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8 06, 2016

Try this ancient meditation for true healing

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Vocals and photos by Jeanne Mayell; music by the incredible Emmy award winning Matt Paviolatis who was so kind to let me use his intoxicating music. When brain researchers asked Buddhist  monk Mathieu Ricard to meditate on compassion, his brain lit up  the brain scanning equipment  showing the greatest levels of happiness and well-being [...]

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2 12, 2015

Ten Ways to Turn on Your Intuition Now

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First, let”s get something straight: you are a highly intuitive being.     Everyone is.    You  have the capacity to sense the unseen, know things that reason cannot explain, sense what others are thinking and what lies ahead. An  abundance of high quality research shows this is true--that intuition is an essential part of [...]

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6 04, 2015

What to Remember When Waking

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Pause for a moment. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Become aware of  your own presence, your soul.    Feel it pulsing in your body. Breathe.  Gently  focus on your hands. Your  heart. Your stomach. Your gut.  Now breathe. Breathe. Shhhh.  Just be. Now  ask, "Why is my  soul here?  What does it want to [...]

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16 11, 2014

Having everything in one powerful (mindful) moment

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Being truly present is hard and takes practice,  but the reward is... well... everything.  What do I mean by "everything"? When you pause for a moment  and  focus on being here now, your awareness opens wide like a camera aperture, enabling you to let in all the light in  your life. You also are wiring [...]

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14 12, 2013

Use the Power of the Solstice To Illuminate Inwardly and Connect to the Light

By |Cultivating Happiness, moon phases and eclipses|

Everyone feels it this time of year - a rising anticipation in the collective, a sense of wonder that reaches its zenith on December 25th.  You don”t have to be religious to feel it.   It”s just a magical time, right?   A time of lights and feasting, of music and gatherings, of heightened spirits. [...]

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22 11, 2013

This Thanksgiving, Raise Your Psychic Energy with Gratitude

By |Cultivating Happiness, Expanding Intuition, Self Awareness and Growth|

Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  -- anon The Dalai Lama said, "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Now neuroscience is showing that you can change your brain and raise your energy levels with a few daily practices. One of the simplest  yet most powerful ways is [...]

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26 10, 2013

Willing Your Way

By |Cultivating Happiness, Self Awareness and Growth|

Whether you know it or not, you are creating the direction of your life every minute with your thoughts. I started noticing this phenomenon many years ago when using the Tarot to see the direction a person's life was taking.  I'd sometimes see lives unfolding according to the person's unconscious expectations, i.e., the subliminal thoughts [...]

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13 09, 2013

Eight Steps to Becoming A Happier, More Radiant Person

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PRACTICING GRATITUDE”“ Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  Think of five things for which you are grateful each day, and your brain will rewire to start noticing the gifts of your life. Then you will feel truly graced. SAVERING THE GOOD - When you think of good things, take a moment to saver [...]

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7 10, 2012

Try this Mindfulness Practice to Expand Intuition

By |Cultivating Happiness, Self Awareness and Growth|

Mindfulness is a 2500 year old practice of focusing on the moment. As a meditator, I've always been aware that mindfulness is not only the key to my mental and physical well-being, but also to expanding my intuition. In my last Mindful Intuition class  students had one of the most mind expanding experiences ever when [...]

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24 06, 2012

Dynamic Optimism or 12 Steps to Reaching Fulfillment

By |Cultivating Happiness, Self Awareness and Growth|

  We all ultimately want fulfillment.    Since your intentions  and your actions determine whether fulfillment will be yours, it's important to thoroughly shift to the positive.  In other words, to get the life you want, adopt a habit of interpreting your experiences positively and then take actions that influence positive outcomes.  This is not [...]

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