2010 – 2030: First comes chaotic energy in America and no real leadership beginning around 2017.

2025 -2030: a cactus appears in my inner vision over the U.S. Heartland. The mood is somber. This is one the largest bread baskets in the world.  I saw a man trying to get water from a pipe but there was none.

I also got a bad feeling about the American south-west.  It was a crisis of drought and habitability. This nearly replicates an earlier  reading  of the same time period.

This is the beginning of serious decline in food production around the world, which brings more dire consequences than sea level rise. We can live with rising seas but we need enough food to feed people.

2030-2100: The rise of the local family farm.  Also  chaotic weather and increasingly virulent and unseasonable storms and droughts. I resonate with climatologist James Hanson who predicts up to 17 foot sea rise by 2100 and a climatic feedback system that continues heating up the planet long after we stop burning fossil fuels.  I feel more sea rise than that — 20 to 80 feet on the U.S. eastern seaboard.   Coastlines changing and farming moving northward to Canada’s cooler climates.

Posted July 10, 2010