Expanding Intuition

Using Heavenly Energies to Liberate Yourself

The heavens are always in flux, which stirs up the energies that effect you.    Whether it's a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse, or some heavenly body  going in or out of retrograde, these fluctuating energies  give you a chance to release  old stuck stuff and catapult yourself forward into something new. Here's [...]

This Thanksgiving, Raise Your Psychic Energy with Gratitude

Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  -- anon The Dalai Lama said, "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Now neuroscience is showing that you can change your brain and raise your energy levels with a few daily practices. One of the simplest  yet most powerful ways is [...]

How to channel divine energy

One night many years ago while sitting in a circle with students, I had an extraordinary  experience.  We'd using our intuition to help each other, then decided to meditate together. We turned out the lights, lit candles, and closed our eyes.  Softly and unexpectedly, I felt an immense benign presence flowing into me.  I was [...]

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Seven Steps to Giving an Insightful Tarot Reading

The trick is to quiet the mind, be in the moment, and allow awareness to come to the surface. Research shows that everyone is intuitive, including you. Your intuition is in your body, accessible through your senses. You just have to feel what's going on with you below the surface because what's going on is [...]

How To Channel Divine Energy

We live in a sea of consciousness. While our minds generate and transmit our own thoughts, we are in an equal, and perhaps greater, sense, radio receivers of consciousness. Every thought, act, and word that we utter is in some way a channeling of the consciousness around us. When you read for yourself, you are [...]

Psychic reading: A Rorschach Inkblot Test

We get intuition through our senses. As consciousness flows through us from the universe, we sense it in ways unique to our own being and life experiences. Some people hear the information, like quiet whispers in their heads. Others feel it in their bodies, especially in the gut. When I read someone who's injured or [...]

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Choosing a Divination Tool for Intuitive Readings

Some people use the I Ching, others find a tarot deck they like. Still others meditate and wait for answers to appear in the form of visions or words, gut feelings or a twinge in their bodies. So what method is going to help you the most? I find a combination works best so I [...]

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Try this Meditation for Increasing Intuitive Visioning

Click on the audio meditation on my homepage (left column) and enjoy a journey into inner clarity. Not only does this meditation increase your intuitive acuity by sharpening your ability to see your inner images more clearly, it will enable you to make your dreams come true by sharpening your ability to visualize your goals. [...]