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Your Premonitions

Almost everyone has experienced a moment when they knew something was going to happen. Like the time your friend just popped into your head, then the next day, totally out of the blue, you bumped into her in the street. What most people don't realize is that premonitions are coming to you regularly, perhaps [...]

Learning to See (Eyes Closed)

Most of us don”t bother to check out what we”re seeing when we close our eyes because we think it”s just going to be a bunch of static or we think that whatever appears doesn”t matter. That”s what I used to think until I started  looking  at what popped up when I closed my eyes. [...]

Why we need to ramp up the positive to get out of the mess we are in

The human brain defaults to the negative, so you are not likely to read this thread much further if you think it's just positive fluff.  (I promise you, it is not fluff.) Humans are programmed to pay more attention to danger and threat than positive news because that ensured the survival of the [...]

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Having everything in one powerful (mindful) moment

Being truly present is hard and takes practice,  but the reward is... well... everything.  What do I mean by "everything"? When you pause for a moment  and  focus on being here now, your awareness opens wide like a camera aperture, enabling you to let in all the light in  your life. You also are wiring [...]