When I first started giving readings in 1984, a famous psychic medium named Ellwood Babbit predicted that within a few years, the seas on the eastern seaboard would rise up and permanently engulf  the coastline twenty miles inland.  His prediction echoed many psychics including Edgar Cayce who also said that earth changes would shrink the American coast line.

These prophecies were so alarming that one whole community of families actually moved to Chico California where they incidentally started a rice cake company called Chico-San. Or so I was told.

At the time most people thought the earth changes would occur on their own, that people had no control over them and just  had to move to the right locations to be safe.  I had a dream one night that I was walking along the coast of Cape Cod looking at ominous seas. A voice told me that it would not happen for a long time, in spite of the famous Babbit’s prediction.   So I for one did not move away.

But I had a frightening vision of throngs of young people fleeing New York City on foot.  I felt it was a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of the end of life as we’d known. It was a change from cushy life of comforts and financial pursuits to a new paradigm.

I also was “told” in a vision that everyone who was coming to me for readings, classes, and later my website, was part of an ancient tribe that had come to this planet to help people through the earth changes. The vision stayed with me all these years.

I also “knew” that you were part of the millions of tribal members who have come here to help. I had “seen”  streams of light streaming  upon the earth that were the souls of our  tribe arriving from a distant land.

If you are a frequent visitor to this site, have taken a class from me, or come for a reading, my belief is that you are part of that tribe. You began as a moonbeam that  traveled to the earth where you entered your mother’s womb as if falling into a great sea.  You were born into a family who you wanted to help, went to schools where you wanted to help people, and continued with a longing to find your purpose and the reason you were here.

In the last paragraph of his book, A More Beautiful World that Your Heart Knows is Possible, Charles Eisenstein tells a story that fits this vision I had 35 years ago about our tribe. If something I’ve expressed here resonates with you, you will enjoy his version, written 40 years after I had mine.

I heard  another version of the story from Joanna Macy, an eco-philosopher who trains people to help others save the world from climate change.  Joanna tells of the twelfth century Shambhala Prophecy that she learned from a Tibetan holy man in the 1960’s.  He said that a time would come when the world would be ruled by two barbarian super powers. Their battles would cause humanity’s fate  to hang in the balance. At that time a heart warrior would rise up to save the world. This heart warrior or Bodhisatva, as the Tibetans called him, would be made of millions of souls who would use love and connection with each other to save the world from destroying itself.

The Shambhala Prophecy sounds to me like yet another story about our tribe.

Now I understand why so many souls have flocked to this planet at this most critical time in our civilization. This is an opportunity for each of us to evolve  — to overcome fear of reprisal and bravely put our hearts above our security.   This is the time to stop the downward spiral our civilization is on, and instead bring about, in the words of Charles Eisenstein “the more beautiful world, that our hearts know is possible.”

People who read our predictions ask me if we can change the future we are seeing. The answer is yes we can, provided we make bold and brave changes in our Selves.

In giving private readings, I often see shifts in people’s futures as they change their direction to avoid a future they don’t want, the way a driver swerves his car to avoid an overturned truck he sees up ahead. This is the purpose of prophecy — a biological Darwinian gift we all have to see the path we are on so we can choose a new direction. It is why our species has survived thus far.

The visions we have of the future, as it stands, without changing our direction is not a pretty picture.

But do not avert your eyes.

This future calls upon each of us to stand up and change it.

Heroes will be born en masse–people who stand up for truth and for each other, at risk to themselves, as they already have begun to do.  Charitable giving will skyrocket, as people realize that it will be left to them to support organizations working  to change our direction.

Angels and spirit guides will appear to people to provide guidance and support, so look for yours if you have become afraid. Ask them to give you guidance. They are trying to reach out to you. Know that if you take action now, you can help bring about a mass awakening of people to their higher selves.  It is an opportunity for each of us to evolve.