Click on the audio meditation on my homepage (left column) and enjoy a journey into inner clarity. Not only does this meditation increase your intuitive acuity by sharpening your ability to see your inner images more clearly, it will enable you to make your dreams come true by sharpening your ability to visualize your goals. Studies show that the sharper your visions are, the more you can make them happen. Use it also for getting intuitive insight, planning you (or your company’s) future, or sending protection, healing, and empowerment to those you love.  It’s also relaxing and improves your health and well being! Below is a written version of the meditation for you to copy and use. Now go to my homepage, click on the meditation on the left side of the page,  close your eyes and enjoy!

  •  Begin by imagining that you are filling up with light.  See a ball of light behind your naval, which is your main chakra or energy center where your umbilical chord first connected you to the world. Breathe air to
    by Catherine Mayell

    that ball of light, about five good deep breaths, until it has expanded to fill your whole torso and you can feel heat coming out the palms of your hands. Then take a few more long deep steady breathes to make that ball of light envelope you.  You are now immersed in a beautiful ball of light. It is your own light. It is love. It protects you, heals you, calms you, and grounds you.

  • Visualizing Colors Meditation: Now you are going to take yourself through a series of rooms, each is a color of the light spectrum, starting with the longest wavelength of red and moving through to the shortest wavelength of violet.  As you move through these lights, you are also going from most stimulating (red) to most calming, from most physical (re) to most spiritual (violet).  So begin by entering a red room with a number 7 on the wall. See the red walls, floor and ceiling, and a red midst.  See the 7.
  • Then notice there is a silver escalator at the edge of the room. Step on it and  glide down to the next deepest level, the orange room, with the number 6 on the wall.  See the orange walls, ceiling and floor and the orange mist.  See the 6.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the yellow room with the 5 on the wall.  See the yellow walls, ceiling and floor and the yellow mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the green room with the 4 on the wall.  See the green walls, ceiling and floor and the green mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the blue-green room with the 3 on the wall.  See the blue-green walls, ceiling and floor and the blue-green mist.
  •  Then step on the silver escalator and glide down to the deep blue, indigo, room with the 2 on the wall.  See the indigo walls, ceiling and floor and the indigo mist.
  • Now step on the silver escalator and glide down to the lavender room with the 1 on the wall.  See the lavender walls, ceiling and floor and the lavender mist.
  •  You are at the deepest most relaxing level.  Remember to breathe and feel the ball of light that envelops you. Step out into a place that is the perfect place for you. Can be a room with a comfortable couch or seashore, a lake, a mountain, anywhere you like that you love and feel at peace.
  •  Notice if anything or anyone appears that you didn’t expect! This might be your guide who’s been helping you all along.
  •  Look up and make a screen to look on. This is where you will see all your visualizations.
  • Make a wish and see the wish coming true on your screen.
  • If you want insight into something, ask for the insight and see what shows up on the screen.  It’s your dream-come-true screen!
  • When you are done, just slowly bring yourself back to the top level.  Count to five then open your eyes, refreshed and relaxed. You are already feeling healthier, brighter, and ready to realize your dreams.