Try this ancient meditation for true healing

When brain researchers asked Buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard to meditate on compassion, his brain lit up the brain scanning equipment showing the greatest levels of happiness and well-being ever recorded in science. Why?

First because meditation raises contentment and enables you to be okay with whatever is happening.  And second, sending loving care to another person, which is the kind of meditation he did, has a triple whammy effect on us – the well-being we are sending has to flow through us before it can go out to them, and because we are all connected, we receive the other person’s good feeling too. Finally we are a caring species who enjoys caring for each other.

Below is a wonderful guided meditation video I made for you, that follows the same principles the Buddhist monks use that raised their happiness levels off the charts.

Not only will it make you happier, research indicates that compassion meditation improves your immune system, help you to sleep better, increases your focus, lowers depression, and boosts your overall health. It also expands your intuition, sends healing not only to yourself, but your loved ones, and the whole planet. So you help make the world a better place!

Vocals and photos by Jeanne Mayell; music by Matt Paviolatis.



Ten Ways to Turn on Your Intuition Now


First, let’s get something straight: you are a highly intuitive being.   Everyone is.  You have the capacity to sense the unseen, know things that reason cannot explain, sense what others are thinking and what lies ahead. An abundance of high quality research shows this is true–that intuition is an essential part of our Darwinian capacity to survive.

Think of yourself as a ship navigating through the waters of life. Whether you realize it or not, you are equipped with a sophisticated intuitive sensing device that is signaling you every second to keep you safe and achieve the life you want. It says, “Go this way. Don’t go that way. Do this. Don’t do that.”  If you’re like most people, however, you don’t know how to use this equipment, or even how to find it within yourself. If you did, you could get through life’s storms and navigate more directly to your heart’s desire.

So where do you find those intuitive signals that are happening inside you all the time?  

Intuition is happening in your body, not your head. It’s coming from your senses, not from rational thinking. Rational thinking comes from a data bank in your brain of past experience and teachings. It’s important  but it cannot predict the future and has no clue what is actually going on in the here and now. Only your senses are actively detecting the present moment, like antennae constantly sensing the state of the world in and around you. Only your senses can tell you what you need to know and do right now.

Therefore to become more intuitive, focus on the present moment, rather than thinking about what you did yesterday or what you need to do tomorrow. Stop, look, and listen with your senses.

Now that you have some background, try these tips:.

Ten Ways to Become More Intuitive Right Now

  1. Notice what makes you smile.

When I was finishing a graduate program at the Harvard School of Public Health, job offers were rolling in.  I could have pursued a career as a press secretary in a health organization, a health writer for a prominent magazine, or teaching health at a university. All these jobs made good rational sense to me, but what made me smile and light up inside was studying meditation and energy healing, and reading the Tarot. At the time, my friends and family were appalled that I would pursue what they considered to be more of an indulgence than a practical career. Because I followed the path that made me smile,  I can truly say, thirty years later, that I love what I do every single day.  My inner guidance also seemed to know that these fields would become more mainstream over time. This story also applies to the next intuition-boosting practice:

  1. Notice when enthusiasm arises in you.

Enthusiasm comes from the Greek “to go with God; to follow the divine within you.” When you feel it, your whole nervous system is directing you. Leonardo da Vinci could not repress his enthusiasm for science, even though painting paid his bills. He enthusiastically conducted experiments in whatever compelled him, discovering, for example, that eating a fat-rich diet caused heart disease fully four hundred years before modern medicine made this “discovery”. Madame Curie, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Jonah Salk all attest to the power of following their enthusiasm. When you or someone you love shows enormous enthusiasm to follow some path, listen to it! It is your own inner compass directing you. It might not be where you end up, but it make take you down the right road to get you to where you need to go.

  1. Pay attention to your gut.

 Known as the second brain, there are over 100 million nerve endings in your gut known as the enteric nervous system. This highly sensitive organ may be your first sign when something is wrong in your world.   I once read about a successful Japanese businessman who always eats a big meal before signing an important contract. “If I get indigestion,” he said, “then I don’t do the deal.”  To become more intuitive, pay more attention to the state of your gut, then ask what it might be trying to tell you.

  1. Breathe

When you take a deep breath, your body instantly relaxes, and for a moment, you get off the non-stop, non-intuitive ticker tape runaway train of your mind you and begin to hear your body’s subtle messages.   When you need to access your intuition, breathing will reset your system, and cut the noise in your head.

5. Notice your energy

Do you feel tired when you talk to that person or do you have more energy? When you are with other people, notice what is going on when you come alive versus when you find your mind wandering. This practice is similar to noticing when you feel enthusiasm. Both involve your senses telling you something by coming alive or feeling deadened during certain situations.  If you are suffering from a  chronic fatigue type of illness or any immune disorder, consider whether your activities, environment, and the people who surround you are draining you. Build up a life of activities, work,  and people who enliven you.

6. Notice when you feel a rush, a chill, or goosebumps. 

Sometimes when I’m sitting with a client or listening to a student sharing in a class I’ll feel a wonderful prickly sensation sweep through my body.  Some students present might remark that they’re feeling shivers at the moment someone says something profound. We all know at this moment that something has resonated within us. It’s a moment of truth. So pay attention to it!

7. Watch where your eyes go.   

Last year, my daughter and I were looking for a restaurant as we drove around a rundown Somerville neighborhood. My eye caught a hole-in-the wall called The Kabob. I’m not a big fan of meat or Middle eastern food, so it made no sense to try this restaurant. But I couldn’t stop my eyes from looking at it. Finally I said, “We have to go there because my eyes are telling me.” Turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Boston!

When reading the Tarot, I always follow my eyes around the card and pay attention to what jumps out at me first. I also keep several books of wisdom and poetry by my bedside. When I need guidance, I open them at random and read the sentences that jump out at me. The advice is always spot on.

8. Notice what you notice

When seeking intuitive guidance, notice the words that you hear in your head, the sounds that jump out at you, the memories that flash into your mind, the song that plays in your head. In other words, pay attention to your mind’s processes. Noticing what you notice and the thoughts you have steer you away from the chaotic noise, and towards intuitive guidance.  As I was walking out the door to catch a plane this summer, my swimming gear seemed to signal me, saying, “Take me with you, you’ll need me!”  I’m glad I listened because we had an unexpected invitation to a beachside resort.

9. Remember your dreams

Dreams are bubbles from the unconscious that rise to the surface throughout the night when you are at rest.  Like mindfulness practices, dreaming is one way that your nervous system speaks to you. You can train yourself to remember your dreams by making the intention to wake-up when you have a dream. Keep a notebook by your bedside and force yourself to sit up during the night and write down the dream. Over time, you will wake and remember more dreams.  The messages you receive are invaluable intuitive guidance.

10. Understand how to use the gift of fear.

In his book The Gift of Fear, personal security consultant Gavin DeBekker, says that we know, just as animals know, when we are in the presence of danger. He writes, “You have the gift of a brilliant internal guardian that stands ready to warn you of hazards and guide you through risky situations. I’ve learned some lessons about safety through years of asking people who’ve suffered violence, ‘Could you have seen this coming?’ Most often they say, ‘No, it just came out of nowhere,’ but if I am quiet, if I wait a moment, here comes the information: ‘I felt uneasy when I first met that guy…’ or ‘Now that I think of it, I was suspicious when he approached me,’ or ‘I realize now I had seen that car earlier in the day.'”  So when walking in a parking garage late at night, you don’t have to be gripped with fear.  Of course, do be watchful, but know that as long as you are paying attention to the usually loud signals within your body, you will absolutely know when danger is lurking.

To reach mastery try these intuition boosting activities:

  1. Practice at least a few minutes of mindful relaxation or yoga each day.

Close your eyes. Take a breath, make your eyes soft, and relax your jaw. Keep breathing. Feel your butt pressing against your seat. Feel your feet on the floor. Breathe. Feel whatever your hands are touching.  Feel each breath flowing throughout your body. Now, as you breathe, notice how your body feels – your knees, elbows, ankles, neck. This is mindful meditation. Not only is it healing for every organ system in your body, but it gets you in touch with your intuition because it gets you in touch with your body, which is your antenna to the world, both within you and outside of you.  Yoga has the same effect.

2. Learn the Tarot or some other visual projection device

If you want to reach a whole other level of intuitive, try using one of most powerful intuitive tools – -the ancient Tarot.  The Tarot uses your sense of sight, which we humans rely upon more than any other sense.  Ask a question, then pull a card. As you stare at a card, notice where your eyes take you, what jumps out at you, and then notice how you feel about what you see.  Staring at an image takes you away from the confusing noise of the mind and plunges you into the intuitive world of your visual sense. To learn more about the Tarot, click on my many tarot-related blogs and/or take a class with me.  If you are not local to Boston, my on line classes are coming soon!

For a private phone/SKYPE reading with Jeanne, Email or Call 781-239-3489. 

What to Remember When Waking


Pause for a moment. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Become aware of your own presence, your soul.  Feel it pulsing in your body. Breathe.  Gently focus on your hands. Your heart. Your stomach. Your gut.  Now breathe. Breathe. Shhhh. Just be.

Now ask, “Why is my soul here?  What does it want to do here?”

Hear all the sounds around you.

The answer to your question may be less important than the asking because now you are listening.  — JM

What to Remember When Waking  by David Whyte

In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,
coming back to this life from the other
more secret, moveable and frighteningly honest world
where everything began,
there is a small opening into the new day
which closes the moment you begin your plans.

What you can plan is too small for you to live.
What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough
for the vitality hidden in your sleep.

To be human is to become visible
while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
To remember the other world in this world
is to live in your true inheritance.

You are not a troubled guest on this earth,
you are not an accident amidst other accidents
you were invited from another and greater night
than the one from which you have just emerged.

Now, looking through the slanting light of the morning window
toward the mountain presence of everything that can be
what urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape waits in the seed of you
to grow and spread its branches
against a future sky?

Is it waiting in the fertile sea?
In the trees beyond the house?
In the life you can imagine for yourself?
In the open and lovely white page on the writing desk?

Having everything in one powerful (mindful) moment

  • Stained Glass Windowcropped for wpBeing truly present is hard and takes practice, but the reward is… well… everything.  What do I mean by “everything”? When you pause for a moment and focus on being here now, your awareness opens wide like a camera aperture, enabling you to let in all the light in your life. You also are wiring your brain for greater happiness because the practice develops neural pathways for being present. A University of Wisconsin study found that the Dalai Lama’s monks showed the highest levels of happiness ever recorded in brain scans when they were focusing on the present moment.  The rewards are “everything” because you are changing the way you subjectively experience your life, which affects your every experience.
  • Being present also increases your intuition.  To become intuitive, you have to  focus on your five senses plus your feelings, rather than your thoughts. The mind is usually too distracted to be able to receive the guidance of the present moment that we call intuition.  When I “read” people, I close my eyes and take a breath; time stops and I drink in the person with my senses. The hardest part is not letting my mind distract me.  I find I can get focused by caring about the person I’m reading, by opening my heart to them.  I make them matter to me. In short, I feel appreciation or gratitude for them.
  • So being present, happy, and intuitive starts with gratitude? Gratitude concentrates your awareness to a laser focus. How many times have you longed to have just one hour in the presence of someone you have lost?  If I could have just five minutes with my little dog Sandy who died last year, I’d take her in as never before.  I’d bury my face in her curly tangle of musty white fur and drink her up with all my senses.  My gratitude for having her back would rivet my focus, concentrating all my  awareness into that moment.  We can have those intense moments now. We don’t have to wait until they’re lost.  We need only stop and open to the day with gratitude, using all our senses to take it in.  When we sense the world with gratitude, we have it all, as if our lives are just filled with presents. Every moment is larger, longer, spacious. By the end of the day, you feel full with all you’ve received.
  • If you’d like to have a powerful experience of the present moment, try this Louis Schwartzberg film clip.  The whole piece is amazing, but if you start at 2:36, you’ll get the experience. When you finish the clip, take a few minutes to turn to your own moment and drink it up.   Take a breathe and sit in the magnificence of your own presence.  It’s this kind of awareness and gratitude that opens the door to…well…everything.

Use the Power of the Solstice To Illuminate Inwardly and Connect to the Light

Fgallery6-1Everyone feels it this time of year – a rising anticipation in the collective, a sense of wonder that reaches its zenith on December 25th. You don’t have to be religious to feel it.  It’s just a magical time, right?  A time of lights and feasting, of music and gatherings, of heightened spirits.

So just what is this magic that’s rising within us? And how can you use it to illuminate inwardly?

Power of Solstice  Ancient history indicates that the magic people feel at this time of year comes from the solstice. The ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a week in late December, focused on the solstice. When Christianity came to Rome, the emperors could not get people to stop celebrating this pagan holiday, so in the third century A.D., they renamed it Christmas and gave their divine son the birthday of December 25th.  The ancient Egyptians also celebrated the solstice, also with a divine child, Horace, also born on December 25th. The Persians’ divine child, Mithras, also born on, you guessed it, December 25th, and the Druid’s divine son Arthan was miraculously born on the 25th.

Winter solstice marks the turning point of the sun’s six month retreat, and we naturally regard this unconquerable sun as our greatest gift.  Civilizations erected temples so that the sun’s rays would touch strategic parts, like a giant divine phallus, on the Winter Solstice. Stonehenge may also have been erected for the solstice.

Hence, whether we call it Christmas or Solstice,  the sacredness of this time of year goes back to our ancient and primal response to the sun. Although our awareness of nature has waned over the centuries, climate change is bringing it back.  You can restore your own connection to our planet, the cosmos, and each other by feeling the power of inner light at this time of year. The ever-darkening days draw you inward, making it ripe for insight and inner illumination.

You can use this energy, first, by becoming aware of it, and then practicing some  of these inner illumination activities:

  • Take time during the next twelve days, to turn within. Light candles. Meditate. Begin focusing on the growth of light within you. Come together with friends who also feel the power of this time of inner illumination.
  • Here’s how we used it at our Thursday Night Tarot gathering: We turned out the lights, lit candles, and meditated on our best possible selves. We imagined the person we’d like to be if all the red lights of our lives turned green.  Then we consulted the Tarot, asking, “What is my path to wholeness?”  “What is my purpose?” “Who is my best possible self?” We tried some of the spreads found here, (especially spreads 10-20 about personal growth and inner illumination),  and shared our answers with each other.  We also shared homemade treats, drank hot cider, and had a lot of laughs.
  • You too can take advantage of the magical energy of the winter holidays to launch a vision of your new self. Use the darkening days to turn inward and create a vision of your best new self. Write it down with as much detail as possible. Try some of the Tarot spreads for reading yourself found here (especially Spreads 10 through 20) You can look the answers up in a book or on-line if you don’t know how to read the cards. Then after the twenty-fifth of December, use the daily expanding light to see your own inner light becoming stronger.
  • Research by psychologist Sonia Lyumirosky shows that repeatedly writing about your best possible self changes your brain to make you more likely to see and take advantage of opportunities leading to your dream. Other research shows that your beliefs in the power of rituals enhances their effect.
  • But the most powerful impact of all comes from your awareness–  that magic is in the collective at this time of year, and that you are using it to illuminate yourself.


This Thanksgiving, Raise Your Psychic Energy with Gratitude

Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  — anon
Gratitude Post flat

The Dalai Lama said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Now neuroscience is showing that you can change your brain and raise your energy levels with a few daily practices. One of the simplest  yet most powerful ways is to think of five things each day for which you are grateful.

This practice will literally sprout new pathways in your brain. If you keep practicing, those pathways become stronger, wider, like highways. The effect is that it opens your heart and you feel radiant.

Just as it takes 21 days to get a training effect from physical exercise, this practice may take three weeks to cement those neural pathways, especially if you’ve been unhappy or down. But you’ll likely notice an effect right away.

  • Try writing down the five things before sleep. It will enhance your dreams.
  • After one week, notice how it becomes easier to do. Try it while you are driving, or indoors as you gaze outside a window. Like a power workout that builds strength, this gratitude practice is building and strengthening happiness pathways in your brain.
  • During the second week, notice how energy levels rise as your brain begins playing back your blessings throughout the day.
  • By the third week, your gratitude consciousness has expanded. You start to feel blessed much of the time. And notice if you feel more open-hearted.
  • The possibilities are far-reaching. Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk, writes in Peace in Every Breath, of living in gratitude twenty-four hours a day. Starting first thing in the morning, he writes of the joy you can feel as you wash your face when you realize the gift of water flowing into your house. Water flows from high mountain sources. Water runs deep in the the Earth. Miraculously, water comes to us. I am filled with gratitude. The end result of twenty-four hour gratitude, writes Thay, is an enlightened life filled with blessings.
  • We all know that life can be filled with stressors and pain.  This exercise is not meant to repress the painful feelings, since we need to be open to all that is within us. But too often we get stuck on what is wrong in our lives and fail to see the blessings that literally saturate our daily existence. Even the stressors can be gifts if we look for the hidden meaning they hold. By finding the blessings shining upon you throughout the day, you burn off the clouds around your mind, and see the clear azure blue skies of your life.


For those who read the Tarot, try this insightful Gratitude Reading:

  • Take a minute to center yourself. Take some relaxing breaths. Raise your energy by giving thanks for your life’s gifts.
  • Now throw five cards: four for the greatest gifts of your life, and one for the greatest gift of your future.
  • Like a veil lifting, the truth of your existence may be revealed.

Willing Your Way

Inner VisioningWhether you know it or not, you are creating the direction of your life every minute with your thoughts. I started noticing this phenomenon many years ago when using the Tarot to see the direction a person’s life was taking.  I’d sometimes see lives unfolding according to the person’s unconscious expectations, i.e., the subliminal thoughts they were radiating out from childhood programming, rather than what they said they wanted. We can free ourselves from old limiting thoughts by “willing our way” with inner visioning.

So take a minute to create the best life!

  • Close your eyes. Take some deep relaxing breaths. Be in your body right now.  
  • Bring into your imagination the life you really want.  See it in a picture or create the feeling of it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….
  • Done! You’ve just beamed out a wave of energy that changes every atom in the universe. 
  • Try this activity once a day. Watch your vision grow and unfold.

Not sure what you want for your life?

  • Tip: Focus on the feeling you want, such as inner peace or lovability, rather than specific material achievements, such as money or fame.  
  • There’s nothing wrong with focusing on specific material achievements, though. If you want to get a parking space, visualize a free parking space. If you want to make a great presentation at work, visual it happening. The process will hone your intuition into guiding you to the right space or the perfect presentation.  
  • But when you are focusing on the king of desires, i.e., what you most want for your life, it’s best to go for the feeling rather than limiting yourself to a specific material achievement.
  • Thoughts are powerful and you will get what you visualize, especially if you visualize it often and with concentration.
  • So go for it! Create your best life. 




Eight Steps to Becoming A Happier, More Radiant Person

Radiant woman copy

  1. PRACTICING GRATITUDE– Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  Think of five things for which you are grateful each day, and your brain will rewire to start noticing the gifts of your life. Then you will feel truly graced.
  2. SAVERING THE GOOD – When you think of good things, take a moment to saver them. Imagine them, soak them in, you are creating new happiness pathways in your brain. The effect is cumulative.
  3. DEVELOPING MINDFULNESS:  Peace and happiness are found in the present moment. Just 10 minutes of meditation a day, according to a Mass General Hospital study, turned on over 200 genes in the areas of immunity and longevity. You also feel more purposeful, focused, less A.D.D. and well, happier.
  4. LEANING ON SIGNATURE STRENGTHS: Psychologist Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania has shown in studies that happy people are aware of their strengths, and use them to spring back from troubles.  Everyone has signature strengths. Do you know yours?  Find a list here  and think of how you can use them whenever you are stressed.
  5. FINDING MEANING IN YOUR SITUATION: Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl found that people thrive when they can find meaning in their situation, no matter how dire their situations.  He wrote about it in Man’s Search for Meaning, one of the best selling books of all time.  In it, he described how he survived to the most depraved of human conditions, the Nazi camps. No matter your situation, try asking if there is meaning in it for you.
  6. FINDING YOUR CHOIR: Who are the people who support you? To thrive, find your choir, the group that has your back. Could be a friend, you, a pet, someone who has passed, even a hero you’ve never met.
  7. DEVELOPING COMPASSION — FOR SELF AND OTHERS: Millions practice loving kindness affirmations every day. The Buddhists call it “metta.” Try my audio tape on the left column of my homepage and you will begin to notice positive effects almost immediately.  You’ll fee like you’ve been whisked away on a magic carpet ride and return refreshed and open hearted. Practicing compassion nourishes your heart, and opens your whole  being. One University of Wisconsin study found that the brain scans of monks meditating on compassion showed the highest levels of happiness ever recorded.
  8. DEVELOPING  INTUITION: Intuition is our  gift of guidance. We all have it, and you can learn to listen to it with practice. Begin by mindfully paying more attention to signals from your body. Your gut is often the loudest intuitive voice in your body, but your low back,  neck, and head can speak just as loudly. I once read about a successful Japanese businessman always eats a big meal before signing a contract. If he gets indigestion, he doesn’t sign. You can expand your intuition even more by learning to read the tarot– picture cards rich in ancient myth and symbols. When you learn the tarot, you will experience an extraordinary knowing you never thought possible. (See my classes and blogs on the tarot and blogs on expanding intuition).

Try this Mindfulness Practice to Expand Intuition

  • buddaMindfulness is a 2500 year old practice of focusing on the moment. As a meditator, I’ve always been aware that mindfulness is not only the key to my mental and physical well-being, but also to expanding my intuition.
  • In my last Mindful Intuition class students had one of the most mind expanding experiences ever when they engaged in mindful meditation, then turned their focus on a fellow student.  Students were amazed that suddenly they could see the inner life of another person. With just a simple meditative practice, they’d achieved an extraordinary knowing.
  • You begin by practicing total awareness of the moment using mindfulness meditation techniques.  When you achieve this mind state, which takes practice, your awareness  explodes. It’s as if you’d been living in a dark room and switched on the lights to find bursts of color and carnivals of activity.
  • To try it, close your eyes, pay attention to your breathing, and relax your body while sitting up straight.  By focusing on your breathing, you bring your attention inward to the present moment, rather than allowing your mind to wander off into the future or the past, where it gets entangled in problems and plans. By attending to your breathing, you are paying less attention to the mindless chatter that causes stress and confusion, and more attention to your current experience where life and intuitive guidance are actually happening. When your mind wanders away from your breathing, like a puppy you’re training, just bring it back.  Meanwhile, note that your mind wandered, where it wandered, and the content of your thoughts and feelings. All of this is information you can use. Try either of  my guided meditation tapes in the left column of my homepage to get into meditation.
  • Next, if you want to read someone, just make the intention, and instantly your mind will receive the other’s world.  Note visions, feelings, and sensations that arise. You have entered the inner life of another!
  • Now that you know how to read others, know that the most important benefit of mastering intuitive awareness is reading yourself, although you can help someone who’s mired in their own thoughts when you read another.  Learning to read yourself is how you can change your life, heal your stress and find peace.  Ironically, it’s harder to read ourselves than others because thoughts and fears get in the way. On our own, we retract from our awareness and block it with defenses.  With practice, however, we can use mindfulness to bring clarity where there was confusion, and open to the intuitive guidance that is our birthright.

Dynamic Optimism or 12 Steps to Reaching Fulfillment


Music&CharacterS_1We all ultimately want fulfillment.  Since your intentions and your actions determine whether fulfillment will be yours, it’s important to thoroughly shift to the positive.  In other words, to get the life you want, adopt a habit of interpreting your experiences positively and then take actions that influence positive outcomes. This is not pink clouding!  It’s just as important to shun blind faith as it is to eliminate stagnant pessimism.  Here are the 12 rules of dynamic optimism:

Interpret your experiences positively: Whatever you focus on, expands — in your brain, your body, and your world. We create our lives with our expectations, as well as our actions. As Rick Hanson, neurologist and author of Budda’s Brain says, “Neurons that fire together, wire together!”  So to continue emanating positive intentions from your being, you have to be selective about how you view yourself and your life and what you expose yourself to. This is the basis of the first five rules of D.O.:

  • Selectively focus on the positive.  What you focus on grows. If you focus on negativity, acknowledge it happened and let it go.  Focus on joy.  That will grow.
  • Refrain from complaining. If you focus on the negative, anger, resentment and envy will grow.  Remember the Chipawa saying, “Sometimes I go about pitying myself when all along I am being carried by great winds across the sky!”  Also, negative experiences have great value for us.
  • Inject humor when interpreting your experience. Make it a conscious choice to choose a humorous take on your experience. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves.
  • Have a sense of abundance. D.O.’s do not focus on what they don’t have, but on what they do have.  A D.O. applauds another’s success rather than being jealous. Demonstrate gratitude. “Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.”
  • Question Limits. D.O’s don’t believe in road blocks. It’s okay to question limitations  and stay open to pathways of opportunity.: It’s not enough to think positively. You have to take positive actions:
 Influence Outcomes Positively
  • Take personal responsibility for all that happens to you. People who have a life purpose tend to take more responsibility.  Taking responsibility requires a strong sense of purpose. The clearer your vision, the easier your destination.  Taking responsibility takes perseverance, delayed gratification, integrity and living your values.
  • Be experimental! Be open to new experiences. Psychological research has shown that openness to new experiences, rather than ability to memorize and manipulate data, may be the most most important component to intelligence.
  • Think rationally rather than allowing irrational fears to dominate.
  • Have self confidence.  Self confidence is a choice. D.O.’s are personal agents.  They make things happen.  They think, “I am self confident at life.”
  • Be continually self improving. Read. Take courses. Grow.
  • Have self worth. Self confidence + self worth equal = self esteem.  “I deserve to live.”  I believe we are worthy of success and happiness.  Your core belief was put there by someone else, usually by caretakers.  You can replace it.
  • Selectively choose your environment, especially who you are around. Surround yourself with people who fuel you rather than drain you.

Try being a Dynamic Optimist in thought and deed for just one full day. See what happens.  To learn more, check out the strategic philosopher, Max More on Dynamic Optimism.




Wondrous Loving Kindness Meditation

Baby faced RoseCheck out this ancient meditation and bask in its effects.  Rick Hanson, Ph.D., the neuropsychologist who wrote Buddha’s Brain, sites brain scan research showing the beneficial health effects of meditation, especially a loving kindness mindfulness meditation like this one. If you decide to try the audio tape, I’d love to hear how it made you feel. Or just try saying the following words slowly to yourself, pausing between lines to fill yourself with the intention.  Enjoy!
  • May I be held in loving kindness.
  • May I be filled with loving kindness.
  • May I accept myself exactly as I am.
  • May I feel the joy and wonder of being alive.
  • May I feel deep and natural peace.
  • May my heart and mind awaken.
  • May I be free!

After that, say it again, this time thinking of someone you love:

  • May they be held in loving kindness.
  • May they be filled with loving kindness
  • May they accept themselves exactly as they are.
  • May they feel the joy and wonder of being alive.
  • May they feel deep and natural peace.
  • My their hearts and minds awaken.
  • May they be free.

Finally, say it again, this time applying it to everyone you know, your friends and relatives, colleagues, everyone in our country and in all the countries, all the creatures on the earth, birds in the sky and fish in the sea:

  • May they be held in loving kindness.
  • May they be filled with loving kindness
  • May they accept themselves exactly as they are.
  • May they feel the joy and wonder of being alive.
  • May they feel deep and natural peace.
  • My their hearts and minds awaken.
  • May they be free.

Let the Full Sap Moon Propel You Forward — Full Sap Moon Spread

  • We are upon the full moon at the advent of the Vernal Equinox. Fgallery2-8The Algonquin Indians of New England called it the Worm Moon or Sap Moon, referring to the season when  the earth softens and the sap rises, when earth worms return to life and robins return to us.
  • After the long winter, it is the time to allow your own self to soften and your winter ruminations to rise up like sap and propel you to fulfill your dreams.  It is this powerful energizing change of seasons that we New Englanders are so fortunate to have, that many have credited with the region’s revolutionary spirit.
  • Whereever you are on the earth, you can make this planetary shift work for you.  The full sap moon starts the advance of upward energy that culminates in the Vernal Equinox on March 20.  Like a surfer waiting for a wave, you can use this powerful time  to leap forward and ride to the fulfillment of your destiny.  To help your process, try meditating on the first two questions listed below.  If you read tarot cards, try throwing a card for each question.
  • March Full Moon Spread
  1. What has served me during winter’s hibernation that I now must release?
  2. What quality in myself will help me to propel forward?
  3. What obstacles will I face?
  4. How will I fare?

Expanding Intuition with Mindfulness

buddaWant to become more intuitive while experiencing the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

We tap into intuition when we connect to our inner selves, feel the present moment, and turn down the rational mind’s mental chatter. Mindfulness meditation follows nearly the same process and has a similar goal — to be fully aware of what we are sensing inwardly in that moment.

So when you practice mindfulness meditation, you have completed the first steps towards clairvoyance.  From there, you can expand your intuition by focusing on a question about which you seek illumination.

What’s especially wonderful about this process is that you achieve the well-being that comes from mindfulness meditation while you’re learning to see and feel far beyond your everyday awareness. One practice is not a complete substitute for the other, however. Mindfulness involves inward focus for the sake of attending to yourself.  Clairvoyance involves gaining insight about yourself or another.

Try the guided meditation on my homepage, or another meditation you like.  With practice, you’ll become more clairvoyant and more mindful.

Try this Meditation for Increasing Intuitive Visioning

Click on the audio meditation on my homepage (left column) and enjoy a journey into inner clarity. Not only does this meditation increase your intuitive acuity by sharpening your ability to see your inner images more clearly, it will enable you to make your dreams come true by sharpening your ability to visualize your goals. Studies show that the sharper your visions are, the more you can make them happen. Use it also for getting intuitive insight, planning you (or your company’s) future, or sending protection, healing, and empowerment to those you love.  It’s also relaxing and improves your health and well being! Below is a written version of the meditation for you to copy and use. Now go to my homepage, click on the meditation on the left side of the page,  close your eyes and enjoy!

  •  Begin by imagining that you are filling up with light. See a ball of light behind your naval, which is your main chakra or energy center where your umbilical chord first connected you to the world. Breathe air to
    by Catherine Mayell

    by Catherine Mayell

    that ball of light, about five good deep breaths, until it has expanded to fill your whole torso and you can feel heat coming out the palms of your hands. Then take a few more long deep steady breathes to make that ball of light envelope you.  You are now immersed in a beautiful ball of light. It is your own light. It is love. It protects you, heals you, calms you, and grounds you.

  • Visualizing Colors Meditation: Now you are going to take yourself through a series of rooms, each is a color of the light spectrum, starting with the longest wavelength of red and moving through to the shortest wavelength of violet.  As you move through these lights, you are also going from most stimulating (red) to most calming, from most physical (re) to most spiritual (violet). So begin by entering a red room with a number 7 on the wall. See the red walls, floor and ceiling, and a red midst.  See the 7.
  • Then notice there is a silver escalator at the edge of the room. Step on it and glide down to the next deepest level, the orange room, with the number 6 on the wall.  See the orange walls, ceiling and floor and the orange mist.  See the 6.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the yellow room with the 5 on the wall.  See the yellow walls, ceiling and floor and the yellow mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the green room with the 4 on the wall.  See the green walls, ceiling and floor and the green mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the blue-green room with the 3 on the wall.  See the blue-green walls, ceiling and floor and the blue-green mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the deep blue, indigo, room with the 2 on the wall.  See the indigo walls, ceiling and floor and the indigo mist.
  • Now step on the silver escalator and glide down to the lavender room with the 1 on the wall.  See the lavender walls, ceiling and floor and the lavender mist.
  •  You are at the deepest most relaxing level.  Remember to breathe and feel the ball of light that envelops you. Step out into a place that is the perfect place for you. Can be a room with a comfortable couch or seashore, a lake, a mountain, anywhere you like that you love and feel at peace.
  •  Notice if anything or anyone appears that you didn’t expect! This might be your guide who’s been helping you all along.
  •  Look up and make a screen to look on. This is where you will see all your visualizations.
  • Make a wish and see the wish coming true on your screen.
  • If you want insight into something, ask for the insight and see what shows up on the screen.  It’s your dream-come-true screen!
  • When you are done, just slowly bring yourself back to the top level.  Count to five then open your eyes, refreshed and relaxed. You are already feeling healthier, brighter, and ready to realize your dreams.

My heart is too open, I get hurt.

Oil on Canvas by Catherine Mayell












The problem isn’t having an open heart. It’s that you are choosing people who are too wounded to give you love, and then you persist in trying to heal them.

You say he is worth the effort, has shown that he can love you, but then he repeatedly hurts you, leaving you in perpetual crises and zapping your ability to live to the fullest.

Save that healing work for people from whom you do not need love. For those people (the general public), just send your love to them, let spirit flow through you, be an instrument of spiritual love and the giving alone will nourish you.

For the special one you want with you, the one who surrounds you on a daily basis, you have to be very choosey.

The problem has been that your psyche has been trying to turn around the love you didn’t get when you were a child by picking people whose ability to love you resembles the love of that wounded parent.  It’s hard to let go of being that child who is craving that parent’s love, but you have to let it go, you have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot get it from that parent (or a person like that parent). You have to grieve that child’s hope and then enter into love with someone healthy.  As I write this, I feel your resentment towards me for telling you what you find so unacceptable, that you can’t have love from that person.

You may read my words, but your intellect is no match for your heart, which is five thousand times more powerful than your intellect. The heart wants what it wants, which in this case is not healthy. It’s your child’s heart that wants the love it didn’t fully receive to grow. You can give it to yourself, but not from that person.

There are ways to turn your heart around, but it’s not easily done in a day. It involves daily practice, meditation, and energy work on yourself.