Climate change

Tornadoes Near Wellesley. Uh Oh!

6/7/11 Yesterday there was an eerie silence in the grey air as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.  People were hurrying to their cars to get home.  There were tornado warnings in Worcester, 45 minutes away and severe thunderstorm warnings for our area.  Later a tornado did strike west of us; the first [...]

Climate Prediction Permanent Drought in the Heartland

Vision beginning in years 2025-30 of cactus hovering over the U.S.  Heartland.  No water coming out of  water pipes.   Two years ago, I posted these  visions  of the next forty years.  Meditating  into the long-term future,  my inner screen was strangely quiet until I reached around 2025 to 2030 when a lone image [...]