Prediction and Intuition

If you want to make accurate psychic predictions, do this (and don’t do that).

The infinitely complex multi-layered psyche gives us visions when we ask, and they often come true.   But... we can be off in our understanding of what what we are seeing. Interpreting the images that pop in our heads is subtle work, subject to the same mistaken perceptions we make in our everyday lives. Here are [...]

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Your Premonitions

Almost everyone has experienced a moment when they knew something was going to happen. Like the time your friend just popped into your head, then the next day, totally out of the blue, you bumped into her in the street. What most people don't realize is that premonitions are coming to you regularly, perhaps every [...]

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Will the future be as frightening as some of our visions?

  Many  of the visions we see when we meditate on the future are  dark and scary. But dark and scary is not how the future usually turns out. If you look back at our more negative  visions over the past six years, and then track how they unfolded over time, you may notice that [...]

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World Predictions 2020 to End of Century

  Summary:   There will be  a growing cultural and political upheaval in our world. An old way of life is fading  just as a new way is emerging like new shoots from the ground. During the 20”s people will increasingly view the U.S. government  as decadent, out of touch, and unresponsive to the plight [...]

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World Predictions That Came True

Below are the predictions  we've made for the past five years that have come true, starting with the most recent.   Also check the World Predictions Forum for more predictions and check the World Predictions page for continual updates in the timeline. SEPTEMBER 2016 For the past two years, we've seen several visions of a [...]

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I showed people how to read the future and this happened.

  Six  years ago I began teaching people to read the future. With eyes closed, we  write down  everything we  see, feel, and hear  inwardly, as  I call  out the months and years into the future. I gather their notes, including my own, and post  on this website.    While it is true that my [...]

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Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is solid, but off in the timing.   Our  own visions have always shown events happening faster. [To compare our  psychic predictions with climate science, go here.] [For latest predictions covering a variety of areas in  month by month  detail [...]

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Climate Science & Psychic Predictions for the rest of this century

"We are on the top of Niagara Falls”¦in a canoe," says  scientist Ovid Byron in  Barbara Kingsolver's  novel,  Flight Behavior. He's  talking to a reporter  about climate change. “We got here by drifting," but we cannot turn around for a lazy paddle back...  We have," he says,  "arrived at the point of an audible roar." [...]

Message of the First Blood Moon

This past week, we experienced the first  in a series of four full lunar eclipses, known as Blood Moons, that will occur in rapid succession over the next two years.    They”re called Blood Moons because the sunset red glow that rings the Earth as it blocks the sun is cast upon the moon, giving [...]