Climate change

Climate Change: Visions of the Future

[This post is an amalgam of predictions and posts that I began seeing over the past 25 years and posting in 2010. I have updated them periodically, with latest update in 2018].-- Jeanne Mayell NOTE: Predictions of the future come from our psyches' collective ability to avert danger. No predictions are cast in concrete.  We [...]

World Psychic Predictions 2021-2060

WARNING:  These visions are grim but they are more warnings than the actual future.   They were done in February 2015 and updated in February 2018.   As more people get  more of these warnings, humanity will change course to a happier future. Meditation done in 2015: 2021: War, like a scene from a [...]

Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

December 1, 2014 Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is good but keeps updating as scientists learn more.  They are, however, off in the timing.   My own visions have always shown events happening faster. November 2019 UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE [...]

Climate Science & Psychic Predictions for the rest of this century

Published Jul 14, 2014 "We are on the top of Niagara Falls” in a canoe," says  scientist Ovid Byron in  Barbara Kingsolver's  novel,  Flight Behavior. He's  talking to a reporter  about climate change. “We got here by drifting," but we cannot turn around for a lazy paddle back...  We have," he says,  "arrived at [...]

A Psychic Prediction for 2025

In 2010 I am doing a timeline meditation into the future. Around mid 2020,  I see a map of the U.S., then a cactus appears in the heartland.   It appears slowly and feels mournful and epic, like the end of an era.  So I stop my meditation and start again, and again the [...]