• Climate Change: Visions of the Future

    [This post is an amalgam of predictions and posts that I began seeing over the past 25 years and posting in 2010. I have updated them periodically, with latest update in 2018]. Everything else we are concerned about in our world pales next to climate [...]

  • Updated 12/29/18: Donald Trump Presidency How it Plays Out

    In a 2017 article shown in the footer of this page, I wrote this about the Trump presidency: If our visions are correct, the Trump presidency ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper, sometime near the end of 2018 or early 2019.  It [...]

  • Ten Ways to Turn on Your Intuition Now & Become An Authentic Being

    First, let”s get something straight: you are a highly intuitive being.     Everyone is.    You  have the capacity to sense the unseen, know things that reason cannot explain, sense what others are thinking and what lies ahead. An  abundance of high quality [...]

  • 43 Short Tarot Spreads for Reading Any Situation

     Many of these spreads I found, some I made up and others my students made up. Enjoy! — Jeanne Mayell Of all the great spreads in this list, these are my favorites (by number): 42. Yes-No Oracle for answering a Yes-No question. You can [...]

  • Tarot: Your Life in Twenty-one Steps

    Most people don't realize the Tarot  presents a map of your life, a 21-step  journey  from novice or child to mastery and  enlightenment. It is filled with ancient stories that  have  lasted because of their truth. If you understand the journey and the wisdom [...]

  • How to Deal with the Scary Negative Tarot Cards

    The Wound is the place where the light enters you. — Rumi    Ryder Waite 10 Swords Some people avoid the Tarot because of the negative cards.  Even seasoned readers dread having them turn up. And when my students [...]





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