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Dynamic Optimism or 12 Steps to Reaching Fulfillment

  We all ultimately want fulfillment.    Since your intentions  and your actions determine whether fulfillment will be yours, it's important to thoroughly shift to the positive.  In other words, to get the life you want, adopt a habit of interpreting your experiences positively and then take actions that influence positive outcomes.  This is not [...]

Wondrous Loving Kindness Meditation

Check out this ancient meditation and bask in its effects.  Rick Hanson, Ph.D., the neuropsychologist who wrote Buddha's Brain, sites brain scan research showing the beneficial health effects of meditation, especially a loving kindness mindfulness meditation like this one. If you decide to try the audio tape, I'd love to hear how it made you [...]

Let the Full Sap Moon Propel You Forward — Full Sap Moon Spread

We are upon the full moon at the advent of the Vernal Equinox.  The Algonquin Indians of New England called it the Worm Moon or Sap Moon, referring to the season when  the earth softens and  the sap rises, when earth worms return to life and robins return to us. After the long winter, it [...]

Expanding Intuition with Mindfulness

Want to become more intuitive while experiencing the benefits of mindfulness meditation? We tap into intuition when we connect to our inner selves, feel the present moment, and turn down the rational mind's mental chatter. Mindfulness meditation follows nearly the same process and has a similar goal -- to be fully aware of what we [...]

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Try this Meditation for Increasing Intuitive Visioning

Click on the audio meditation on my homepage (left column) and enjoy a journey into inner clarity. Not only does this meditation increase your intuitive acuity by sharpening your ability to see your inner images more clearly, it will enable you to make your dreams come true by sharpening your ability to visualize your goals. [...]