Prediction and Intuition

The Gift and the Pain of Being Psychic

In this article I use the terms psychic and intuitive interchangeably.  First a little about discovering your psychic ability, then how it can feel like both a gift and a curse, but is really truly a divine gift. It just helps to know how to manage it.  We all come hardwired with psychic [...]

Climate Change: Visions of the Future

[This post is an amalgam of predictions and posts that I began seeing over the past 25 years and posting in 2010. I have updated them periodically, with latest update in 2018].-- Jeanne Mayell NOTE: Predictions of the future come from our psyches' collective ability to avert danger. No predictions are cast in concrete.  We [...]

Updated 12/29/18: Donald Trump Presidency How it Plays Out

In a 2017 article shown in the footer of this page, I wrote this about the Trump presidency: If our visions are correct, the Trump presidency ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper, sometime near the end of 2018 or early 2019.  It could be delayed and never end officially the first term. [...]

Reading Donald Trump’s Future

Posted 11/14/18 by Jeanne Mayell Last year, I posted a reading on what Robert Mueller was thinking with predictions going to October 2018. This is an update. If you want to skip to the bottom line, then just read the lines in bold. Today I meditated on Mueller and his investigation and got this: [...]

Ten Ways to Turn on Your Intuition Now & Become An Authentic Being

First, let”s get something straight: you are a highly intuitive being.     Everyone is.    You  have the capacity to sense the unseen, know things that reason cannot explain, sense what others are thinking and what lies ahead. An  abundance of high quality research shows this is true--that intuition is an essential part [...]

Will the future be as frightening as some of our visions?

Many  of the visions we see when we meditate on the future are  dark and scary. But dark and scary is not how the future usually turns out. If you look back at our more negative  visions over the past six years, and then track how they unfolded over time, you may notice that [...]

I showed people how to read the future and this happened.

  Six  years ago I began teaching people to read the future. With eyes closed, we  write down  everything we  see, feel, and hear  inwardly, as  I call  out the months and years into the future. I gather their notes, including my own, and post  on this website.    While it is true that my [...]

I Taught Some People to Read Another Person and a Portal Opened

I have been giving readings and teaching mysticism for 35 years, although a shaman once told me I had been doing this for 10,000 years. That was back when I had a mainstream profession and did not know I'd be leaving it behind to learn the language of spirit. Most of us live with [...]

How to Tell When Your Premonitions Are Real

If you would like to explore premonitions and other forms of intuition further or discuss your own questions, try this section of our World Predictions Forum. Many people get premonitions, from the ordinary to the life changing. A week before the World Trade Towers were hit, I dreamed I was in one of the [...]

Your Premonitions

Almost everyone has experienced a moment when they knew something was going to happen. Like the time your friend just popped into your head, then the next day, totally out of the blue, you bumped into her in the street. What most people don't realize is that premonitions are coming to you regularly, perhaps [...]