying with field glasses (Research institute claims it has found North Korea nuclear missile site)
  • Women reproductive rights and women elevated  (Hillary Clinton becomes the presumptive democratic nominee. Talk of women’s rights raised to new level.)
  • China Boycott-Kandahar is in the news
  • Sandwich boardwalk damaged  (May 28 a 7.2 earthquake at Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic. Tsunami expected)
  • NASA, outerspace, new discovery, space travel
  • Short bald man at a podium, guilty, explaining.
  • Congress finally gets something passed.  (In a rare bilateral accord, Congress passes sweeping chemical industry reform).
  • Immigration law breakthrough
  • Dictator power  (There has been much in the press about Donald Trump’s admiration of strong dictators, specifically naming Vladimir Putin,  Kim Jong-un, Saddam Hussein, and China dictatorship for vanquishing their enemies. There has also been much written about Trump’s authoritarian proclivities.)
  • Republican party has leadership vacuum (vision of crowds of people with hole in the middle). (This started in early October 2015 when House Speaker resigned followed by his replacement dropping out of the running. This leadership vacuum  continued throughout the summer as the Republican House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader, as well as many prominent Republicans found it difficult to embrace the Republican nominee as their standard bearer).
  • Giant Alligator  (June 15 Alligator grabs and drowns toddler at Disney resort.
  • Big hurricane (see similar vision above from different reader)  (Taiwan typhoon July 7th, Florida Panhandle predicted for August/Sept)
  • Everyone (world) is in the dark about something going on secretly beneath the international stage – thoughts of Putin. (This prediction was about Putin secretly trying to influence the American election. Evidence came out in July when the Russian government hacked the DNC emails and published data harmful to the democrats.)
  • Planned Parenthood in the news again.  (PP Ohio extends restraining order).
  • Bad drought
  • Feeling of waiting, everyone at a standstill. (US airport lines at a standstill due to greater TSA security measures and peak summer travel.) 
  • News about a bad storm at sea.
  • Oil wells and problems with fish in the Arctic.

JULY 2016

  • A bear coming right in our door (feeling that Putin is up to something invasive to the U.S.  DNC emails hacked by hackers associated with Russia and even involving Putin himself; hackers were named “cozy bear” and “fancy bear”.
  • Fire trucksfire. (In July Southern California fires lit up the skies of L.A.)
  • Chaos in England  (Upset and chaos following the Brexit vote – thanks to Kendal for pointing this out).
  • Words, words, words — politicians.  (Trump’s wife’s plagiarism speech caused explosion of media analysis of the words she chose.)
  • New NASA flight discussions star-trek  (NASA gave new Hubble Telescope image a Star Trek theme.)
  • Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound). June 24th after UK decision to abandon the EU, markets fell sharply.
  • Celebrities doing an event (Brad pitt/George Clooney/Angelina Jolie)(This turned out to be a news story in which press surprised Clooney with question about Pitt/Jolie divorce. They were friends of his and he hadn’t known about the divorce).
  • Waterfalls/Niagra Falls in the news.  (New World Daily News, a fictional news outlet, issued a fake story that went viral claiming that a Nazi submarine was discovered in Lake Ontario near Niagra Falls). Thanks to John B. for clarifying for us)
  • Children, babies in hopsitals, grief, lots of people in chaos.  (Nice, France killings across from Children’s Hospit al).
  • Black car with hood up. Men in suits and wearing fedora hats.  (See images of Boris Johnson booed as he enters his car protected by police in fedora hats after Brexit vote.)
  • Healthy water (Flynt news?)  (Flynt, MI to replace up to 250 water lines)
  • Hillary on the podium (at the DNC which is July 25-28) (Clinton gets the nomination and makes the keynote speech. This vision occurred two years ago.)
  • Risky politics  (this term is increasingly used to describe Trump’s line of attack).
  • Middle East, ISIS continues to strike.  (Nice, France attacks)
  • Suspension bridge with cars, unsteady (see April vision of collapsed suspension bridge) Nepal bridge collapses killing dozens.
  • Big boats, ships, boats that carry cargo  (Panama Canal in late June opened its $5 b expansion that enables it to hold mega-sized ships).
  • Middle eastern priests, white robe gold sash, “you all must die” – priests, young man with beard and moustache close short beard, maybe beheaded. (see similar vision one of us had earlier).  (In July a French priest was murdered by a jihadist who fit the description above.
  • More military talks between U.S.A.and Europe and even Asian countries to defeat ISIS.  
  • Abortion rights  (On 6/27/16 the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down Texas regulations that severely limited abortion clinics for supposedly medically necessary reasons. Supreme Court found that the Texas regulations are illegal because prevent women from getting abortions.)
  • A coliseum, drones overhead  (Unauthorized drones flew over Olympic stadium).
  • Hillary is the candidate with Bernie dictating to his supporters who they should support.  (On 7/12, Sanders endorsed Clinton and asked his supporters to work and vote for her- this prediction originally made for September).
  • Parades/calm/cluelessness. People don’t know of what’s coming to them.    (This is likely the Bastille Day celebration in Nice on July 14 that was disrupted by mass killing).
  • Fires, drought, widespread.  
  • Supreme Court major ruling  (in June Supreme Court knocked down Texas law that had limited abortion clinics)
  • College education finance reform  (Clinton calls for college debt-free plan).
  • The planet Mars in the news.  (NASA released 1,000 images of Mars).
  • Robot strength  (Mars photos taken by NASA robot)
  • Refugees suffering, nowhere to go, crawling, turbans on heads, carrying their boat along sand.  
  • People start to worry more.  (after Orlando and Nice attacks, people getting frightened).
  • Battles – -the big fish goes down
  • Soviet Putin up to something secretive (in July Russian government hacked and published DNC emailsand used their findings to embarrass the Democratic Party. Some speculate they will try to throw the US election by hacking voting machines.)
  • Seismic readings off the charts in the heartland  (Oklahoma authorities report a dozen seismic quakes in one week in July, 888 quakes last year, a 50% increase over the prior year due to fracking).
  • Everyone still at standstill  (Airport security lines still at standstill).
  • Beaches deserted (After terrorist attacks on the French Riviera last year and now in Nice this year, formerly busy beaches are now deserted due to tourists’ fears, beaches also deserted near Florida Panhandle due to bacterial contamination).
  • New NASA flight discussions “Startreck”


  • Drought will worsen in New England (Drought worsens in New England).
  • Massive tree deaths in New England due to drought. (N.E. trees dying due to drought).
  • Plumed hats as in the musketeers, horse processions  (Rio Olympics opening ceremonies).
  • Secret service – Security breach – all hell breaks loose  (This could refer to the large-scale Kremlin email hack of the Democratic National Convention data that occurred the last week of July).
  • Focus on an island – remote, shores  (Failed military coups in Turkey continues to affect Cyprus)
  • Belt tightening- fat man must cinch his belt
  • Bombing in Syria  (Hospital bombed in Aleppo).
  • Court room with military presence  (Trump’s recommendation that U.S. citizen terrorists should be prosecuted in military tribunals.)
  • Boat people, Trump with downward arrow (Trump took strong stand against refugees being allowed into the U.S.  The downward arrow may also refer to the downturn in Trump’s poll numbers that occurred in mid August after a series of gaffes, two involved his position against immigrants. )
  • Abundance of grapes  (In some areas, it’s been a banner year for grapes).
  • Attention to the Southeastern U.S.  ( the Louisiana floods.)
  • African people – little is known  (Video about the lost girls of Chibok released by Boko Haram captors. Still little is known.)
  • Camp fossils  (3.7 billion year old fossils found in Greenland, may be oldest signs of life on earth, Washington Post 8/31/16)
  • Cyprus in the news – war  (Turkey conflict puts war-torn Cyprus on edge).
  • Neon star, lion  
  • Women in politics, becoming stronger, rising female power
  • Something landing in the ocean  (SpaceX Falcon 9 launches satellite, sticks ocean landing)
  • Drought, fire in so many places  (California fires from drought reach epic proportions; also Idaho is experiencing a major wildfire requiring firefighter assistance from multiple states:
  • Big waves  (In August, scientists discovered and tracked deep waves in the North Atlantic that traveled through the earth to Japan, increasing seismic knowledge.)
  • Bone discovery  (Oldest human bone found in Saudi Arabia).
  • World grief, some expression of grief (Image of dazed Aleppo child pulled from bombed building goes viral sparking public grief reaction for the fate of children of war.)
  • People crying, “Help us!” (Syrian nuns,  aid workers, doctors cry for help.)
  • Hard, harsh time, people unhappy, too many problems  (Syria)
  • Nantucket in the news  (Manatee out of place off Cape Cod and Nantucket makes news).
  • Not much rain in New England  (severe drought announced for parts of Massachusetts in July and August).


  • The U.S. collective is trembling with anxiety, anger, and conflict. It’s a roiling cauldron stirred up by election rhetoric.
  • World splitting in two.  (U.S. in greatest divide since Civil War).
  • More widespread tree deaths.  (Unprecedented massive tree deaths across the U.S.driven by climate change that could devastate our ecosystem)
  • Bernie Sanders still a factor.  (With polls neck and neck, Clinton is calling on Sanders to convince his followers not to vote for a third party).
  • Wheat in the news, yellow fields, heat, tractors in the Midwest  (Largest ever wheat crop in Colorado)
  • Europe uprising
  • Tornado warning. (There was  a rare tornado in Concord, Massachusetts on August 21st).
  • Cape Cod, small boat (Manatee in the Cape Cod waters causes a stir)
  • Male artist adrift at sea, storm broken boat window  (September 19, 2016: It was a woman, not a man, who was stuck on a cargo boat for weeks when the cargo company’s boats could not dock due to bankruptcy.)
  • Mountains near Mexico, so long Ohio  (Thanks to Carissa for noticing that this is about an Ohio zoo’s efforts to save the Monarch Butterfly by breeding and releasing them in hope that they will  successfully migrate to the mountains of Mexico. Barbara Kingsolver wrote about this issue in her novel Flight Behavior)
  • Keyhole symbol again – sign of new world that we are entering.
  • Market roller coaster
  • Tree deaths in New England from drought  (Drought stressing trees)
  • Child upside down tears in the collection  (Video footage of child found upside down but alive 17 hours after Italy earthquake).
  • Importance of the Great Lakes region.  (Importance of Great Lakes for the future)
  • Marathon tragedy in upstate NY
  • The polls: “The numbers go up and the numbers go down; what’s in a number?”
  • Hillary and Bernie campaigning, still Trump  (Bernie campaigning for Hillary)
  • Major hurricane in Florida panhandle  (September 1, first hurricane in 11 years hits Panhandle, then Labor Day weekend travels up east coast of Atlantic.)
  • Caesar’s troops on the march
  • Foot of Eiffel tower  (Terrorist activity nearby)
  • Drought bad then market drops, then up
  • Green Party, failure of a plan  (Green party candidate Jill Stein had hoped but failed  to get the 15% vote to be in the presidential debate.
  • Pre WWII vintage plane dug up  (Norwich England WWII plane dug up in August)
  • Increased consciousness, spiritual awakening permeating the mainstream
  • Airplane wings  (In August, Australian officials announced that a wing found near Tanzania is likely that of missing Malaysian fight MH370. Next a team of scientists has floated six wing flap replicas near the the found wing to track their float paths.)
  • Madagascar gets torrential rain and floods, heavy tornadoes in Indian Ocean.
  • Paul McCartney truth revealed. (Huff Post revealed that Paul and then wife Linda had made a Simpson character become a vegetarian as a condition for appearing on the show.)
  • Bull’s head – a sign of bull market.


  • The wings of Mercury the messenger god (communicating to all).  (Astrologers make big deal that the planet Mercury has gone direct, meaning expedited communications)
  • Nuclear bomb goes off somewhere (not on this planet) (North Korea detonates nuclear bomb underground)
  • Money sign with a downward arrow  (DYX  (dollar index) down, which boosts stock market)
  • Protest parade; Revolutionaries with megaphones and black hats, Easter Island statues.  (People protested an Aurora Indiana parade float showing Obama depicted in black face as an Easter Island statue and Trump executing Hillary Clinton who sat in an electric chair.)
  • Belgium, rain, trams, subways, power of two people leading
  • Bernie and Hillary campaigning hard  (Bernie and Hillary campaigning hard together).
  • Focus on a whale  (29 whales wash up dead on German beaches due to plastic in their stomachs – brings focus to ocean pollution.)
  • Airplane wings (finding from a lost plane)   (In August, Australian officials announced that a wing found near Tanzania is likely that of missing Malaysian fight MH370.)
  • Crazy market, market drops steeply then bounces back part-way.
  • Hillary ahead
  • High tension power lines in the news  (Millions without power due to Hurricane Matthew downing high tension power lines).
  • Tuscon heavy rains  (This happened in August)
  • U.S. Navy submarines protecting our waters, on a mission
  • Big-horned antelope over the capitol (symbol of bull market?)  (Political directions will send waves of market confidence)
  • Jellyfish.  (Series of articles about protecting power stations from jellyfish swarms)
  • Big drought
  • Hillary, cheering, feeling victory  (Polls show HC far ahead)
  • Bernie Sanders/grassroots strong, attempting to steer his base to Democratic vote. (Bernie editorial for Hillary)
  • Food poisoning, mushrooms  (L.A. school children consumed wild poison mushrooms).
  • New York skyscraper buildings in the news  (Tallest modular building in Brooklyn in the news).
  • The issue of a river flowing into U.S. from Canada  (The North Dakota Access Pipeline proposal sparked Native American protesters who want to save the river).


Earlier visions of November

  • Carousel – everything becoming looney.
  • Suffragettes dancing in the streets  (Women at the polls are dressing like the original suffragettes)
  • Extra large donkey on its front hoofs, with rear end kicking high in the air. It’s a mighty Hee-Haw.  (This could be Democrat reaction to the election or perhaps it was before the election when they thought they were winning. ).
  • Seething and celebration
  • From joy to rage; from jubilation to reserve/calm/despair (Trump’s victory is met with shock across a wide political divide.)
  • At first everyone (democrats) are celebrating and then it turns to disappointment.
  • Hillary Clinton pre-election visions:
    • Clinton gets out of a limo in a black pant suit – feeling of victory. (This happened a week before the election when  polls predicted she was winning)
    • Map of U.S. Hillary Smiling, Trump grimacing. (this happened before the election when polls all but guaranteed a Clinton victory)
    • Hillary waving flags, fists in the air, saying change is going to happen.  (campaign speech)
    • White donkey (Hillary and many women wore white in weeks before election to honor the Suffragettes) .
  • Women rising  (Before the election, women celebrated their rise in politics)
  • Blue jay (A likely symbol of democratic victory)
  • Family values emphasized in election decision (campaign rhetoric)
  • Religious leaders, angry mix of politics and religion.
  • People holding hands, people are happy (momentarily) (pre-election glee)
  • Beauty Pageant – women rising  (This is reference to the national press about Alicia Machado, 1996 Miss Universe winner who came out against Trump for publicly calling her names for weight gain. It’s thought that it will cost Trump women and Latin votes).
  • A woman gets massive vote.  (Woman won popular vote by 2.8 million)
  • Candidate who is blue on the outside, red inside wins. (Trump ran on campaign that catered to the little guy, but has appointed an extreme red cabinet).
  • Fight to the last vote, polling numbers extreme 
  • Republican Party looking to Congress for their power. (House Speaker Ryan pulls away from Republican nominee and focuses on congressional races.)
  • Cactus – symbol of drought – election shrouds real issue which is deteriorating climate.  (See this article).
  • White dove flies across full moon. Combat. U.S. soldiers in camouflage inside large sphinx like statue
  • Horse, looks like a chess piece, falls over
  • Military, ammunition, war afoot.
  • Concrete steps in Washington, rallies, Jimmy Carter
  • American civil war – images of the 1860’s– the mood among Americans is getting like the Civil War..
  • Cobra on the attack, not believing scriptures is against God (the Standing Rock protest where the Native American prophecy viewed the oil pipeline as a black snake that, if allowed, foretold the end of the world).
  • Elderly people legislative bill so that they are warm and cared for.  (House Speaker Paul Ryan says he plans to immediately  dismantle Medicare entitlement program by replacing it with premium subsidies).
  • Hail, sleet, skies turn very dark  (Severe El Paso weather brings hail, sleet, strong winds)
  • Tumult, anger, angry crowd shouting (Post election protests all over the U.S.)
  • A candidate is chosen who makes an impact on international affairs.  (World reacts with shock and many with fear)
  • Green fight  (Green Party Candidate Jill Stein launches recount).
  • Rockport harbor bus in the news. (This vision likely about a school bus crash in Chattanooga. Chattanooga is a Native American word for “rock rising to a point” and since we are located near Rockport, Massachusetts, we may have mistaken word Chattanooga for rock – Does this mean our Indian guide was translating the name of the city for us? )
  • Turkey plague
  • Scary terrorist attack close to the election  (Ohio State University attack).
  • Map of U.S. with Texas as the funnel of a tornado
  • One-eyed teddybear  (According to reader Kevin S., the one eyed teddy bear is a UK national symbol to help children in need. Also another reader (Lutesia) informed us that a national telethon to support children in need raised a record amount, and its long-time presenter, Terry Wogan, just died sparking a national outpouring of grief over the loss. Amazing that this vision came from an American who had no knowledge of the symbol or the UK events surrounding it.)
  • Sonic waves and fish, especially dolphins, shales and sharks, as well as birds affected.
  • Bomb goes off – big one – high into the sky; nuclear bomb  buildings blow away as from a big wind (North Korea explodes underground nuclear bomb in September)

Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

psychic predictions and climate change and world economy

Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is solid, but off in the timing.   Our own visions have always shown events happening faster.

[To compare our psychic predictions with climate science, go here.]

[For latest predictions covering a variety of areas in month by month detail from 2016 to 2020, go here.]

[Warning: these visions are not for the faint at heart.  Do NOT read if seeing negative visions of the future disturbs you.]

Intuition tells  us where we are headed given our current trajectory. It’s one of the  tools we have to survive.   In the case of climate change,  leaders may not wake up to what is coming until much has been lost. You, however, can use these visions to help you navigate your path and hopefully to help you do all you can to change this awful future.

Summary: A Great Unraveling Followed by a Great Turning

In spite of scientists’ warnings, the U.S. government continues full speed with business-as-usual though 2025, and becomes increasingly disconnected from its people.   Financial markets become volatile in 2017, show more unsteadiness in 2018, and major volatility in 2019 followed by crash in 2020.  The climate crisis surges in 2025 with severe irreversible and cataclysmic drought in the U.S. Heartland together with a surge in temperatures.  These adverse events cause a political power shift with Republican Party losing power, the U.S. Congress becoming irrelevant to the citizens, and women at the helm in 2028.   Although the financial markets rally in 2028, the climate does not.

As the climate worsens, people migrate north and inland, with the Great Lakes region becoming a mecca of commerce and habitability. American life slows down and becomes more rural. By 2075, the U.S. east coast, which will have unusually high sea level rise compared to other parts of the country, has flooded significantly inland with up to eighty foot sea level rise by end of century.  Florida is largely under water by 2100. This Great Unraveling will be difficult for everyone, but especially those who have invested themselves fully in the old system and have difficulty letting go. It will over time bring on a more heart-centered world that flowers just as the most difficult shifts begin.

Scroll down for highlights and further below for detailed year by year visions.

[For month-by-month psychic predictions for 2015 &16, skip to here.]

Highlights of 2015 to end of century:  

  • Financial markets continue to move up in 2015, although they dip mid year. In 2018 the market becomes unstable and volatile, culminating in a downturn in 2020. The market rallies in 2028.
  • The Arctic completely melts by summer of 2018.  U.S. Southwest drought worsening in 2016.
  • From 2026-32, an epic long-term drought occurs in the Central U.S. Plains and the Southwest. In several different meditations over the last three years, I’ve seen  a somber cactus appear over the Heartland of the U.S. with no water coming through pipes. [Since writing this post, NASA, Cornell and Columbia University released a large study predicting the worst drought here in 1000 years.
  • An island nation nearly flooded over in 2018
  • An epic tropical storm in 2018
  • While the public continues to deal with the climate crisis, the U.S. Congress remains  out of touch through to the mid 2020’s.  It does try geo-engineering projects launching chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere to block the sun but the substances just rain down upon us.
  • Fossil fuel companies continue exploring for more fossil fuels in the melted Arctic, causing ill effects on larger sea life such as whales, sharks, dolphins. Greenhouse gas emissions continue full force.
  • More tree death, and fish and bird migrations throughout the 20’s.
  • During the late 20’s, there is a power shift from men to women, with Republican Party losing control.
  • Emergence of world spiritual leader or leaders especially felt in 2030-2033 who people look to for guidance.
  • Railroads see a revival.
  • In the U.S., populations migrate towards rural areas. I saw lazy bucolic scenes resembling the U.S. in the 1930’s.
  • The Great Lakes region becomes a center of commerce and prosperity.
  • By 2026 there is a new caring attitude in the collective. People helping each other.
  • In the 2030’s there are more mass migrations all over the world. I saw vision of small boats of people headed for better lands. Images of soldiers patrolling the roads hints that the surge has created domestic security issues.
  • Heat, polar melt, drought and sea level rise begin to surge (steep incline) around 2037.
  • Small family farms are revived, especially in cooler, northern latitudes.
  • By 2072,  the U.S. east coast is flooded 20-30 miles inland. By 2090, I saw a tropical lower eastern seaboard, surprisingly beautiful and orderly, and dotted with palm trees.
  • By 2100 large parts of  Florida flooded; in a vision, I saw it as a playground for sailboat enthusiasts.

Below are year-by-year visions: 

2015:  [Click here for even more detailed month by month visions for 2015]

  • Image of highway warning sign for heavily loaded trucks that they are approaching a steep hill. (symbolic that our society is approaching abrupt changes).
  • Trees subtly failing; fish, boats, forest fires in mountains, feeling that things are bad, bad, bad.
  • Lightning striking the capitol (figuratively meaning strife and pain), greed and money rules, phones off the hook (lawmakers not responding to public)
  • Elephant is in charge – throwing its weight around (Republican Party)
  • Pollution, smoke continual burning
  • January: new higher market
  • February and March : Markets excited
  • April: Markets down, jobless rate up
  • May: Markets rally
  • August: Severe market drop followed by rebound to higher levels, forming a hook shape.
  • December: More market volatility ultimately slightly down
  • October: Bad news about the weather and birds, especially larger birds, raptors.
  • Reflective year, angry mobs at the beginning
  • “No escape from reality” – Queen song
  • Italian peninsula an issue.

2016:  [Click here for more detailed and updated month by month visions for 2016 through 2020]

  • Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress. Can’t let go of market system that is driving climate change, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means we can’t let go of current system.
  • Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.
  • Six rockets fired into the sky to release chemicals to block the sun, but they coagulate and just rain back to earth.
  • Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles, mountains exposed.
  • January: some strong seismic activity, stormy clouds, people staring at the clouds.
  • April: Capitol Building and a big gun (NRA), new gun laws.
  • June: Oil wells and problems with fish in the Arctic
  • August: Sonic waves and fish, especially dolphins, shales and sharks, as well as birds affected.
  • December: Big ship clashing with seagulls
  • Bad drought in the American southwest; huge cyclone Texas panhandle;  Great Lakes region gets positive attention. (Jeanne)
  • Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace change.


  • Serious flooding of an airport, flood barriers overflow
  • Statue of Liberty in the fog (a metaphor for lost vision of democracy)
  • Water rising in NYC
  • An epic storm, many dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
  • The frog endangered;
  • Stock market volatility: August and September market drops then rebounds and then goes even higher.
  • Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction, Detroit fires.
  • Guns, shooting
  • August/September drought severe in U.S. heartland.


  • Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project.
  • An island country swamped, barely alive
  • Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S.
  • War, genocide – (not in the U.S.).
  • Many storms in the U.S.


  • Severe volatility in financial markets followed by downward slide.
  • “I told you so,” repetition of history with markets, not learning from our mistake
  • Bad storm on U.S. east coast
  • People living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash
  • Western part of U.S. under great stress.


  • Financial markets spiral down, month of March 2020 is indicated but could begin earlier.
  • In the U.S., a lot of wild fires, but mostly western half.
  • People selling objects for cash, gold, diamonds not meaning much, fires, drought.
  • Tsunami, hurricane, natural disaster


  • Washington D.C. no longer relevant, a tiny factor in all that’s going on, separated from the rest of the country and out of touch.
  • More market upset.
  • Boys walking along road, like refugees in a war movie.
  • State of Texas in crisis.
  • Heavy rains, mudslides, floods, tornadoes.
  • Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown jail who aren’t legal.
  • Cars that drive themselves.


  • War-like period, soldiers, guns.
  • Market volatility.
  • Silence, flooding has ceased, people in awe of devastation
  • People breaking down borders in other continents.
  • India subcontinent under great stress, connected to U.S. issues.
  • Jan and Feb: more floods and scenes of devastation


  • Europe upset
  • Survival, disparities more extreme than ever.
  • U.S. getting smaller, Massachusetts map of state in the shape of a strong arm – not going along with federal authority.


  • Sun blazing like never before.
  • Crying, hungry babies, food rations
  • Wind gusts, rain, eruptions, Mother Nature rebelling.


  • Something that brightens everyone and opens hearts.
  • Railroads revived.
  • Government controlling masses.
  • No electricity, finding light.


  • Great Lakes region is the soft landing for many (saw trampoline that firemen use to save people).
  • Guns, shooting, lawlessness
  • Lazy in the yard, rakes, rural scene, migration to farming areas
  • Drought more severe
  • Refugees all over the place.


  • Market extremes
  • Peace pigeon
  • Mustaches in fashion.
  • Restructuring


  • Market rallies up, up, up.
  • Awakening from bad dream
  • Men in life vests doing work.  Is this a scene from a flood?
  • Power shifts flip.
  • Two women running for president.
  • Women in power.
  • Migration in U.S. northward and westerly (from eastern cities).


  • U.S. map with image of FDR – a New Deal.
  • Stock market goes up, up, up
  • War breaks out.
  • Arguing about new structures, people resistant to new way
  • Women continue to dominate.

2030 Image of a gun or rifle – stress of lawlessness and vigilantism.


  • Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped.
  • Map of U.S.,  a Continental Congress meets. (symbolic of new grass roots take over of U.S. Congress).

2032 Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuels.

2033 Batman to the rescue (likely a Hollywood movie to raise people’s spirits)


  • Man and dog by big river – that rural wilderness feeling.
  • Purple flags swaying, Tibet
  • Fragmentation


  • New generation of technology
  • Importance of China
  • Women recaps from 2029


  • Pacific Rim the focus of attention
  • Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America

2039 Women in lead


  • Mountain range exposed in poles, massive fish death
  • Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive
  • Chance to recover.

2048 Largescale bird and fish migrations

2050: Greenland turning green

2051: Cloud around the U.S. Capitol, as if the U.S. central government is disconnected from the rest of the country.

2058: Small boat filled with people, some armed, crossing body of water

2068: Mushroom shaped cloud – (nuclear explosion to block heat from sun?)

2072 Coast of U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats

2070-80: Peaceful scene of village in forested mountain region. Homes high in the mountains. Look like tree houses.  Looks like ancient Japan

2080’s to 90’s: Atlantic seaboard feels and looks tropical and surprisingly beautiful and orderly, palm trees way north, wind mills on the landscape – the old fashioned kind. U.S. becoming more rural again.  Very peaceful feeling.

2100 Large parts of Florida covered in water and has become a sailboat playground.


Psychic Visions & Predictions for 2014 & 2015

Crocus in early spring

Crocus in early spring













Below are collective visions of my Thursday Night Tarot group made in January 2014 and earlier.

  • Actual events sometimes happen in earlier or later months than envisioned.
  • Unless stated, weather events are usually centered in the New England area.
  • Those visions that come true are put in bold when we hear about it, with an explanation when necessary in brackets. To see our past record for accuracy, go here.


January 2014 – Visions made on 1/9/14

  • Grandma Moses, Sleigh Ride, fire, warmth (week of 1.19.14 saw big east coast snow storm and another week of plunging temperatures.)
  • More horrendous weather, bitter cold.
  • Death of a statesman/public official (Ariel Sharon died 1/11/14)
  • Frozen fire (fighting house fires in the freezing weather created hauntingly beautiful icicle-laced buildings)
  • British royals making news: carriage approaching with men in top hats  (2nd grandchild born to Queen Elizabeth 1/29/14; 1/28/14 Parliament critical of Royal Family over-spending)
  • Pamela Anderson,  a bison, water (Animal rights activist Anderson made news when she campaigned to get Israel prime minister to ban the sale of furs)
  • Indian clothing, water, Siam
  • Mighty Mouse, doll house,
  • Switzerland, [Switzerland in the news due to anti European union vote in that country].
  • Rollerblades
  • Happiness turning to hunger, crops low wheat harvest.


Previous visions we’ve had for January 2014 (made in 2013):

  • New pregnancy for royal couple  (As of 1/29/14, there is not a new pregnancy for the royal couple, but the birth of Queen’s second grandchild)
  • Fast moving muddy waters  Flooding extreme in England along River Thames
  • A Twix Bar melting
  • Things at a stand still (politically)
  • A Sherlock Holme’s pipe. (Sherlock Holmes television series in the news)
  • Health insurance shake-up (Controversial flood insurance rates held up federal spending bill on January 15)
  • Unique astrophysicists’ discoveries (discovery of earth-like planet covered with water vapor)
  • Angels rising up – great news!  Good!
  • Man with glasses and balding head back of head on a coin (Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is honored as he steps down at end of January.)
  • Good karmic events
  • New reconciliation in the world, economy big boost, stock market new highs.
  • Drought in the Sudan
  • Trains and a slinky, possibly a derailed train.  (North sea storm washing away main railway line in southern England)
  • Obama trying to uplift people, get them feeling good again  [probably referring to State of the Union Speech]
  • A lot of hard work. Everybody’s going to be hard at work.
  • Red heart turning black (U.S. deciding to pay its bills?)  [On 2/11/14, U.S. House votes to raise debt ceiling.]
  • Upbeat economic news, Obama wins something in Congress 

February 2014  (Visions made 1.9.14)

  • Problem at Olympics but either averted or small (on 2/7/14 in Turkey, man tried to hijack plane and take it to Sochi, but he was stopped).
  • Frozen ice, heartbreak, candles lit. (1/29/14 people and school children  stranded over night in the U.S. South due to ice storm)
  • No break in weather, unprecendented temperatures throughout the country
  • Great Plains, amber grass, singular pine trees,
  • Rocky Mountains, old passenger train.
  • Flooding, not as cold as it should be, hurricane winds.  (Extreme storms, high winds, major flooding along River Thames in England).
  • Dead fish
  • Russian death  (probably refers to Ukraine crisis)
  • Fish out of the frying pan and into the fire, mussels
  • Margaret Atwood health  
  • Problems with fishing, small boats
  • Explosions all over the world, good and bad


Earlier visions we’ve had for February 2014 (made in 2013:)

  • Elephant party (GOP) mad [Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling; GOP congressmen acted angry]
  • Bad influenza outbreak and SARS reappears in Japan and China [Feb. 5th report of United Nations reported spread of  H7N9 virus among poultry in live bird markets in China with concern about spread to neighbors].
  • Baby toddler doing a line dance in pastel pants.   [ On 2/11/14 Shirley Temple dies, media pays tribute with clips from her early films]
  • Baby dolls wrapped in little blankets, lined up next to each other, cute, [On 2/11/14 Shirley Temple dies, media pays tribute with clips from her early films)
  • Heartbreak, something sad, children lost [likely this is a  visions of lost Malaysian airplane]
  • Rain California [California drought brought much anticipated rain].
  • Banned raisins
  • Storms, bad weather people stranded in cars on a highway  (Atlanta and the American South, also bad storms along Thames in UK)
  • Big iceberg falling  (film on climate change highlights Greenland ice sheets falling into the sea)
  • Queen Elizabeth ill [3/4/14 Queen hospitalized for gastroenteritis, health concerns continue through March]]
  • Iceland, oil drilling problem 
  •  Violent outbreak in several African nations  (Ebola virus)
  • A lot of fear and pain [probable visions of lost Malaysian flight that dominates media in March 2014 but could also refer to South Korean ferry accident that killed 276 children]
  • A newfangled car, looks a hovercraft or bumper car. (Chinese promoting a hover car that uses the magnetics of the earth, see
  • Lucky month for U.S., good economic news  (stock market keeps moving up)
  • News about outer space.Telescope revelations. (Harvard scientists announced Huge discovery using new telescope they showed proof of the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. )
  • A new opening in the earth  [40-foot sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, swallowed eight of the cars on display Feb. 12 – thanks to reader Bethany for bringing this to our attention]


March 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

  •  Beat of the drums, unbelievable occurrence  [probable vision of hurried global search for vanished airplane]
  • Gold coins (money) with chimney stack on top,
  • Ocean currents, polar caps, strife. [ search for lost Malaysian airplane in South Indian Ocean]
  • Octoplets born in U.S. [not octo but quintuplets born in Texas on 3/20/14.]
  • Terrorist related fire – London?  [missing plane speculation of on board fire, terrorist cause, and prominent role British satellite analyst company played in tracking the lost plane]
  • Syria  worse.
  • A peaceful gesture between two countries [cooperation between countries searching for lost Malaysian airplane]
  • A big businessman and/or politician holds the fate of many evergreen trees in his hands.  (may be about the Canadian tar sands pipeline issue)
  • Gunshots Southern Africa  [Oscar Pistorius murder trial started March 3, 2014 involved witness reports of hearing gunshots – thanks to Bethany for emailing us about this event]


Earlier visions we’ve had for March 2014 (made in 2013)

  • Troops coming home from Afghanistan  [CNN 2/13/14 Obama announced 34,000 troops coming home]
  • Fire in a bakery
  • Something bad going on with corporate food, especially garden vegetables. [a rootworm has evolved to be able to eat the genetically modified corn that was engineered to kill it.]
  • Stock market fluctuation in the news. (in past readings, this has meant new highs)
  • Stock market climb in the news.
  • Dalai Lama news [Dalai Lama, who retired from political office in 2011, made news this month when he opened prayers for the U.S. Senate]
  • Sean Penn in the news [in March, Penn seen in romantic relationship with Charlize Theron, and Penn’s daughter poses new for Treats! magazine.]
  • Prince Harry gets engaged [thanks to reader Marie for flagging this!]
  • Obama has health scare
  • Information flowing in a triangle motion between England, Scotland, and Ireland  (search for missing plane involved three countries)
  • Montana mourns a leader lost
  • Storms on Cape Cod effecting beaches.  [Powerful Spring storm hits Cape Cod and islands on March 26]
  • New “light” discovery [Harvard scientists discover light trail in the universe that proves the Big Bang theory.]


April 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

  • Grief, cruelest month  (276 girls abducted in Nigeria; 260 teenagers die in South Korean ferry accident).
  • Unity and strength in Boston  (Boston Marathon P.R. emphasized strength and unity over last year’s bombing)
  • Prince Harry engaged (Harry engaged in March)
  • Tainted baby formula
  • U.S. unemployment down
  • Dangerous political situation that comes out okay in the end.
  • Obama before Congress
  • Statue of Liberty small in the distance, up close there is something decadent  and decayed about it.
  • People running without their shoes, unseasonably warm


Earlier visions we’ve had for April 2014 (made in  2013)

  • An announcement that half the U.S. has approved gay marriage [A Gallup pole in May 2014 found that 55% of Americans approve gay marriage, largest approval rating on record.]
  • Huge meteor showers  (Lyrids showers arrived April 22)
  • Railroad ties and tracks in the news.
  • Major religious change of peace and wellness, no longer battles  [In May, Pope announced that gay marriage should not be dismissed out of hand.]
  • Autism news; (new genetic study), terrorism in England
  • More Cape Cod storm news – affecting structural integrity of land along coast
  • Umbrellas everywhere (a lot of rain) (April New England weather)
  • Farmers needing hand-outs
  • Tears.  (in past visions, tears have referred to major tragedies involving children). This month there were two tragedies involving children – 260 South Korean teens died in ferry accident, and 276 schoolgirls were abducted in Nigeria).
  • Too much violence
  • Volcanic eruption, smoke ash everywhere on an island. (lava flows in Hawaii threatening a town, volcanic eruption in Cape Verde)
  • Government issue, international, United Nations  (public outcry to U.N. over 276 Nigerian schoolgirls abduction.)


May 2014 (visions made 1.9.13)

  •  Military cadets. The citadel.  Old cannon.
  • Drought across the country, unseasonably warm.
  • Floods in Indonesia
  • Bacteria or virus in water in South
  • Bad news about polar ice caps
  • Egypt, pyramids, new tomb found.
  • North Korea causes trouble.


Earlier  visions we’ve had for May 2014 (made in  2013)

  • Positive growth  (stock market highs)
  • Sunshine, happy girl, Shirley Temple:  revival of the old  (refers to Shirley Temple death earlier)
  • Bells ringing in joy
  • Stock market on the move (up)
  • Lots of sun but then some snow (New England)
  • A new kind of car (Chinese touting hover car that runs off earth energies)
  • Horses running, horse jockey, red helmet and white stripes
  • Gay marriage in 20 states  [Gay marriage approved in 19 states plus District of Columbia]
  • Huge shake-up about genetically modified foods and new laws (Congressional review and conference held)
  • Air turbulence in a large yellow cargo plane
  • A new great discovery  (more press about Harvard Big Bang theory discovery)
  • Blizzard Midwest


June 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

  •  U-turn worldwide, especially Europe
  • Relief welcome, rain,
  • Hot across country.  (summer temperatures were hottest on record).
  • Famine, North Africa  (famine and Ebola)
  •  Kayaking accident in Massachusetts
  • Gay pride
  • More strife between countries (Middle East)  (Gaza crisis erupts)
  • Space heroes
  • News about lab work (image of rubber-gloved hands washing something  (Ebola virus dangers cited in U.S. lab sloppy procedures)

Earlier visions we’ve had for June 2014 (made in  2013)

  • Tainted medicine,  (these were probably visions of Ebola epidemic)
  • new government in Libya
  • Ice caps in the news
  • Flotilla of tall ships
  • Fish/whales, seas, Scandinavia
  • Flowering, blue skies
  • Amelia Earhart in the news {Thanks to reader Helen D. who noticed that in July a   story about a woman, also named Amelia Earhart who replicated the famous flight. We also found a story the same month, one about new evidence surrounding her final flight,]
  • Economy’s best growth! Jobs up!


July 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

  • Huge lightening strikes from a single cloud. Much smoke.
  • Recovery effort, catching breath, ravioli
  • Volcanic eruption somewhere (lava flows in Hawaii threatening town, Cape Verde volcanic eruption causes evacuations)
  • European Economic dive, bad fireworks accident
  • Chinese space program, involving the moon, more trouble with North Korea
  • Great weather (New England)/peaceful time/good news.  (New England had no heat waves and temperate sunny summer).

Earlier visions we’ve had for July 2014 (made in 2013)

  • Cancer scare for Queen Elizabeth II and a mishap on the ocean
  • Hot, record heat, sweat  (high temps in parts of U.S. and abroad. Hottest May and June on global record, ocean temperature was hottest of any month)
  • Too hot
  • Drought and people crying for water.
  • African wildlife – hippos, alligators, hairless mole  (species endangered)


August 2014 (visions made on 1.9.14)

  • Gouls and goblins. An image such as is on the painting “panic”
  • Political upheaval, disgust in politics
  • New Internet connection
  • Antarctica in the news (bad news about Antarctic glaciers and unstoppable collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet)
  • Tokyo earthquake
  • Colorado, Colorado river, the Rockies.  (news about low snow brings low ice melt)
  • New map of earth, planet earth maps , changes –  a lot of green  (glacial melt is greening previously iced over land)

Earlier visions we’ve had for August 2014 (made in 2013)

  • Arizona  (worst summer on record for drought)
  • Rings of fire (climate change related hot spots of fires and floods)
  • New pregnancy for Will and Kate [Thanks to Lisa S. for pointing this out.]
  • Bad hurricane toward Puerto Rico
  • Arrests, handcuffs, trials, murderers (multiple)  (Possibly Ferguson, St. Louis unrest due to killing of  African American youth)
  • Moon, Denmark – (super moon in August)


September 2014 (Visions made 1.9.14)

  • Storms  (hurricane in Baja)
  • Coral snake
  • Economic stability, less unemployment
  • Record heat wave mid America, New report on global warming. [New reports that summer was the hottest on record and seas are hottest on record).
  • Monarch butterflies endangered  [News in September about a petition filed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requesting protection for the monarch under the Endangered Species Act.]
  • Calm, not scary, space news
  • Very happy event, something that effects many people positively  (People’s Climate March in NYC brings 400,000 people in powerful and yes, joyful, solidarity on climate activism).
  • Stock market news, drops and rebounds higher.
  • The 99% are winning; (felt that way when 400,000 marched in NYC); rocket  ship taking off (failed Kennedy Center launch resulted in explosion)

Previous visions we’ve had for September 2014 (made in 2013)

  • Police scandal (shooting of black teen in Ferguson, MO, escalated into national scandal).
  • War  (U.S. returns to Iraq)
  • Statue of Liberty with the tarot magician in the center of a ring of fire.
  • Mass millions lottery in the news
  • Problems with Apple, unexpected large company fails or bad results [Thanks to Kate S. for pointing out that Apple had to recall the IOS 8 update because of glitches, and there is also the issue that the new iphone 6 plus bends.]


October 2014 (Visions made 1.9.14)

  • New light brightening the world, majestic
  •  News from Appalachia
  • Big snowstorm Noreaster  (it came in November – worst snowstorm in a decade blankets four states –
  • Space exploration. (new discoveries of Mars, Kepler Telescope revelations)
  • News about the Church, pope, Vatican  (Pope Francis takes compassionate humanitarian positions that criticize market politics).

Previous visions we’ve had for October 2013 (made in 2013)

  • In U.S.A. celebrations, good news for the people on front page (probably referring to People’s NYC Climate March)
  • Bixby (Bill and Paul) money
  • Money: Old presidents meeting in colonial home.
  • Doomsday, parade  (refers to the Sept 21 People’s Climate March)
  • Comet passes close to us, almost collides with earth,   (asteroid almost collided with earth in the news)


November 2014 (Visions made on 1.9.14)

  • The dome of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. is tilted off kilter, as if someone broke it off and threw it back out of place (refers to Congressional strife and paralysis).
  • Wash tub, Italian rural town, earthquake (Not Italian, but Cape Verde volcanic explosion)
  •  Silence, grey, growing darkness (republican sweep)
  • Surprise in election outcome (republican sweep)
  • Iraq/Iran band together against U.S.  (ISIS has emerged)
  • Pat Robertson dies
  • Economic boom
  • Big news item in England, catch a terrorist
  • Rocket boosters shooting.
  • Clear starry skies. (Leonid meteor showers occurred on clear nights in Northeast)

Previous visions we’ve had for November 2014

  • Cacti, drought, southwest (southwest drought escalating to new unprecedented levels)
  • Baby chimp in mother’s carrier – loving
  • News about genetics – big discovery


December 2014 (Visions made on 1.9.14)

  • Someone shows their muscle in a strong arm gesture (Putin)
  • Confusion in Washington, scrambling  (Citigroup attaches legislation to Budget bill that eliminates safeguards against bank risky behavior that caused 2008 meltdown).
  •  Peace on earth, new growth, unbelievable outcome
  • More about town ( rural town from above with earthquake, town tipped on its side. (Cape Verde volcano)
  • Recurring bad weather.  (Monster storm in California)
  • Middle East unrest
  • College shooting, river overflows
  • Comets, cold.
  • Ancient underground concrete structure/rooms discovered, very elaborate and deep.

Previous visions we’ve had for December 2014

  • Gavel: important court decision
  • UFO’s, Catholics, Revelations, Pope’s scandal
  • Peace accord attempt in the Middle East, pirates
  • Dignitaries signed documents
  • Cranberries, celebration, light in darkness
  • Good turn of events
  • Big joy! Celebrations worldwide!


January 2015  (visions made on 1.9.13)

  • Valor, virtue, victories
  • Gun violence, military action, guns fired
  • Teddy Roosevelt loses an eye (Aircraft carrier the Theodore Roosevelt loses one of it’s surveillance planes in an accident).
  •  Quiet, giants slumbering
  • Resurgence of optimism across the country
  •  Obamacare news. (New successful statistics released)
  • Middle east seems stable but has something working beneath the surface
  • Ability to maintain balance amid turmoil.
  • Big new book, very popular  (This Changes Everything by Naiomi Kline)
  • Heartfelt period continues,  crowds moving about, good feeling, skaters
  • Ben Afflect in the news  (movie)

Earlier visions we’ve had for January 2015 (made in 2013)

  • New Dawn!
  • Angel  (voice of an angel calls to rescuers from inside dead woman’s car to save her baby)
  • Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure


February 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

  •  New Horizons, strong leadership
  • Much snow, Inuit in trouble.
  •  Ping pong, ponies, diversion
  • Calm, stability, may be short-lived
  • Cruise ship dilemma makes news.  (Royal Caribbean cruise ends with 100 sick)
  • Train accident Poland,
  • Libraries lose funding.
  • Pink sky, railroad news
  • Era of the heart continues, children in classrooms

Earlier visions we’ve had for February 2015 (made in 2013)

  • News about outer space, telescope revelations
  • New seeds!
  • The greys  (Fifty Shades of Grey a popular movie).
  • Lots of love!
  • A new opening in the earth


March 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

  • Blue & green peace, love
  • Sea serpent
  • Underground river, survival  (drying California aquifers)
  •  Human rights questioned, something  brought to light and put on political agenda.
  • Very wealthy philanthropist dies.
  • North Korea worse
  • Plane crashed and burning on mountainside [Vision became a reality in March 2015 with German airlines crash into French alps.]
  • Major terrorist attack somewhere in the world  
  •  Asian holy man with black hair in a bun on top of head, bowing and people crowding around him.
  • Whale ashore, heavy winds, water.


April 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

  • Gardens, Prudence pays off
  • Storm at sea. Lives lost, ship sunk.
  • Reprieve, back to the basics
  • Outbreak of mumps in U.S.
  • An intricate plan goes well.
  • Vortex concern
  • Image of middle eastern men gathered in the streets  (ISIS murders widely publicized)


May 2015 (visions made on 1.9.13)

  • Apple trees, strong winds blowing
  • Ocean calm, but problem with off-shore oil rigs.  (Off shore oil leaking in California this month)
  • New royal baby  (Princess born May 2, 2015).
  • Starvation in an African country; starving livestock, yellow fields in foreground with rounded top mountains or hills in distance – Sudan


June 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

  • Shipwreak
  • J. Edgar Hoover, IRS, INS, invasive government
  • Twenty-five states have legalized gay marriage;
  • Hillary decides to run!
  •  A new dictator arises and has negative impact.
  • Moon event, astrology discovery


Psychic Predictions 2013-2014: The Federal Shutdown and the U.S. Economy

Fgallery8-7While it’s difficult to see the end of a storm when you are in it (as we are at the time of this posting), we had meditated on this time period way back in January, March, and the middle of September before the shutdown began, and we’ve got some visions of the outcome to share with you.

Downturn – October 2013 to January 2014. Nine months ago  we had had visions for the fall of 2013 of a powerful man manipulating our economy, just as has happened in our Congress.  One reader saw “a strongman tossing a bull up and down.” Another saw “a strong guy tossing a heavy ball up and down.”  For November, we saw “stock market movement making big news,” and “bad times for November through January for USA, save your sliver!”  Other visions for the last quarter of 2013 were: “Sluggish economy,” “Obama feeling defeated,” “disappointment about holiday season,” “giving up hope,” “violence and a dip in the economy.”

Then in March 2013, we meditated again on the future and people had these visions for the fall of 2013 (each line is a different person’s vision):

  • Financial setback in the U.S. (could be a temporary development that shifts back).
  • RecesCongress meeting
  • Good economic news
  • A roller coaster
  • A lot of red, later a new beginning after the red.
  • Financial ruin for European nations Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • Obama trying to uplift people, get them feeling good again.
  • A roller coaster pattern to the economy.

The Recovery

Our visions for the first quarter of 2014 showed the economy bouncing back and even reaching new highs as the year proceeds:

  • Red heart turning black.
  • Upbeat economic news, Obama wins something in Congress
  •  Lucky month for U.S., good economic news.
  •  Economy begins to rally in U.S. and in Europe
  • Stock market rally in the news.
  • New reconciliation in the world, economy big boost, stock market new highs.
  • Elephant party [GOP] mad.
  • Freedom and relief.
  • Positive growth and stock market on the move (up).

So if our visions are correct,  hold onto your hats, our economy is in for a roller coast ride this fall, with a return to normal in the early part of 2014, and even reaching new highs. Exact dates can be off so it all could happen more quickly, or not. What’s most correct when predicting the future is the order of events, i.e., that the economy goes through a roller coaster of downward movement, followed by a return to normal with new highs.

For predictions of other aspects of our world, see the full list of visions generated back in January, March, and September for 2013 and 2014. Most of the visions generated in January 2013 for 2013-414 have come true, as well as many of those made in March. Even some made just two weeks ago in September are already materializing. We aren’t aware of any psychics with such a high level of accuracy for long-term global predictions.

Psychic Visions for 2013 to 2014 made on 9.12.13

  • Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 3.13.58 PMOnce again we give you our visions for the coming year. Taken together with past visions that overlap this period (see here and here), we give you a lot to ponder.
  • A Note on Timing: Events often do not always unfold in the months that we have listed but  in neighboring months.  Thus  it’s best to consider that visions may unfold during groups of months, rather than at a specific month.
  • These visions are from the collective consciousness with an epicenter of Boston. If you are in another part of the world, we may not pick up your events unless they reach us via the media.
  • The economy: We’re seeing a market downturn this fall and full recovery after New Year to come back to new market highs during 2014.
  • Climate Change: The polar ice caps are going to make the news, as will other climate developments – more powerful storms than ever, as well as  droughts, and record heat waves.
  • Some visions are symbolic, like elephants for the GOP or a bull symbolizing the stock market. If we see a fire or storm, it’s not just any fire or storm, but one that makes national news. If we see sorrow or tears, then again, it’s not just someone’s sorrow, but a widespread sorrow in the collective.
  • There’s a lot of bad news because we’re picking up media-driven events, not because you’re life, or life in general, will be bad.  The media is biased towards the negative.
  • Visions are bolded when they come true.
  •  For a more complete picture of the future, check out past visions for some of the same months (click the link and scroll down).

September 2013

  • Candle vigil and funeral (teacher killed by student in Massachusetts in October)
  • Feel war  (strong)  (U.S. making a case for war against Syria).
  • White light with rows of cots
  • Violence in Egypt
  • Fires in Idaho
  • Crows
  •  Farmers’ having  problem with corn crop (news broke that farmers had lowest corn crop prices in years)

October 2013

  • Heavy heart, sadness, somber
  • Head of a bull (Federal budget stand-off)
  • Zoo fire in Europe (happened in Berlin on 9.19.13)
  • Very warm, lots of rain  
  • Drought problems with Israel and Jordan
  • The frog king leaping over a crescent moon
  • Sand and water turbulence (could be a vision of the Phillippines typhoon)
  • Africa coastline, white clouds created
  • Fish spilling out of boats in New England Banks (being thrown back?) News article that New England fishing industry is ending because the fish are gone.
  • Martha’s Vineyard bacteria (in ponds where oysters grow)
  • Screeching in the MBTA’s tunnel or under a bridge
  • Grain, locusts, drought
  • Poison (Arafat), panic, Caribbean, train wreck, children  (What some of us thought was a Caribbean event turned out to be in the Phillipines, i.e., the typhoon.)

November 2013

  • A market crash [market swings in October when U.S. government shut down.]
  • Elephant trunks reaching to each other (GOP) shaking hands, many hands shaking (probably about the congressional budget vote)
  • Bad news about polar ice cap (ice volume among lowest on record).
  • Something sunken in a large body of water, a rock formation or ship (news that South African ship’s cook had survived 3 days at bottom of ocean in capsized ship).
  • Discovery, historical scandal (discovery that Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned)
  • Twins DNA medical breakthrough (scientists found subtle differences in twins’ DNA)
  • Winged lion, Egypt
  • Rockets, a lot of shelling (Syrian rebel chieftain killed, Assad forces bomb besieged Lebanese town)
  • Death of a politician  [This vision is likely about Nelson Mandela]
  • Venezuela
  • NASA

December 2013

  • Man paddling through ice (climate change news), stress for polar bears
  • Yemen Al Qaeda threat
  • Syria’s lies come to light (In September, a researcher at Institute for the Study of War wrote article about Syria in Wall Street Journal that Kerry used to make a case for war, but was fired for lying about her education)
  • Gas price increase
  • Tears, crying (more like relief) – Mandala passing and funeral.
  • The President or perhaps the U.S. signing a truce or peace agreement (In December 2013, the media reported an international controversy over U.S./Obama  proposals to alter international trade agreements so that corporations got radical new political power. Nothing has been signed yet,
  • NYC Central Park and all the avenues all around it in the news  (warm weather brings outings)
  • People walking a lot of beautiful music playing (warm weather)
  • City scape in the middle of a heat wave in December  (unseasonable New England thaw in December)
  • Car factories, Korea, and chemical issues in the news (LG car batteries cited for unknown chemicals)
  • Image of a bull (market news) (new highs in market)
  • Bull (market news)  (new highs)
  • Fire at a Harvard University Dorm  [A student made a bomb threat this month in order to get out of exams. Although no real fired occurred, this vision was about the commotion caused by the threat.]

January 2014 (for explanations of all visions that have come true from this point on, see January 9, 2014 Post of Psychic Visions, which includes these visions).

  • Floods in the Northeast
  • Health insurance shake-up;
  • Hurricane that affects eastern Mexico
  • Coastline with a lot of boats with ramps down and people walking down the ramps (like Noah’s Ark)
  • Italian and German cheese conspiracy
  • Unique astrophysicists’ discoveries (discovery of earth-like planet covered with water vapor)
  • Sailboats with people in summer clothing, vertical, like a tidal wave
  • Angels rising up – great news!  Good!
  • Man with glasses and balding head back of head on a coin (departure of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke )
  • Good karmic events
  • New reconciliation in the world, economy big boost, stock market new highs.

February 2014

  • Elephant party (GOP) mad
  • Bad influenza outbreak
  • SARS reappears in Japan and China
  • A big decision to be made
  • Baby toddler doing a line dance in pastel pants (see also next vision)
  • Baby dolls wrapped in little blankets, lined up next to each other, cute, (see reference to Shirley Temple and revival of the old below)
  • Heartbreak, something sad, children lost
  • Rain California
  • Banned raisins
  • A cartoon mouse with big pink ears
  • Storms, bad weather people stranded in cars on a highway
  • Big iceberg falling
  • Queen Elizabeth ill,
  • Iceland, oil drilling problem, Problem in Turkey

March 2014

  • Prince Harry gets engaged
  • Obama has health scare
  • Freedom and relief
  • Information flowing in a triangle motion between England, Scotland, and Ireland
  • Montana mourns a leader lost
  • Storms on Cape Cod effecting beaches
  • People running into the streets
  • New “light” discovery

April 2014

  • Autism news;
  • Terrorism in England
  • More Cape Cod storm news – affecting structural integrity of land along coast
  • Umbrellas everywhere (a lot of rain), farmers needing hand-outs
  • Someone famous told they have cancer
  • Tears. Gentle rain, monkeys
  • A possible meeting between three superpowers
  • Too much violence
  • Volcanic eruption, smoke ash everywhere on an island.
  • Government issue, international, United Nations
  • New fun type of vehicle

May 2014

  • Positive growth
  • Sunshine, happy girl, Shirley Temple:  revival of the old (probably related to baby doll images in February)  
  • Bells ringing in joy
  • Stock market on the move (up)
  • Resurrection, a time of new beginnings, love conquering fear
  • Lots of sun but then some snow (New England)
  • A new kind of car
  • Horses running, horse jockey, red helmet and white stripes
  • Gay marriage in 20 states
  • Huge shake-up about genetically modified foods and new laws,
  • Air turbulence in a large yellow cargo plane
  • A new great discovery
  • Blizzard Midwest

June 2014

  • Tainted medicine,
  • Unrest in South Africa,
  • New government in Libya
  • Ice caps in the news
  • Flotilla of tall ships
  • Fish/whales, seas, Scandinavia
  • Flowering, blue skies
  • Amelia Earhart in the news
  • Economy’s best growth! Jobs up!

July 2014

  • Cancer scare for Queen Elizabeth II and a mishap on the ocean
  • Hot, record heat, sweat
  • Too hot
  • Drought and people crying for water.
  • African wildlife – hippos, alligators, hairless mole
  • Quill pen signing an agreement, new moon (new beginnings)

August 2014

  • Arizona
  • Rings of fire
  • New pregnancy for Will and Kate
  • Bad hurricane toward Puerto Rico
  • Arrests, handcuffs, trials, murderers (multiple)
  • Yankee Stadium during a game
  • Moon, Denmark

September 2014

  • Shine, police scandal
  • War
  • Statue of Liberty with the tarot magician in the center of a ring of fire.
  • Gasping for breath, cool nights
  • Mass millions lottery in the news
  • Problems with Apple, unexpected large company fails or bad results

October 2014

  • End of war
  • In U.S.A. celebrations, good news for the people on front page
  • Bixby (Bill and Paul) money, limo’s
  • Money: Old presidents meeting in colonial home.
  • Overcoming dark past
  • October 14, Doomsday, parade  (Climate protest in NYC 300,000 people)
  • Comet passes close to us, almost collides with earth

November 2014

  • Victory
  • Train upside down,
  • Scientists, not truthful
  • Cacti, drought, southwest (people planting cactus gardens to handle watering bans)
  • Baby chimp in mother’s carrier – loving
  • A air of giving, using all parts and everything
  • News about genetics- big discovery, news about NASA
  • Titanic event

December 2014

  • Gavel: important court decision
  • UFO’s, Catholics, Revelations, Pope’s scandal
  • Peace accord attempt in the Middle East, pirates
  • Dignitaries signed documents
  • Cranberries, celebration, light in darkness
  • Good turn of events
  • Big joy! Celebrations worldwide!

January 2015

  • Angel
  • Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure

February 2015

  • News about outer space, telescope revelations
  • New seeds!
  • The greys
  • Lots of love!
  • A new opening in the earth








Psychic Predictions for 2013 – Part II


Note: We’ve bolded events that  have come true, some occurring outside of the month they were predicted. See 1/3/13 post for more visions of this period.]

Once again, our group meditated for visions of the coming year.  During this phase we can expect unusual weather,  stock market roller coaster, and some precedent setting events, (like the first pope retiring in 800 years).  As obscure and odd as some of these visions seem, if you review some of our past predictions, you’ll see that many have materialized  (e.g., Pope leaving, Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, Obama elected, February’s historic New England blizzard, December 2011 market advance, Boston Marathon bombing, NSA surveillance leaks, Disneyland explosion, Colorado fires, Chilli’s large waves).  If we see a storm or waves, they won’t be just any storm or waves, but ones that make headlines. Each line is from a different person. Some visions may end out happening at a different month than predicted.

Visions that have come true are in bold.

APRIL 2013

  • Bright light over Statue of Liberty; and wings. (news about newly unveiled Statue after damage from Hurricane Sandy)
  • A lot of light, a rainbow [I believe this may be the outpouring of love for Marathon victims.]
  • Ladder to the sky – a double helix
  • Congress actually agrees on something. [Congress lifted the Sequester for air traffic controllers so they could take recess without airport delays.]
  • Chicago in the news.
  • St. Louis is the news.
  • Wealth bill
  • Chicken pox outbreak in China (if this happens, we may never hear about it due to Chinese secrecy)
  • Boat in the Middle East  [cruise line has fire]
  • Conflict with Syria and Jordan [Jordan King meets with Obama about Syria  chemical weapons and refugee problem; U.S. troops show presence in Jordan in June]
  • A downward spiro, cloudy and dark [This is probably a vision of the super tornado that hit Oklahoma in May, since tornado images were all over the news.]
  • A lot of fear at the end of the month  [Probably marathon bombing-related fears]

MAY 2013

  • Cattails growing tall [heavy rains]
  • Pyramids with streaks of light
  • Australia in the news  [Australia quoted extensively about their effective gun laws]
  • A lot of music! [big music festival months May and June]
  • Period of friction and strife 
  • Two fire jets collide
  • An anchor and a rose  – In Portsmouth, England, a museum is opening this month which features the wreck of Henry the Eighth’s flagship, the Mary Rose, sunk in 1545. Thanks to Glenda from the UK who emailed us that this vision had come true!
  • Dolphins beached or in a cave (see similar vision below involving killer whales)  [This event occurred in July. It was not dolphins but 6 killer whales stranded on a sand bar off Australia]
  • Military buildup  [probably Syria-related, some troops in Jordan]
  • Tensions  [Probably Syria related]
  • Fashion in the news.
  • Symbol of justice.  [Probably refers to Justice Department in the news as it opened investigation of whistleblower, Edward Snowden. In June they file criminal charges against him.]
  • Market advance  [new high hit]

JUNE 2013

  • Hostages in the U.S
  • Death of a prominent figure [probably referring to Nelson Mandela who has not yet passed at this writing, but is now on life support 6/30/13; died on 12/5/13]
  • Much turmoil in the Middle East  
  • Lots of scary clouds and rain  [super tornado and tornado-warning weather dominate weather news in late May and early June]
  • flooding in heartland [major flooding in north central U.S.]
  • Lots of big waves (not good) (unusually large waves hit Chili first week of July, causing coastal damage)
  • Obama sick, tulips and red flowers
  • Division of church and State in the news [school forced to take down Christian icons]
  • Pregnancy in royal family, baby, Prince Harry getting married. [Kate close to term in the news]
  • Jennifer Aniston getting married [In June Aniston’s wedding plans were in the news, but  the news was that they are delaying wedding.)
  • A chicken poised (probably referring to France)
  • Escalator and Greek God Zeus and Taurus

JULY 2013

  • Scandal in Dubai  [horse doping scandal in Dubai hit news at end of April]
  • Huge forest fire in Colorado in the north to New Mexico [happened in June]
  • Long dam bridge fire and snakes [bad fires in the West]
  • Red harbor
  • Exceptionally bad heat wave
  • Fear of war
  • A lot of fear  [as of July 15th, Zimmerman verdict has spread fear in African American community, but unsure if this fear applies to this vision]
  • Disappointment, and growth of protection [Probably referring to news that NSA is collecting everyone’s private communications for our protection. People are disappointed in the government as it ramps up protection.]
  • Tweety bird coming down a slide!
  • Monetary problems in Europe


  • North Korean stand-up against U.S. and allies
  • Something spinning, everything bright.
  • Resignation  (probably represents the mood regarding U.S. Congress’s stalemate on budget)
  • Uncertainty  (Federal budget stalemate effects)
  • Key, placards, protestors [Happened in July, Zimmerman-Martin verdict has led to nationwide protests]
  • Ban the bomb signs
  • Incredible heat wave  (in July eastern U.S. had longest summer heatwave in years).
  • Comet comes close to earth, lots of water – rains and floods  [news about comet approaching earth occurred in July]
  • Seismic activity, volcano?  (July earthquake in northeastern California, strongest in decades). Also, seven volcanos erupted with hours of each other in mid November.


  • Pope makes an important announcement. [7.29.13 Pope  said, “Who am I to judge a gay person of good will who seeks the Lord?”
  • North Korean situation worsens
  • Canon pointed
  • Financial setback in the U.S. (note that this could be a temporary development that shifts back.) [federal shutdown]
  • Recession  (press is filled with much concern about recession from Federal budget stalemate).
  • Monsoons in Cambodia
  • Smoldering and dark
  • Congress meeting  [federal shutdown]
  • Lazy man lying on his back on the floor, propped up on elbows
  • Cinnamon haired girl in Argentina
  • Royalty-someone falls and is hospitalized.


  • Colder, but some relief, with people breathing a sigh of relief early in October  (New England climate)
  • Good economic news [Following resumption of U.S. Budget, markets sprang back]; a boat has problems in the Atlantic
  • Hurricane on southeastern seaboard [tropical storm hits Gulf coast]
  • Boats, large ships, rocks, dark blue  [images of tropical storm]
  • Large groups of people forming together [budget shutdown protests.]
  • Princess in the news, [new pregnancy for Kate].
  • Killer whales stranded (see earlier vision of dolphins stranded, probably just one or the other) [this rare event occurred in Australia in July when 6 killer whales were stranded on a sand bar.]


  • Roller coaster, waterfalls, snakes, bluish grey town
  • A lot of red, later a new beginning after the red.  (Federal Budget shut-down in October, then fixed temporarily until January).
  • Storms on all fronts
  • Royal carriage on the move; women with big hats [new pregnancy for Kate]
  • People crying and hugging  (teacher killed and mourned in Massachusetts in late October, early November)
  • Something bad happens in a Walmart parking lot (happened June 21st)


  • Financial ruin for European nations, Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • Image of the Hair album
  • Lots of happiness on the streets
  • British royal carriage and parade, hearts, bells ringing
  • Earth under pressure – a volcano, heavy snow 12/23 (seven volcanos erupted around the world within hours of each other in mid November)
  • Violinist, violin playing


  • Drought in the Sudan
  • Tight throat
  • Trains and a slinky, possibly a derailed train.
  • Obama trying to uplift people, get them feeling good again  [probably referring to Obama’s worldwide eulogy of Mandela]
  • A lot of hard work. Everybody’s going to be hard at work.
  • Roller coaster pattern (to the economy)
  • A lot of lightness, a lot of open space.
  • Red heart turning black
  • Upbeat economic news, Obama wins something in Congress [in December House passes Budget compromise to avoid further shutdown]


  •  Violent outbreak in several African nations
  • A lot of fear and pain
  • Libraries and books
  • Bright lighted, pain.
  • A newfangled car, looks a hovercraft.
  • Lucky month for U.S., good economic news

MARCH 2014

  • Dalai Lama retiring
  • Tweetie bird in the news.
  • Sean Penn in the news.
  • Crowds of people in the streets.

Psychic Predictions for 2013 – The Great Turning Continues (made 1.3.13)

Last week  my Thursday Night Tarot Group meditates for visions of the future.  Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 3.13.58 PM  Tapping into the collective consciousness, we saw  symptoms of long-term upheaval. [Note we bold the visions that come true, with explanations.] Highlights for the coming year:

  • This is a year of deepening financial, political, and environmental upheaval, fissures in a way of life that is beginning to crack open, although it will take decades to complete. We are the crab who’s outgrowing a shell.
  • In March, Obama takes a strong stand, probably on gun control.  In April, we have a disturbing vision of the whole world being dazed and unable to comprehend the implications of some news.
  • World and domestic financial problems erupt in April and deepen into the fall, beginning in Europe and then in the U.S. In a reference to a seriously declining economy, one of our group said, “Save your silver!”
  • In spite of all this angst, we finish in April 2014 on an upbeat note. Troops are coming home from Afghanistan, half the states have approved gay marriage, and there’s a noticeable wave of love flowing through the collective.

Interpreting visions:

  • Each line is a vision from a different person, presented just as he or she described it.
  • We try not to provide much interpretation, which come from the rational, non intuitive part of the brain.
  • Although some of the visions may seem vague or mundane, we only tend to see events that dominate the news. If we see a storm or tornado,  it’s not going to be just any storm or tornado but something big.
  • Visions comes from our vantage point in the Boston area, hence some events, especially weather, might be local.

VISIONS FOR 2013 – Remember: predictions that come true have been bolded with explanations in brackets. Also Visions don’t always come true in the month listed–allow several months before and after. January 2013

  • Snow fall, blanket of snow
  • Protesting city hall with placards
  • More congressional fighting
  • Some good changes
  • Waves

February 2013 – Visions that came true are in bold

  • We’re at a cross road in which we must go left or right (probably fiscal/political issue with “left” and “right” referring to political direction).
  • Funeral of a dignitary [Margaret Thatcher]
  • Snow storm [5th largest New England blizzard]
  • Fishing or fish in the news (probably about depletion of the New England banks).
  • New leader emerging in Venezuela (followed death of Chavas on March 5)
  • A heart followed by a safety pin, possibly indicating a security measures for our vulnerable young ones.
  • Something dark, not good, perhaps another shooting [Boston marathon bombing on the horizon]
  • New kind of airplane, grounded on the runway  [Boeing 787]

March 2013

  • Obama takes a strong stand, gun legislation.
  • Grey clouds, long month, rain with lots of high rivers and streams (mainly occurred in May)
  • Hill with huge amounts of water gushing down (mainly occurred in May)
  • A burning object surging upwards through the sky [meteor in Russia]
  • Syria in the news  [news emerged that that they using chemical weapons on their rebels with calls in the U.S. to intervene]

April 2013

  • Early snowfall  [happened in late March]
  • Earthquake in the middle of the U.S. [probably about fracking]
  • Hamas, Al Queda in the news
  • Financial markets moving wildly
  • Whole world dazed: nobody’s going to understand any of this stuff, nobody knows what’s going on.  [Boston Marathon bombing]
  • Something going on with the Pope; he’s sick or passes   [resignation announced in February]
  • Tension in the soil, earth needs to seek release  (fracking going on at ever greater frequency, creates pressure deep in the earth)

May 2013

  • Lots of water, spongy (the surface)
  • A major disaster  [Boston Marathon bombing]
  • A terrorist attack [Boston marathon bombing]
  • A large city-wide celebration [Boston marathon bombing]
  • Stock market movement makes big news  (new highs)
  • International group shaking hands

June 2013

  • Eagle flying direct towards your face (News that NSA is spying on everyone all over the world, including its own citizens)
  • Large newspaper, either New York Times or Boston Globe, in the news.  (the Guardian became center of focus when it released an exclusive story from NSA whistleblower Snowden that the NSA has been spying on U.S. citizens)
  • New peace accord (probably related to international group shaking hands in May).
  • Candle being blown out  (probably refers to Nelson Mandela whose health is failing)
  • Two ships off Greece in some kind of trouble  (fire in Cruise ship following months earlier capsizing and power failure in same cruise line)
  • Under water, don’ know where  (flooding in heartland,east & south first June weekend, 100K people evacuating flooding in Alberta in June)
  • Very smoky fire in a large area (Colorado fires worst in state’s history; June 30th 19 firefighters killed in Arizona wildfire; see March 2013 Posting in which we named Colorado and Arizona fires)
  • Statue of Liberty shown in a spotlight! [Probably referring to world response to  NSA spying leaks which are casting new light on U.S. as a former symbol of liberty. )

July 2013

  • Significance of the full Moon. [A reference to the Super Moon in the news in late June]
  • War abroad
  • European overspending in the news, Euro goes down.
  • Running horses, like a stampede (probably about financial markets)
  • Statue of Liberty in the news [Could be about renovations on the monument that were unveiled in February or about continued world scrutiny of the U.S. as a dubious symbol of liberty as Edward Snowden tries to flee and some unlikely countries consider harboring him);
  • Fire (Colorado fires in June worst in State’s history)
  • A large hand with a pen in it (some important document about to be signed)
  • Politically famous couple divorces
  • Something wrong in Texas and California – (fires and severe drought)
  • July and/or August: Fires.
  • Disneyland, in Fantasy Land, right outside Peter Pan’s ride (explosion in Fantasy Land on May 29)
  • Dark rain, dark sky  (Huge tornado season & Hurricane in Florida)

August 2013

  • People rally around European economy; China  and U.S. will argue about it
  • A steep drop in the market followed by rebound.  (happened in September when U.S. Gov’t stopped then resumed paying its bills).
  • The Washington monument in D.C.
  • Flag of Japan
  • Australia has an influence
  • Period of darkness, everything stops, not good in this country  [referring to federal shutdown that comes in October.]
  • Question mark about Israel – not a good feeling
  • Late August early September: large dip followed by return to normal, probably an analysis of financial (market) upheaval; (This happened in September to October)
  • volcanos (in mid November seven volcanos erupted around the world within hours of each other).

September 2013

  • Strongman tossing a bull up and down — [GOP leaders controlling the shut-down of the federal budget and causing what had been a bull market to be tossed around.]
  • A strong guy tossing a heavy ball up and down, as if one country is throwing its weight around. [similar to above vision and has come true.]
  • Recession  (press filled with fears of return to recession due to Federal shutdown).
  • New backing of currency in Europe; some will drop Euro and go back to their own currency [Switzerland talks about dropping Euro]; back-to-school basics
  • Chaos — the Middle East
  • Hurricane hitting Florida
  • Greenway and growth
  • A stalker getting in via fire scapes
  • Explosion and burst of flame
  • Stock market movement in the news  (large drop then rebound occurred)

October 2013

  • Bad times for November through January for USA; Save your silver! [the Federal budget shut down caused waves of fear for the economy, although downswings were short-lived]
  • Sluggish economy [effects of federal budget shutdown]
  • Flare-up in the Middle East
  • Burnt columns
  • Iran — nuclear bomb?


  • Queen Elizabeth sick
  • Economy hits a high
  • Obama feeling defeated
  • Death/rebirth  (U.S. economic impact and reversal of Federal shut-down)
  • Circling planes over NYC
  • A lady’s parasol popping open, shielding what was behind (probable reference to Mary Poppins)  [new movie released on the making of the original Mary Poppins movie]

December 2013

  • Disappointment about holiday season  (winter holiday sales down).
  • Violence and dip in economy
  • Giving up hope
  • A volcano erupts
  • Political Seven
  • Mary Poppins making a soft landing (see parasol above)  (new movie released about the making of Mary Poppins – Mr. Banks)
  • Bells ringing, love in the air.

January 2014

  • New pregnancy for royal couple [new grandchild for Queen]
  • Fast moving muddy waters [severe flooding in the UK]
  • Spain and trains
  • A Twix Bar melting
  • Things at a stand still (politically)
  • A Sherlock Holme’s pipe. [Sherlock Holmes television series in the news – on cover of magazines]

February 2014

  • Chinese economy not so great
  • Reflection time
  • Economy begins to rally in U.S. and in Europe

March 2014

  • Troops coming home from Afghanistan
  • Fire in a bakery
  • Something bad going on with corporate food, especially green garden vegetables like peas.
  • A conflict between two groups of dark-skinned men
  • Stock market fluctuation in the news.

April 2014

  • An announcement that half the U.S. has approved gay marriage
  • Huge meteor showers
  • Railroad ties and tracks in the news.
  • Major religious change of peace and wellness, no longer battles
  • Baby chicks happily running around  (Easter holiday)
  • The Prince of Hearts! (Someone coming forth and spreading love).

2013: The Great Tarot Trumps Tell Us Where We are Headed

The Star - Trump XVIIThe Trump Cards of the Tarot describe the Fool’s journey throughout his lifecycle, (the Fool is the first trump card numbered zero) and since we are the Fool, the Trumps describe our journey, both individually and collectively.  They tell us where we are in our lifecycle, what we need to do to move forward, and what we can expect down the road.  The Tarot has  been handed down at least since the fifteenth century, and possibly since ancient times, so they reflect wisdom we can use at this unprecedented time in human history.

2012 is the year of the Hanged Man, the 12th of the great Trumps that teaches us to let go of control and surrender to our situation.    Suspended upside down by his ankle, the Hanged Man has nowhere to go but inward. Appearing meditative rather than panicked, he tells you to take stock of your situation. Instead of quick action to escape the pain and chaos, it’s time to back off on control and reflect on how you got yourself in this situation. If you resist and hold tight, you will suffer.

The message is the same for humanity as for the individual. In 2012, the Hanged Man shows our species  hanging in the balance.  As the climate heats up, the seas rise, and storms become larger and more destructive, the Hanged Man teaches that the way to surf this phase of our journey is not to fight it and especially not to deny it. We must instead turn inward and surrender to it. In the Crowley Hanged Man, his brains seemed to have dumbed their contents.  He’s no longer thinking in the old ways, but is steeping in the way things are for his situation calls for a new paradigm. Says the late scholar Theodore Roszak, “Hanged Man cracks the shell of our selfhood, opening the way to rebirth, but not before the hulk of our old identity has been discarded.”

We first learned about the Greenhouse Effect 40 years ago. Not only was our planet warming, but a widely distributed M.I.T. study showed that the unprecedented economic growth we’d been enjoying worldwide since the Industrial Revolution would come to a screaming halt around 2010. In response, concerned citizens launched the first Earth Day. Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House.  A series of best-selling books about the warming planet swept through the media. But we were not willing to surrender to the truth of our situation. First we collectively denied it was happening. Then the word Greenhouse Effect disappeared entirely from our vernacular. Many who agreed with the  scientists have become mired in anger and political infighting.

The Hanged Man tells us that denial and control only makes the situation more painful.  He calls us to look inward to ourselves for the cause of our situation, then surrender to it’s inevitability and ride the inevitable wave of change. Just so, a sustainable living moving has arisen in the world.  Eco philosopher Joanna Macy, not wasting energy with anger or denial, calls joyfully on us to awaken to the new world at hand and prepare for what she calls The Great Turning. In Tarot terms, all life is cyclical, and if we accept where we are on the wheel, we can surf rather than stumble down the path before us.

Like the Hanged Man, humanity in 2012 can go nowhere but inward. As my family sat without power during Hurricane Sandy, with no Internet to lose ourselves in nor land lines to chatter our minds, and fearful to squander what power was left on our cell phones, there was nothing to do but be in the situation.  I awoke to how far from sustainable my life is. Driving a Prius, drying my wash in the sun, and recycling the garbage barely scratches the surface of sustainable.  Nearly everything we do is dependent upon fossil fuel.

Says  Macy,”The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world — we’ve actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from a millennia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, to ourselves, and each other.”  She has listened to the Hanged Man’s message. We best do the same.

POST SCRIPT: This post was released hours before the Newtown Connecticut tragedy occurred in which 19 tiny school children were slaughter by a deranged young man at an elementary school. It was a painful time for everyone in the world who heard about. A slaughter of innocents leaves us all reeling and able to go nowhere but inward.

12.12.12: Precipice


by Catherine Mayell12.12.12. Today we stand on a precipice. Humanity will not see this date again for a hundred years. Tomorrow is Sagittarius New Moon, a time to begin expansive ventures; a time to live a new paradigm. All this is happening on the advent of the Winter Solstice, 12.21.12, when we begin our journey towards ever expanding sunlight. This is a great day to breathe in all that is happening both within and outside us. It is a good time to write down intentions for our lives and cast them to the universe tomorrow during the New Moon.

In the Tarot this is the year of  the Hanged Man (Trump XII)– the archetype of surrender to a situation we can no longer control. We have grown up thinking we can control everything and fix anything with hard work and ingenuity. We are entering into an unprecedented time that calls for a new paradigm in which we will first have to sit with a situation that is beyond our control.  It is the state we must embrace to advance to a higher plane.  If we can allow ourselves to be in this day, at this time in human history, if we open our awareness to what is coming up for us as we tune inward, and if we can accept what we see, then we can surf the ride of a millennium.

The Great Turning. Joanna Macy calls this time The Great Turning. It is also a time of great unraveling.

Stay tuned for more on how the Great Trumps of the Tarot describe the journey of humanity to this point, and what we can expect in the future.

Post script to this post: Two days after I wrote this post, the Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy occurred in which 19 tiny school children and six adults were slaughtered by a deranged young man. The whole world wept and considered the situation that led to this horrible event. Yes, we are definitely in the Hanged Man time.

More Psychic Visions for 2011-12 (Made 11/11)


My students and I had these visions in a class last month when meditating on the upcoming year. Visions about climate usually refer to New England. I’ve put in bold those that came true, (when I know about it). Please email me if you discover that something came true.

Dec 2011:

  • Bert the Muppet (Holiday movie released)
  • A snowy Christmas
  • An earthquake and tsunami (either Dec or Jan);
  • Motorcade
  • Oil tower sideways.

January 2012:

  • Earthquake
  • Stock market in the news.

February: World situation tense, involving India, a train and mountains.


  • Stone foundation with crack,
  • Big snow
  • Firemen chopping.


  • Early Spring, warm, rain,
  • trees blooming early,
  • Baby
  •  High heels fashion
  • GOP candidate in the news


  • Massachusetts moving towards Republican party,
  • Global campus,
  • Cannon balls.


  • Explosion!
  • Heavy heart,
  • Dark feeling,
  • Disruption
  • Serious heat wave
  • Hot sun.


  • Phone banks,
  • Strong celebration (Republican Convention)
  • Renewed patriotism (Republican convention)
  • Still a rotting feeling about the country.


  • Strong man emerging (Romney)
  • Waterfront weather.

September: Early fall, trees bare.


  • Texas hat (person from Texas in the political news];
  • Orville Wright.

November: Breaking apart (the country)  Big divided between red and blue over the presidential election.

December: Chaos. (Anger of Right that they didn’t win).

January 2013: Obama inauguration. – (I saw this in a clear vision in January 2012)

A Psychic Vision of 2025








It’s 2025. I see crowds on hillsides. The people are under stress, probably homeless, because there is an image of symbolic fire all around them, and they are listening to a religious leader, a messiah figure. I also saw horses and other farm animals with dry mouths because parts of this region have dried up and are no longer habitable, felt like the southwest, especially Texas, because I see cowboy hats and cacti.  I also see people traveling across the country with horses and what seem like wagon trains; it’s a mass migration.

Although it may seem like it, this is not an apocalyptic vision of the whole world. But it does indicate that by 2025 – 2030, drought and heat have overwhelmed parts of U.S. and no doubt this image may be repeated in other parts of the world. As is usually the case,  those people who already live at the margins economically may be the ones standing on that hillside in my vision.

Visions for 2011 to 2012

In May & June 2011, my students and I had these visions. Some are symbolic, with and without interpretations. Interpretations are in brackets and get updated as events unfold). Event that have come true are put in bold, as we find out about them.

July 2011-January 2013:


  • Lighthouse on its side, a likely sign of rising seas and stronger storms. [update: this event was in the news the following month.]


  • Dust storms; large swaths of land covered in brown;[update: summer of 2011 was worst drought in Texas history.]
  • the gold standard an issue.


  • Named hurricane in Massachusetts [Update: last days of August/first days of September Hurricane Irene created havoc in New England].
  • Sadness, a canon, clashes, thunder.


  • Images of fire along the ground (means troubles, clashes, pain, suffering, and general stress among the populace),
  • Men in suits shaking hands, as if  large scale deals were being made that affect whole nation.
  • Bull with extra large horns on rampage (stock market moving up). stock market made large rally
  • People in New England skiing in October-early snow fall. [New England had an early October surprise snow storm that knocked out power for many communities for a week.]

Dec — An oil tower sideways.

Jan 2012

  • Bells ringing, true joy; rebirth and new beginning
  • Major U.S. political figure has a serious health issue;
  • Important male political figure in a wheelchair;
  • A gun;
  • Stocks in the news.

Feb — Political unrest,  world organizations, banks, meeting over a crisis.

March — Old stones, foundation with cracks (our country’s foundation?)

Jan-June 2012

  • In first quarter stocks dominate the news.  
  • Also  an international banking crisis.
  • A chicken flopped on his side [possibly France whose national bird is the rooster] and flapping his wings in agitation


  • Large tornadoes,
  • Water problems,
  • Serious heat wave.


  • Liberty Bell with large piece missing;
  • Huge explosion;
  • Signs of devastation to come.

In late August 2012

  •  I see an elephant  happily swinging its trunk in the air. It is an elephant love fest, which most likely signifies the Republican National Convention and the optimistic mood for their party.


  • A tower falling (Crane fell from a high rise building in NYC, was shown on national news and was described as a “tower falling”)
  • Fires  (forest fires on the rise in the West)
  • People warned and told to leave (Hurricane Sandy necessitated people being asked to evacuate coastal areas)
  • A large image of a blond woman’s face, which might be the face of a female nominee or candidate’s wife.  (This was the prophetic image of Elizabeth Warren who beat Senate incumbent Scott Brown and then went on to become a leading Democratic figure in America)


  • Children in line  (This turned out to be a vision of  the widely circulated image of the December Newtown CT school shooting.)  In an earlier meditation, one of us had seen “Tears” for this period.
  • Poseidon’s trident (the oceans making a statement); hurricanes

Jan 2013: Snowball rolling [note: one reader suggested the term might refer to a debt reduction strategy].

For more predictions, click here.

Psychic Predictions for 2015


Posted December 12, 2014. These predictions come from visions my class and I saw while meditating over the past 18 months.  Events do not always unfold in the months listed, but may occur in nearby months.


  • Climate: Continued environmental disruption from global warming. Our visions coincide with climatologists’ findings that warming is accelerating, only we continue to see  events happening faster than science is predicting. Our February vision of Great Snows in New England and Eskimos in Trouble came true in spades. In March NOAA report showed 2014 warmest year on record and January and February 2015 the warmest months on record.
  • Economy: In February 2015 a slight stock market correction followed by a rebound with markets moving higher. Market dips in May, but again rallies  (In an earlier post of visions of the rest of the century, I saw what appears to be a bear market  in 2020 with precarious volatility three years before).
  • Politics: Those newly in power in Washington are chomping at the bit to pass their party’s  agenda.  Anxiety accelerating in the Congressional process is frenetic and crazy-making, and fuels more fear and strife.

When events unfold, we put them in bold, with an explanation if needed.   Please  email if you believe something has come true and I will mention it.  Profound thanks to reader Sandra Moorcroft who has repeatedly combed the media to determine when our visions come true.  Thanks also to reader Lisa S. for notifying me about mumps outbreaks that we’d predicted 12 months earlier and Curtis E for solving the mystery of the vision we had about Teddy Roosevelt losing an eye.

January 2015

  • Widespread anxiety in the collective, those in power chomping at the bit to get going with their agenda.  (1/2/15 NYTimes, “Republicans say they’ll act fast to push agenda.”
  • Bitter Cold  (main headline of on 1/7/15 Dangerous arctic Blast Impacting 190 Million – 54 Wind Chills Reported)
  • Stock market up
  • Major terrorist attack somewhere in the world  (Paris, 2/7/15)
  • A lot of snow (historic snow storm hit Massachusetts & the Northeast)

Predicted a year ago for this period:

  • Teddy Roosevelt loses an eye  (Thanks to reader, Curtis. who pointed out that this is referring, not to Mt Rushmore, but to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier that made news when  it was diverted in April 2015 to the coast of Yemen to stop arms shipments to Iran).
  • Resurgence of optimism across the country
  • Obamacare news. Survey released in January showing fewer people are having trouble paying medical bills, thanks to Obamacare.
  • Middle East seems stable but has something working beneath the surface  (in March, Yemen falling to anti-Western forces)
  • Big new book, very popular  (This Changes Everything by Naomi Wolfe about the climate published in late 2014 and much discussed in talk shows through December 2014)
  • Crowds moving about, good feeling, skaters
  • Ben Afflect in the news (his movie Gone Girl gets renewed press).
  • New Dawn!
  • Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure  (In April  2015, a major discovery was made of a 15th century ship off the coast of Finland.)

February 2015

  • Era of the heart continues, children in classrooms
  • Market correction and rebound higher. 
  • Big waves on tropical island in Caribbean (Thanks to reader Sandra M who pointed out that this vision was of the South Pacific island Vanuatu, (not the Caribbean) that was hit hard by category 5 cyclone and huge waves.
  • Chaos, fire, people running away from homes. (oil train accident in West Virginia on 2/17/15 caused half mile evacuation and oil leakage into major water supply)
  • Submerged WWII Vintage airplane  (Again thanks to reader Sandra M. who spotted an article that as of February the U.S. Navy is joining a search for a WWII bomber after pieces of Dauntless washed ashore).  Also in May, divers discovered a whole group of WWII airplanes at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean (
  • New Horizons, strong leadership

Predicted a year ago for this time period:

  • Huge snow (U.S., likely Northeast). (Last week of January and first days of February saw historic snow storms in the Northeast breaking all records. This vision came from Bill Mahan)
  •  Inuit in trouble Alaska had a snowless winter causing problems in their Annual Alaskan Iditarod sled race which had to be moved 400 miles north because of lack of snow). Global warming has also caused other problems for Alaska, which is warming faster than any other state as outlined in this article. This vision also came from Bill Mahan.
  • Calm, stability, may be short-lived
  • Cruise ship dilemma makes news.  (in February, Royal Caribbean Cruise ended with 100 sick passengers)
  • Train accident Poland
  • Libraries lose funding.  In 2015, we’ve found media reports that 15 states have cut library funding from January to March: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia and Vermont, as well as protectorates Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Islands.
  • Pink sky, railroad news (West Virginia oil train derailment on 2/15/15 caused flames to fill the sky).

 March 2015

  • Tears, anxiety in the collective  [Our visions of “tears” has in the past referred to a widespread emotional response to some event involving the killing of children. In this case, the event involved a co-pilot deliberately crashing of a German airlines with two babies, sixteen children, a pilot, a father of two small children, desperately trying to save the other 149 people on board, public reacts with horror and pain.]
  • Great snows.  (a vision of record N.E. snowfalls of Winter 2015 which have come to be called the “Great Snows of Winter 2015.”
  • Early Spring, early flowers
  • Plants growing outside early (sign of global warming
  • Earthquake/tectonic plates (Major earthquake in Nepal on April 25th in location where tectonic plates are well known to be pushing against each other at a rate of 2 inches a year. Seismologists had been predicting this quake for this location because of the known tectonic plates activity)
  • Blue & green peace, love
  • Shouts of “No justice, no peace!”  (Another unarmed African American man is killed by police on April 4. This time, the officer is charged with murder.)

Predicted a year ago for this period:

  • Sea serpent  (Thanks to reader Sandra M. who pointed out that a 400-800 pound giant stingray was caught of the coast of Thailand this month ).  Also a giant squid washed ashore in New Zealand in early May.
  • Underground river, survival  (This month, California reported one year left of water from surface reservoirs, after which they will have to rely solely upon underground reservoirs which are not easily replenished). Thanks to an email from one of our readers for clarifying this news.
  • Human rights questioned, something  brought to light and put on political agenda.  [Indonesian fishing slaves brought to light, 300 rescued, and plans made to free 4,000 more.]
  • Very wealthy philanthropist dies.
  • North Korea worse (a series of articles (here’s one) released this month)
  • Major terrorist attack somewhere in the world (Attack on Tunisian tourists March 18)
  • Asian holy man with black hair in a bun on top of head, bowing and people crowding around him.
  • Plane crashed and burning on mountainside [German airlines crashed in to French Alps]

April 2015

  • Tears, pain in the collective.  On 4/3/15 terrorists attacked a Kenyan college campus killing 147 students and wounding 79)
  • Dry, drought, forest fires.  California’s epic drought continues to worsen.
  • Dry spells.  Droughts all over the world are worsening)
  • Electrical bolts — Tesla in the news.  In April, Tesla unveiled a battery pack that will store solar energy worldwide in hopes to revolutionize the power market away from fossil fuels.  
  • Bats. In April, Chinese scientists discover ancient dinosaur that resembles bat.
  • Donkey bucks — Democrats refusing to go along with Republican agenda. On April 25th, in the annual Correspondents Dinner, the president made a play on words about his “buck-et” list of to-do items he intends to accomplish in the remainder of his term that spite the Republican agenda.
  • Spring is here bringing much happiness after long winter.

Predicted a year ago for this time period:

  • Storm at sea. Lives lost, ship sunk. [152 person Russian trawler sinks on 4/1/15, at least 56 lives lost.]
  • Reprieve, back to the basics
  • Outbreak of mumps in U.S.  (NHL had mumps outbreak this past winter and Measles outbreak in January linked to Disneyland).
  • An intricate plan goes well.
  • Arctic vortex concern  (This concern arose in February 2015 and continues throughout the winter due to historical weather patterns.)
  • Image of Middle Eastern men gathered in the streets

May 2015

  • Wealth emphasized  (U.S. Presidential race is now all about having wealth or what wealthy plutocrat backs you).
  • Stock market down (but will rebound)
  • Hail  (Widespread hail reported throughout north central, central and western U.S.) Later in the summer, biggest hail storm in memory in Eastern Massachusetts.
  • Ice cube tray, skin-diver underwater at the Ice Caps – climate news (not good) Nasa reveals that Arctic ice is thinnest on record. Predict complete melting will occur within two years.
  • Very warm
  • Stillness, felt anxiety
  • Problems with Trees  (Although this has been an ongoing fall-out of climate change , an article appeared on May 4th specifically showing massive tree death from California drought. Also this month, news about a boring beetle from China killing of trees across the U.S.) In June reports of a southern pine beetle that  kills pines moving northward to New England due to warming. Results are expected to be devastating to these previously untouched trees. Also in June, reports of massive drought-related tree death in Oregon of the madrone tree.
  • Apple trees, strong winds blowing
  • Ocean calm, but problem with off-shore oil rigs. [4 people killed in fire on offshore Mexican oil rig.]
  • New royal baby  (Girl born to William and Kate on May 2 – we predicted this event would occur this May back in January 12, 2014 – a year and five months earlier.)
  • Starvation in an African country; starving livestock, yellow fields in foreground with rounded top mountains or hills in distance – Sudan

June 2015

  • Continued drought in the West 
  • Vision of stock market shift in the shape of a square root sign. Looks like market drops and then ends higher.
  • Space shuttle news  (California museum plans to display space shuttle (
  • New England weather overcast, rain, stormy
  • Schools, troubled children
  • War
  • Strong sun
  • Crayfish, crabs, and shrimp in trouble (
  • Shipwreck  (In May, Search for Malaysian Airplane found shipwreck in Indian Ocean.  In April,  ice reveals multiple shipwrecks at bottom of Great Lakes)
  • Edgar Hoover, IRS, INS, invasive government
  • Twenty-five states have legalized gay marriage  (in April 2015, media announced that 30 states and District of Columbia have legalized same sex marriage.)
  • Hillary decides to run  (announced in April 2015)
  • Moon event, astrology discovery  (Third blood moon event went viral in media in April 2015)

July 2015

  • Problem with the oceans, deep forces at work, fish affected
  • People suffering, caught in crossfire  (Syrian refugees trying to escape oppressive conditions face political opposition in countries they are trying to immigrate to)
  • Baby born to royals
  • Heavy rain, big waves  (Above-average monsoon season: over 300 mm of rain in 24 hours floods Mumbai, India)
  • Houses in Salem, MA in the news
  • Song “Video Killed the Radio Star” playing in my head (a 1979 song about the damaging effects of technology on art).
  • Image of a yoke: people burdened, displaced, sad, hanging heads, especially the men.  (plight of Syrian immigrants who were stopped in their efforts to make it to Austria and Germany).
  • Heat, heat, heat: (Heat index reaches 165 in Iran and Iraq as heat dome settles over the region.  Also severe heat wave spreads cross Europe

August 2015

  • Scorched earth due to drought and heat  (NASA: India worst ground water depletion in the world North Korea hit by worst drought in a century).
  • Heat, heat, woe to our world! water, thirsty, fires, not enough rain in Australia and so many other places.
  • Republicans moving together like herds of elephants (huge field of candidates for president this year)
  • Plane crash, kills hundreds over Pacific Ocean  (refers to the August 5th announcement that they found a wing of the missing Malaysian plane).
  • Beetle in the news,  beetle noises
  • Vision of stock market shift in the shape of a hook. Looks like market drops then goes higher than the bottom of the drop. Market did see huge drop on August 24 followed by rebound, so far (a week later) not a full rebound.
  • Something happens to Facebook (Thanks to Curtis E. who pointed out that FB just announced this month  it had a billion users in one day)
  • Appalachia poverty highlighted, image of poor child in yellow shirt in the news.

September 2015

  • Still looking for plane  (refers to August 5th announcement that they found a wing of the missing Malaysian airlines).
  • Tears (over children), loss  (Capsized immigrants’ boat washes drowned child to shore for all the world to see and mourn).
  • Rubble being pushed away, smoke
  • Tension in the economy
  • Oceans in Trouble  (

October 2015:

  • Something dark happening below the surface – international secret plans (I thought of Putin when I got this vision but could also refer to the escalated terrorist attacks ]
  • Political shifts as Republicans realign themselves creating crises in governing.  (October 9th House Speaker Boehner resigns amidst an apparent crisis of conscience, following Pope Francis’s Congressional address. His replacement then implodes from inadvertently admitting party wrong-doing, then drops out of the running, leaving political chaos in the Republican party).
  • Royalty news  [The Kansas City Royals win the 2015 World Series.]
  • Temperature (climate) fluctuations (Spike seen in earth’s temperatures, leading to speculation about possible spike for 2016)
  • Falling water, damned rivers, lots of rain (South Carolina rain crisis, overflowing creeks, parts of Interstate shut down, bridges unsafe)
  • Clean-up done from storm in the southeast U.S. (Hurricane Joaquin creates widespread damage in Bermuda, S.C. coast, and Maryland coast)
  • Big ship sinks in hurricane, lives lost (
  • Large fish in trouble
  • “Big trees beautiful but something dying inside their trunks.” (10/1/15 Scientific American published international study that big trees (including the great red woods) are the first to die in drought because they require so much more water to pull nutrients and water to greater heights; they predict 80% of trees will die from global warming droughts around the globe).
  • Whales in trouble (recent die-off of whales near British Columbia has scientists speculating that spiking ocean temperatures are causing toxic algae blooms).
  • Horton hears a who –  listening to faraway worlds  (NASA breakthroughs on finding new worlds) (Also Chinese are building world’s largest telescope, however there was no new news about this at this time).
  • Market volatility – big dip then rebound.
  • News about the plight of elephants and rhinos (Two news events have occurred since we saw this vision: 1. Guardian story about the plight of rhinos; and 2. Iconic African elephant shot by big game hunter about the  plight of elephant-thanks to Eric E. for alerting us to these stories ).
  • Santa’s Elves in workshop
  • Parade in NYC  (we thought this was a prediction of a World Series win, but turned out not to happen)
  • Haiti in the news  (Oct 16, Haiti made international news when a Tennessee woman missionary who ran an orphanage was shot down while driving in her car.)
  • Cruise ship sounds horn (an incident involving a cruise ship)
  • Alice in Wonderland – Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee hedgerows [New film coming in 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass]
  • Mermaid– A Warner Brothers project
  • Assassination of a national person.  (May refer to the murder of a Tennessee missionary working in Haiti.  May also refer to news stories that a notorious Mexican drug cartel chief threatened to assassinate Donald Trump.)
  • Global greed, stock market fluctuation
  • Haiti in the news
  • Market volatility – big dip then rebound
  • News about the plight of elephants and rhinos

November 2015

  • Chill in the air [temps drop in the North East]
  • ISIS attack, escalation  [Attack on Paris on 11/13/15]
  • Australia drought
  • Cold, wind (New England)
  • attention towards U.S. West coast
  • Cold, pipes freezing, Midwest/Detroit
  • Ocean currents discussed as a serious climate effect
  • Dirty, drought, earthy, old brown, cracking soil
  • Australia drought
  • Market takes another dip then rebounds

December 2015

  • Snow is here (New England)
  • Earthquake, train wreak
  • Miss America on the stage
  • Medical breakthrough
  • Mass General Hospital Charles Street Food contamination
  • Mild weather (Warmest Christmas on record in large parts of America).
  • Warning: Big shark in the political scene domestic or international who is threatening (Thoughts of Putin as well as terrorists lurking in the shadows) On December 2nd, there was a terrorist attack in California leaving 14 dead. Also Putin imposed sanctions on Turkey which, if this escalates into violence could draw NATO into war)
  • Cold, ice, glaciers breaking down, melting areas, global warming speeding up
  • Market roller coaster
  • Disappointing holiday season
  • Everything stops, shock. – Terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Ca.
  • Disappointing holiday season