Latest World Predictions

Will the future be as frightening as some of our visions?

Many  of the visions we see when we meditate on the future are  dark and scary. But dark and scary is not how the future usually turns out. If you look back at our more negative  visions over the past six years, and then track how they unfolded over time, you may notice that [...]

2018 Predictions That Came True

Over the years I've wondered whether  the visions that came true held a message for us about our world if we could only see it. Do you see a message in these visions? Below are hits made for 2018 so far: October 31 —  Women rising continues throughout the world.  (this prediction has been [...]

Reading Robert Mueller reveals much more than Russian Election Hacking

Here is what I got when reading the mind of Robert Mueller on three occasions this past summer of 2017, in May, July, and August.  I have bolded those predictions that have come to light in the press: Key points: The current focus on the Russian hacking  the 2016 election is just the tip [...]