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World Predictions 2020 to End of Century

  Summary:   There will be  a growing cultural and political upheaval in our world. An old way of life is fading  just as a new way is emerging like new shoots from the ground. During the 20”s people will increasingly view the U.S. government  as decadent, out of touch, and unresponsive to the plight [...]

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Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is solid, but off in the timing.   Our  own visions have always shown events happening faster. [To compare our  psychic predictions with climate science, go here.] [For latest predictions covering a variety of areas in  month by month  detail [...]

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Climate Science & Psychic Predictions for the rest of this century

                    "We are on the top of Niagara Falls”¦in a canoe," says  scientist Ovid Byron in  Barbara Kingsolver's  novel,  Flight Behavior. He's  talking to a reporter  about climate change. “We got here by drifting," but we cannot turn around for a lazy paddle back...  We have," [...]

Message of the First Blood Moon

This past week, we experienced the first  in a series of four full lunar eclipses, known as Blood Moons, that will occur in rapid succession over the next two years.    They”re called Blood Moons because the sunset red glow that rings the Earth as it blocks the sun is cast upon the moon, giving [...]

Psychic Visions of 2050 and Beyond

2013 - 2030: First comes economic decline beginning around 2017. Then around 2025 -2030 a cactus appears in my visions along with problems piping water to drought-stricken areas.  Think American south-west, and a crisis of drought and habitability. This nearly replicates an earlier  reading  of the same time period.  The cactus isn't just referring to [...]

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A Psychic Vision of 2025

It's 2025. I see crowds on hillsides. The people are under stress, probably homeless, because there is an image of symbolic fire all around them, and they are listening to a religious leader, a messiah figure.  I also saw horses and other farm animals with dry mouths because parts of this region have dried up [...]

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Tornadoes Near Wellesley. Uh Oh!

Yesterday there was an eerie silence in the grey air as I pulled into the Roche Brothers parking lot.  People were hurrying to their cars to get home.  There were tornado warnings in Worcester, 45 minutes away and severe thunderstorm warnings for our area.  Later a tornado did strike west of us; the first in [...]

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Climate Visions of the Future That (hopefully) Will Spur Action

Summary of this post: Vision beginning in years 2025-30 of cactus hovering over the U.S.  Heartland with no water coming out of  water pipes.   Two years ago, I posted these  visions  of the next forty years.  Meditating  into the long-term future,  my inner screen was strangely quiet until I reached around 2025 to 2030 [...]

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