2017 and Beyond Predictions

2017 PREDICTIONS THAT APPLY TO THE WHOLE YEAR (as opposed to predictions that are made for a particular month) Scroll down to next toggles for predictions by month.


      • Congressional power (and visibility) increases in 2017, then soars in 2020. Vision of the Capitol Building looms over the political scene in every month starting mid 2017 and continues for several years.  In 2020, the Capitol Building’s image is three or four times what it has been in the past — indicating that Congressional power will have vastly increased.  (Jeanne) (In March this vision began to unfold with Congressional oversight of Trump-Putin scandal and failed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
      • A new, local aid movement begins to organize as people realize the federal government has dropped this role. (Jeanne) This movement eventually becomes an alternative lifestyle for many, and it will represent a positive outcome.  (Some states announcing they will continue social programs that Trump is dismantling).
      • Escalation of hate. (MaryAnn) (U.S. rhetoric reaches new heights in hate, this situation traced to Right wing rhetoric, as in Breibart and Fox News talk, and Robert Mercer-type bots released into the Internet).
      • The frog as a symbol (Jeanne) Cartoon character Pepe the Frog, has become an Internet symbol of the Alt Right hate movement as listed by the Anti-defamation League and seen all over the Internet in hate group memes.
      • Cutting back of social programs causes more to depend on charitable assistance for food and shelter.


      • A violent event that the President blames on protestors leading to clamping down on dissent. Event may have been state caused as in a  Reischtag fire.. (Jeanne)
      • Violence in Detroit (There will be an unexpected flashpoint event in Detroit that will start this violence. A scenario like the police shooting death of Philando Castile or some other abuse of power caught on video. Possible links to the Muslim community, but unclear. This could also involve hunting packs attacking others, This also could involve another American city in the South, a city with a large percentage of people of color. (Graham & Predictions Group have seen this although this exact narrative came from Graham)
      • The Internet is further developed and expands to reach more people. It will soon become as pervasive as radio broadcasting. (David W.)  (New trend in American cities to offer Internet as a utility.)
      • Giant Swan with people riding on its back (Editorial: sounds like a scene from Dahl’s children’s story The Minpins). (Anais)
      • Violence at a sports event, unclear when, felt like late 2017 or 2018.
      • Country mired in conflict. Fear and angst growing.
      • Guns, shooting still an issue
      • I felt a new normal (not good) would begin in 2017. When I asked spirit to elaborate, I heard spirits chanting, “Taxes, taxes, taxes.”



      • An epic storm, many fatalities, palm trees blowing sideways. (Jeanne) (This vision was seen three years ago.)  Hurricane Maria estimated to have caused 4,645 deaths, largely due to inability of people to get medical treatment. 
      • Winds, winds, winds, winds –  the importance of winds in climate.  (Andrew) (Sweden breaks wind record for most wind power produced in an hour occurred in February.) (Also record breaking wind occurrence in Michigan in March).
      • World’s immune system suppressed even further. Straying too far from natural roots. (Shannon)
      • Bird migration affected by global warming.(Jeanne)
      • Spring delayed. (Cecsa)
      • The heat will get so strong that many people will have to leave parts of India. (Judy)
      • The issue of water rising in NYC is discussed and actions are taken. Jeanne) (NYC high rise builders are planning for rising waters.)
      • Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.  (It would be a stretch but this might be referring to the flooding with protesters and detainees at U.S. airports after Trump’s January 27 Muslim ban.)


    • Financial markets volatile, new highs, but do not crash this year. (Jeanne)  There were some volatile points, but the year saw new highs and was for the most part a great year for the markets.


POSITIVE (January)

  • Angels swooping in. (Jeanne)
  • Extra Terrestrials arriving. They are raising consciousness. They come in a vortex that they make with their hearts. (Judy)
  • Some see this time as a new beginning, joy hope, optimism, economy and weather tranquil. A period of calm before the storm.(David W.)

U.S. (January)

  • A male angel (felt like Obama) stands on the Inauguration platform looking out at the people with compassion.  (Jeanne). Before the Inauguration, Obama issued a message telling people not to worry, that he’d be with us every step of the way.
  • Lightening strikes, Trump off to the right, in the dark, holding an ax vertically that looks like a Roman fasces (symbol of fascism). (Jeanne) – posted in July 2016
  • Trump on the Inaugural platform holding a hammer or wrench, indicating his relationship to Russia. (Judy)
  • Inauguration: Trump in Blue (MaryAnne)
  • Inauguration:  Many of us thought Hillary would be inaugurated.  It was wishful thinking.  (Jeanne)
  • Bear is roaring. When we got this vision, we wondered, is this Russia or California? It turns out it is probably both. State of California whose symbol is the bear – their governor and legislature oppose Trump’s environmental and immigration policies, but the California Rising organization might be a Russian organization that also might be related to the Calexit proposal to secede as a way to weaken the U.S. by getting it’s most populous and wealthiest state to leave.
  • The president is working on a plan. “Trophy” projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately. (Graham)
  • Entering the whirlwind in the U.S. (Graham)
  • Inauguration: brash celebration. (Jeanne)
  • Heavy security preparation, construction work, guns pointed, strong military police presence. (Jeanne)
  • Inauguration: something goes terribly wrong Low turnout and refusal of A list entertainers to participate); scattered violence.
  • Hillary and the nation of feeling down. Hillary attends Inauguration out of respect for new president but is cruelly treated as crowds chant, “Lock her Up.”
  • Inauguration: Young, handsome, dark haired man with machine gun. (Jeanne) (Had thought this would happen in January, but the man in the vision looked like the man who killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey a week after I had the vision.)
  • Protests, unrest, stress in the population. January 21, 2.2 million protest around the world, especially in U.S., but also in U.K., Singapore, and more.
  • Anxiety in the heart and throat (anger growing in the collective and fear that free speech will be stifled) (Jeanne) As Trump demonizes the press for reporting unfavorable news, many are concerned that free speech will be stifled.
  • Confusion, disbelief, weary people, dishonest government.(Mollie)
  • Red pepper spray used on protesters. Suicide; inauguration protesters sprayed.
  • Plots forming in the Midwest.
    A Women’s March – peaceful & joyful, no violence
    (January 21, 2017 2.7 million women marched in cities around the world.)
  • Nationalism disappointment. (Julia) White Nationalists’s disappointed in Trump. However they hold an international meeting in Europe to celebrate his election).
  • Scandal in Congress.
  • Not all men are created equal. A new political party. (Andrea) White Nationalist – Supremist movement has been emboldened by Trump; Trump’s main advisor, who drafted the Executive Orders and sits on the NSC is considered by many to be a white nationalist.
  • Circle with a big diamond in the middle, (Anais) This is the symbol for Narcotics Anonymous, indicating media attention on drug addiction. Opiate drug use on the rise, media stories about abuse of pet prescriptions to obtain opiates.



February 2017

U.S. (February)

  • Quiet confrontation, like a protester is being arrested but gently. Standing Rock protestors quietly removed in military style takeover.
  • Sign of alpha – and so it begins, this month is the beginning of a long period of difficulty. (Jeanne)
  • Time ticking bomb. (Jeanne) Scientist and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their doomsda
    y clock to 2.5 minutes to midnight
    – the closest to doomsday ever since they began in 1953, up from 17 minutes to midnig
    ht in 1991 all because of Donald Trump’s actions.
  • Scandal with Russia. National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigns over discovery that he had had conversations with Putin that he had previously denied. Then Russia scandal expands to Trump team with FBI investigations.
  • The White House talking, making deals with Russia that will build up that country’s power on the world stage. (Jeanne)
  • A battle in D.C. Democrats try to stop Trump nominations.
  • Big fat black bear (Well financed right-wing Russian man starts California exit proposal) California proposes secession
  • A political uproar with the state of Texas. Texas Republican legislature passes anti-Sanctuary city bill despite huge uproar from many citizens.
  • White House having severe problems. (Yaeko)(Federal judges stop Trump’s Muslim Ban, President appeals and is shot down by Appeals Court, global criticism high, protests and rubukes around the world, White House leaks abound.
  • Tension in political circles, big decisions to make. (Yaeko) (House and Senate Intelligence Committees in political quandary.)
  • Looking through White House window, a phone call, talks with Russia. (Yaeko) FBI finding talks with Russia in phone conversations.
  • Horse and donkey (Democrats mobilizing). Citizens move to get Democratic legislators to stand up to the President. Bill to impeach introduce).
  • Fights for power continue, opposition leaders fighting in the U.S. (Battle to fight Trump nominations)
  • Texas lone star state acting independently of the rest of U.S. (Jeanne) Texas legislature votes to punish localities that provide sanctuary to immigrants targeted by Trump.
  • Mexican immigrants an issue in Congress and with President. (Trump orders 100,000 National Guard troops to Mexican border).
  • Focus on Alaskan pipeline in danger. Trump signs orders to proceed with pipeline.
  • Problems in White House – a source of constant scandal and distress for the rest of the country. (Yaeko) Trump does little to remove his many business conflicts of interest, as well as his refusal to release tax returns. His proposed Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman, also has sizable business conflicts of interest with foreign powers, then there is the Muslim ban, allowing Bannon to be on the NSC when he doesn’t qualify for requirement of high level military experience .
  • President may create a special homeland internal security militarized force, on top of the established homeland department. A Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation. (Graham) Partially correct as of February 2017 when The UP reported an 11-page draft White House memo planning to tap 100,000 National Guard troops to have the powers of Immigration officers, who are part of Homeland Security to arrest and deport illegal aliens.
  • U.S. very much on the world stage. (Lisa) This is always true but more true now that Trump is changing the balance of power in the world, pro Russia, anti China.
  • Hammer and explosion and fireball.
  • A silver cable bridge upside down in Manhattan. The Manhattan Bridge as well as the Veranzano Bridge, problems with the repairs.(Bill)
  • Anxiety in the U.S. rising. Therapists reporting people anxious about Trump.
  • Disaster in the country, feels like a 9/11. (Yaeko)
  • Trains, gas tank, pidgeons – a train disaster. (Bill)



  • World is in the angels’ hands due to escalating climate surge. (Jeanne)
  • Surge in climate events is terrifying. (Jeanne)
  • A transformed Earth, not in a good way. (Jeanne) News surfaces that oceans have significantly warmed, endangering marine life and causing further weather changes.
  • Weather is crazy and warm.
  • Trees are being farmed that can grow in drought conditions. (Jeanne) “Trees bred to grow faster could outrun insect blight and drought
  • Cyclone over water. 6 tornadoes hit New Orleans area February 7.
  • Typhoon, cyclone over water. (Andrew) New Orleans tornado.
  • Cactus (symbol of drought) has gotten even taller. (Jeanne) (See new stories above next to Drought Increasing in American West.)
  • Severe snow storm in Europe (Bill) Freezing weather and snow kills more than 60 people across Europe.
  • Ice flow – ice breaking up (poles and climate change). (Libbie) A serious problem for world climate since the Poles regulate world temperatures. Could spark a global temperature surge. (2/17/17 update: many climate events showing the surge is beginning. Arctic temperatures have surged, North Pole did not freeze this winter the way it has in past, indicating ice disintegration is imminent; Antarctic Manhattan-sized ice sheet broke off, and ocean oxygen levels found to have dropped by 2%, which will kill off marine life.)
  • Ice caps melting at alarming rate. (Jeanne) Antartica ice shelf the size of Delaware about to fall into the sea. New interviews with glaciologists indicates that glaciers could spontaneously collapse without warning and send 10 tidal waves to engulf coastal cities.
  • Visions of land angling into water, images of Antarctic ice shelves melting from underneath. (Jeanne) February 16, an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Manhattan broke off into the sea. Glaciologists reveal that Antarctic ice sheets could collapse suddenly with out warning sending tidal waves to engulf coastal cities.
  • Polar bears losing battle to survive. U.S. Geological Survey scientist says polar bears will not survive unless we address climate change.
  • Surge in climate change terrifying. (Jeanne) See above.
  • Drought in the American West worsening. (Jeanne)
  • Storms surging, climate chaos surging. (Jeanne) California reports unprecedented storms.
  • Red scorpion, dragon (Kirsten) A red dragon-like sea creature discovered off the coast of Australia.

ECONOMY (February)

  • Real estate – for sale, an hour glass, slower home sales, shadows of real estate signs. (Anais) NYC city real estate prices dropping due to glut.

March 2017


  • Angels showing themselves to people. (Jeanne)  Can’t prove this, of course, but I saw one! ?
  • Stars coming down from the Heavens. Unusual meteor events seen over California

U.S. (March)

  • A realization of a new, harsh reality. (Bar W.)
  • Snowshoes, it’s hard work moving forward in the snow. (New England has first big storm of the winter).
  • Energy in the collective feels weak and anxious. A crocodile, a dark beast, waiting to pounce from the corner; a lot of stress. (Jeanne) The American Psychological Association’s annual poll had been showing stress levels decreasing in recent years. Since the election, they have been increasing.
  • The rise of guns. Why U.S. liberals are buying guns too.
  • Exposed records. (Julia) FBI has tapes of Trump team/Russia meetings.
  • WW II soldiers (Jeanne) This was a vision of soldiers congregating after an attack that I mistook for WWII soldiers. When the Afghan army base attack occurred on April 20th, I saw my vision in the images.
  • Marching band issue. The marching band vision made news in January because Trump had difficulty finding a championship high school marching band willing to play at his Inauguration.
  • Football scandal. (Bill) Baylor University football sex scandal hits the Internet.
  • Bottle rockets going up like 4th of July. (This is probably the U.S. rockets launched on Syria).
  • Texas – Statue of Liberty (Jeanne) ACLU put out a travel advisory warning people that their constitutional rights could be violated in Texas, due to new unconstitutional law that gives the state the right to hold people suspected of being illegal without just cause.
  • Medical breakthrough with ALS. (In August 2016, Harvard scientists identified key instigator of nerve damage that may lead to treatment of this incurable disease, rendering this prediction more likely to happen by March 2017)
  • Many things going on politically in the U.S. that will affect the long-term future, a pivot point. (Jeanne) Although I don’t have a specific link for this at the moment, it reflects many shocking events of this spring, including the proliferation of fake news that has become a new normal in GOP politics, the paralysis in the Congress to respond appropriately to presidential conflicts of interest, the GOP’s acceptance, with only lip service objections and mostly tacit agreement with Trump’s approval of White Nationalists; Trump’s dangerous provocation of Kim Jong Un; Trump’s dangerous and cruel practice of making national and foreign policy impulsively, according to his moods, poorly informed, without any kind of discussion or use of advisors. And of course there is his subjugation of U.S. interests and intelligence to Vladimir Putin, an arch enemy, human rights violator, clepto oligarch, murderer and thug.
  • Congress coming apart. (Obamacare repeal falls apart.)
  • Quiet, but government is gearing up. Soldiers (men in riot gear- helmuts, black suits, swat teams.) (Jeanne) (100,000 National Guard called to patrol borders).
  • A giant caterpillar overlaid upon the Statue of Liberty, a parasite on liberty that is in an early phase of its growth, especially American and Russian oligarchs and politicians benefiting from suspension of U.S. freedoms and rules of law. (Jeanne)
  • The Capitol Building with an elephant and a lion standing there. – The caterpillar is an early stage of fascism, that will go into metamorphosis after it’s consumed its host. The lion is Trump and his team, symbol of fascism, and the elephant is the Republican party. This is an ominous vision of where America is headed. Jeanne Jeanne (State of the Union speech Trump announces immigrant crime public record – this is how Hitler targeted the Jews in early stage of Third Reich )
  • A map of the whole U.S. changing into the shape of an elephant (Republican). Shows the Capitol building. So much stress and headache. (Jeanne) (I had this vision in August 2016 but just discovered it among some notes.)
  • Baby lion – Trump, taking orders sometimes, independent other times. He’s growing, becoming the future king of the jungle. (Jeanne) (State of the Union speech shows a growing power in the man.)
  • Supreme Court nominee not good. White man, white hair. (Trump picks white male nominee with white hair and not good.)
  • Trump enriching himself in private deals with other countries. (Intelligence report showing some Trump team members working for foreign governments, family members meeting with Russians).
  • Trump using his presidency to increase the wealth of his private businesses. Refuses to stop conflict of interest in spite of calls from legal groups and press. Republican leadership tacitly allows this. (Jeanne)
    A donkey–Democratic party–walking away lonely and defeated (Yaeko)
  • Trump shaking Putin’s hand. Trump relationship to Putin becoming uncovered.
  • Chinese premier in the news – position on the U.S. Chinese premier visits president at his Florida hotel.
  • Canons shooting/secrecy, lies revealed with government. All about Trump scandal, cover-ups, missile strikes.
  • An emphasis on cookies and Dennis the Menace, the comic strip character. – (Jeanne) Thanks to two readers, Dennis the Menace is Trump and several news stories that make the comparison. One that surfaced Feb.4, is comical.
  • Euripides was right. (Andrea) [Euripides was ridiculed by his peers for being too liberal. He also wrote: “Expect the unexpected. What mortals dream, the gods frustrate; for the impossible, they find a way.” He was anti-war, against slavery, pro women, and critical of traditional religion.] After the Muslim Ban on Jan. 30, 2017, many regretted voting for the current president.
  • Weary nation, tired people, renewal, chaos, and misunderstandings – a time for change.
  • Loss, all Hell breaks lose, an era of serious conflict begins in the U.S.
  • Uprisings in the U.S. Loud angry protests at GOP legislators’ appearances at Town Hall meetings across the U.S.
  • So much stress everywhere and emotions running high. Survey finds Americans stressed out due to political developments.
  • People in solidarity arm and arm, then dropped arms and were arrested. (Standing Rock was cleared and protestors arrested.)
  • Man with bow and arrow pointed at the sky. A symbolic but ineffective act of protest and defiance. (Brian) Standing Rock camp cleared by authorities with defiant protestors arrested.
  • Standing Rock vision: Big Native American headdress, soldiers in riot gear, guns, weapons, locking people up. The rest of the nation stands back and gasps. Men on horses standing before men in tanks. (Jeanne)
  • Black Lives Matter (Julia) Continued police shooting of innocent black men.
  • People trying to have hope.

INTERNATIONAL (March) – for more predictions see the World Predictions Forum )

  • Houses with long sloping roofs, not the U.S., woman pouring out water, smoke in the background, burning. Feels like European nation, maybe Belgium. (Jeanne) Italy earthquake.
  • Earthquake in Italy,Vesuvius. (Graham) Italy earthquake.


  • Drought in the heartland, farmers worried. (Jeanne)  The underground reservoir that feeds the heartland is going dry.
  • Ocean water an issue. (Jeanne) Scientists find oceans lost 2% of oxygen.
  • Epidemic/health/farm animals – Africa.
  • Image of Volcano eruption, heard the word Vesuvius. Italy earthquake. (Mount Etna in Italy erupted in March injuring 10 people. Its relationship to Vesuvius: both are in Italy and both are categorized as “decade volcanos,”which are volcanos that are both active and near densely populated areas.
  • Black river filled with mud or sewage…Chicago Fire. (Ilysa) (Columbia mudslides kill 200 people.
  • An animal on its side – bad news for animal rights. (Jeanne) February 3rd the USDA stopped public reporting of animal abuses its inspectors find – a move that will prevent animal rights groups from stopping animal cruelty of horses, dogs, and farm animals around the country. Also this article, sent by a reader, may show why futher animal abuses may come true under Trump.
  • Heavy purple rain. (Anais) This happened in Houston in February


  • Stocks go up. Market hits New highs March 1.
  • NYC Financial centers showing their strength. Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull – so earlier market volatility ends in bull direction.
  • Markets going crazy – not good, but no crash yet. (Jeanne) Markets upset after failure of Obamacare repeal – investors lack confidence that Trump and GOP will deliver on promises.
  • Bear fighting bull – the markets struggling which way to go, job loss. (Jeanne) Markets upset after failure of Obamacare repeal – investors lack confidence that Trump and GOP will deliver on promises, but after struggle, markets return to normal.

April 2017


  • Spring flowers blooming, water rising, unusually warm. (Jeanne)
  • Important medical advances.(Jeanne)
  • Healing and medicine is in the limelight. I saw the symbol of Cadeucius – glyph of healing (snake wrapped around a staff ) and associated with medicine and health care. Those medical practitioners and local governments who are committed to healing the sick, will not abandon people even though the Congress and President will abandon them. (Jeanne)
  • Bare feet moving and dancing on the earth. Latin American workers in Texas expressing hope. (Jeanne) International workers march on May 1, especially in Texas and California.
  • Migrant Workers raising an American flag reminds me of the famous photograph of soldiers in Okinawa. Sense of respect and love. Feels like a statement of the value of workers. (Jeanne) International Workers March on May 1.
  • Small white flower coming out of the dirt, hope or an early spring. (Yaeko)
  • Vision of Native Americans standing by a river, big jaws threaten to attack mercilessly. But Natives stand tall, sun glinting off their clothing, long black hair blowing in the breeze. True goodness. It is clear to all who is right and who is wrong. (Jeanne)
  • Vatican speaks out against greed and hate in politics, a reference to Trump and Republicans. (Jeanne)

U.S. (April)

  • So much reframing of reality going on, government lie machine busy around the clock. (Jeanne) This was going on even before the the election but has taken on a whole new meaning under Trump.
  • People gathered in front of the Capitol Building to protest. (Jeanne)
  • Republicans trying to amend the Constitution, take away rights. Laws to squash dissent. (Jeanne) In January several states trying to pass laws to prohibit peaceful protest. In May, President takes aim at Right to Free Speech.
  • A camp fire sending smoke high into the sky. A helicopter and a feeling of Standing Rock. Not good. (Jeanne) Federal authorities clear out water protectors’ camp.
  • Congress in shambles. (Ilysa) GOP extreme right refuses to compromise, leaving a Republican-controlled Congress unable to act).
  • World leaders getting together in a summit. (Naghmeh) (Impersonators’ World Summit at Hong Kong April 7)
  • Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on budget), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction) (Jeanne) (A Government Shut-down threat is looming over budget.)
  • Rainbow, peace (gay rights). (Bill) Rainbow flag creator dies.
  • Elderly people’s bill. Congress tries to gut Medicare & Social Security. Jeanne Congressional proposal to replace Obamacare includes large hike in elderly insurance premiums.
  • Some calm in White House but only temporarily. (Yaeko) In May, Trump fires FBI director and media explodes comparing it to Nixon and Watergate Special Prosecutor firing.
  • A month of protests. (Lisa) (Tax protests across the U.S. on April 15; Berkeley protests; Scientists’ March, International workers March, Climate March)
  • Small white flower coming out of the dirt. There’s hope in the air. (Yaeko)
  • March-April-or May: Something will happen that will shock everyone; the U.S. has entered into a new era. Although there have been many disturbing and even shocking events set off by the Trump Administration until this point, on May 9, I felt a shock go through me when I read that the ACLU had put out a travel advisory warning people to be aware that if they travel to the state of Texas they could have their Constitutional rights violated. Soon after that on the next day, Trump fired the FBI director which sent the world reeling because it is an obstruction of justice. I thought therefore that the firing was the shock. The ACLU advisory marked the beginning of a new normal that caused a shock reaction in me. Then in late May, the Texas State Legislature erupted in a scuffle among lawmakers when the speaker called ICE on demonstrators. So I think this behavior – shutting down protesters with the threat of arrest, is a new normal in this country, and a marked departure from the civil liberties America’s constitution is based upon.
  • “Heard words: ‘Texas, Texas, Texas.’On May 8, the American Civil Liberties Union posted a travel warning for any non white person traveling in Texas. Also in August Texas suffered a storm disaster that may be one of the largest in their history.
  • Violence in involving an American city, perhaps Detroit, involving packs of people like hunting packs.(Graham) This occurred in Charlottesville Virginia in August when White Nationalists carried out a premeditated demonstration that included violence when anti-Nationalist residents of Charlottesville protested.
  • Problem with drinking water, saw a pitcher turned upside down, was empty. (Jeanne) June 18, front page Boston Globe story about contaminated tap water at MCI-Norfolk Prison.
  • Airplane landing with a bump, mountains in the background, rugged terrain. A train goes by. Maybe it’s landing on a highway or small airfield(Jeanne) Washington State plane crash lands over highway, no one hurt, but big fireball.
  • Mouth of the Hudson River as seen from sky. The Veranzano narrows, no bridge.(Bill)
  • I feel a lot of fear when I meditate on this time period. (Andrew) Trump’s nuclear strike actions escalating, firing the FBI director, threats to hire 100 Scalia-like Federal judges, and threatening Sanctuary cities.
  • A swimmer making the news. (Jeanne) Stanford athlete Brock Turner gets out of prison after spending a light sentence in a low security facility for raping a 23 year old woman
  • Shocking celebrity death, an American male, played a cowboy. (Lisa) “Shocking end: Aaron Hernandez found dead in cell.” He didn’t play a cowboy, but a Major League Football player is close enough for a hit. Some have suggested this was Powers Booths
    Cowboy actor (born in Texas) who died in May, but the timing (April) and the shock factor points to Hernandez who may have looked like a cowboy to Lisa when she got the vision.
  • Worst nightmare (Andrea) Imminent threat of large-scale nuclear war our worst nightmare.
  • Fire, smoke, American flag, U.S. soldiers. (Bill) U.S. launches 59 missiles on Syrian airfield.
  • Half of Americans are happy, half are so disappointed.(Yaeko) (Right wing happy, liberals miserable).
  • Something hitting the ground very quickly. An accident or attack in the news? (Anais) Sounds like this is the Syrian chemical gas attack where chemical released in bombs from airplanes.



  • Big snowstorm buries New England Big snowstorm buries New England in March.
  • Climate science becoming frightening – especially the science of melting and collapsing glaciers.


May 2017


U.S. (May)

  • World stops.(Something happens which stops everyone) (Yaeko) May 12 – Unprecedented ransomware cyber attacks on businesses and people using stopped operations across the globe, especially Europe and Russia.
  • Crisis, but Washington (Congress) is distant and unhelpful while crisis ensues. (Jeanne) Trump obstruction of justice firing of FBI director sends
  • A pivotal month. Continued conflicts and uncertainty, many changes. Doubt arising arising among American populace regarding the country’s fate. An alarming rapid institutional devolution. A collective falling sensation, as if we are spinning inextricably out of control. (David W.)
  • Trump gaining confidence, moves with a swagger, meeting with more people than before, more relaxed. But underneath he’s in trouble. (FBI probe continues to mount evidence against him and with FBI director firing and subsequent chaotic responses, he’s now facing major obstruction of justice accusations and calls for investigation.)
  • Two empty executive style office chairs, indicates two of Trumps team are removed from positions. (Jeanne) Flynn and Gorka have been removed from White House posts.
  • Pipeline in May laid over sacred land. (Hopi prophecy implies that the “black snake” on sacred land will bring the end of a civilization (Julia).
  • Welfare benefits for children & families are in the news (under threat) Trump’s proposed budget slashes welfare benefits to families.
  • Jewish place of worship burning (Jeanne)
  • Steinbeck feeling like Grapes of Wrath. Heard the word: Dustbowl.(Trump reverses promises to farmers with cap on dust bowl insurance.)
  • Plane crash in the U.S No one hurt in fiery Washington plane crash on May 3.
  • A dark funnel or cave collapsing. Worm tunnel. (Tunnel collapsed at Hanford nuclear facility in Washington May 9).
  • Someone being wheeled in a gurney. (Violent event?). (Manchester, England terrorist bombimg of a music concert attended mainly by youth On May 19.)
  • People are afraid. (Yaeko) (Manchester U.K. bombings leave country on high alert.)
  • Massive fire, casualities. (Andrea) (Manchester concert bombing.)


  • A ruckus in the U.K. (Jeanne) (Terrorist bombing at Manchester, England rock concert leaves whole country reeling and shaken.)
  • China in inner political strife. (Naghmeh)
  • Nuclear missiles, North Korea intimidating South Korea? (Jeanne)
  • Many Americans disillusioned. (Yaeko) FBI revelations about Trump and his team’s relationship to Putin is shocking many patriots who voted for him. Also his attempt to repeal Obamacare upset many Trump supporters who need affordable health care.
  • Prince marriage. (Press announces impending engagement of Prince Harry).


  • Problems with marine life. (Unusual number of whales washing ashore at various beaches around the world.)
  • Heavy rains, sacred lands under threat – pipelines, drilling.
  • Farmers upside down–agriculture in trouble. (Jeanne) Flooding rains ruin farmers fields in Canada plains.
  • Earth burning, agriculture and trees in the news.
  • The seas will be found to be warming more. (Lisa)
  • Significant large storms in the news, probably tornados, in the U.S.A. (Lisa) Unprecedented large storms in Europe this month.
  • A significant drop in birds. (Lisa) German government reports 50% drop in birds since 1980. Reasons due to pesticides killing off insects they need for food.

June 2017


  • It’s going to be okay. Love spreading among the people all over the world. There is a sense of solidarity in which people are sticking together and celebrating who they are and what they believe. There is compassion for each other and the whole world. (Jeanne)
  • People are feeling a greater connection to nature to balance feelings of fear and entrapment. (Michele B.)
  • People wearing blue, symbol of democratic party and singing. (Kathy)
  • There is promise in the green pastures of the Great Lakes region as far as the eye can see. (Jan)
  • People are beginning to trust the process rather than fear what’s going on. (Margaret)
  • People are increasingly feeling gratitude for the beauty of the natural world. I see images of a pink, sunrise, like a new morning dawning. The early dew of a summer morning. (Meghan)
  • I see a deep royal blue for 2017, the color of the third eye. (Meghan)
  • Earth movement. (Ron)  Native American water protectors express their dedication  for protecting the earth in spite of Trump’s reversal on pipeline.
  • The Dalai Lama, the Pope, and Middle Eastern holy men in white praying around the world. There is a sense of shared prayer and solidarity. These hold men are turning up the power of prayer that is felt worldwide. (Jeanne) June 14, these holy leaders jointly invoked their flocks to make friends in solidarity worldwide for peace.
  • Flowers everywhere – an uplifting landscape.

U.S. (June)


  • A crowded train in a hot place, it doesn’t crash but is stuck in the middle of nowhere, people need rescuing. It’s in a hot place like India. (Laura ) This came true in NYC in June and then in India in September. Sometimes visions are a mixture of events. This came true in India in September when a subway bridge stampede erupted and people were trapped in a narrow passageway. 22 people died. NYC subway stuck between stations in heat on June 6.
  • Arrow pointing to the sky, then something falls into the ocean. This may be a failed missile launch or simply some rocket tests by government or private space programs. (IG) North Korea conducted a missile test by sending missile straight up 2000 feet then turning it abruptly towards earth.
  • An important international council takes place, probably U.N. President withdraws from Paris Climate accord.
  • Roman soldiers hunkering down behind their shields, symbol of Europe taking a defensive posture. (Brian)
  • Focus on Europe problems. Theresa May loses support. Brexit deadlines coming too soon for EU and Britain to be able to carve out contracts that will continue trade and meet Brexit requirements.
  • New baby for royal family. September 4, 2017 Royals announce Kate is pregnant, most likely conceived in June when we first saw it.
  • People in pain, begging to be helped, crowded at a platform. (Jeanne) (This fits Hurricane Harvey videos of stranded Houston residents)
  • Propeller driven airplane (Amelia Earhart?) (Bill) In late June, a man found a photo that may indicate that Earhart survived her Pacific flight.


  • Doesn’t feel like summer. An image of people looking cold as they are walking in the streets. Season flipped upside down. (Anais) (New England unusually cold May and June)
  • Water rising; whales at risk Dozens of whales found dead off New Zealand, thought to be indication of earthquake.
  • Weather a significant issue.
  • Terrorist activity here and abroad.
  • Statue of Liberty – water going over the top, (could be about seas eventually rising in NYC – although they won’t actually rise that high that soon; or more about erosion of liberty in the U.S.) (Jeanne)  In January when Donald Trump took office, erosion of liberty and democracy began in earnest.
  • Forest fires (June-July) West coast This came true in California.
  • Fireman’s hat looms large due to issue surrounding their situation; appealing to Congress for funds. (Jeanne) This is likely about insufficient funds to fight the new level of wildfires due to climate change. This came true later in the summer with unprecedented forest fires in California.


2017 July through December 

  • People are learning to love. They are listening to others. There is despair among working class communities globally. Now because of Trump and Brexit, the more financially fortunate people are forced to listen to the pain of those people and maybe then they can learn compassion. (Natalie)
  • Hearts pounding, cohesiveness in the group. (Doris)
  • A small drop of water, growing gradually into a massive river. This is the emotional consciousness of the world’s people. (Jan)
  • In the summer we would begin to feel climate change more seriously – it would be more obvious. (Natalie) This summer high heat grounded planes in Phoenix, AR. How climate change is affecting Canadians. More consequences of high heat. Flights will be increasingly grounded due to high heat. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and widespread fires in the west are making climate change more obvious.
  • Accelerating repression and climate change. (Natalie)  Late summer, early fall saw a major hurricane season with Puerto Rico devastated and many dead, Houston severely flooded, and a major Florida hurricane.
  • A new moderate Republican party on the rise. (Kathy) A block of moderate Republicans stop attempts to repeal Obamacare and Medicare.

July and August


  • Mueller FBI Investigation
  • White House:
    • Image of the Cat in the Hat and a man wearing a top hat and shades. I think this is about the president’s new communications director. He’s going to cause havoc and a mess as a tactic, like the Cat in the Hat wrecked the children’s house in the Dr. Seuss story. The “house” that he’s going to wreck is the White House Press, hindering their ability to do their jobs. (Jeanne – seen July 12) This came true with the 11 day reign of Anthony Scaramucci in which he created havoc and then was forced to resign.
    • Trump makes a hasty decision that slices or cuts something off instantly. A decision that affects millions. (Heather) On July 26 Trump tweeted an order to cut trans-gender people from the military. It was so hasty (and likely a diversion tactic from the FBI Manafort raid, that the military has chosen to ignore the order.
    • Trump appears as a big baby. (Jeanne) See this article comparing Trump to baby.
    • Trump – His back hurts. (Jeanne) Trump’s “back” is his base, i.e., the remaining people who still have his back. Since the Charlottesville White Nationalist demonstration and murder of one counter-protestor and injury of others, Trump’s alt-right base has been under attack from many sides, including Republicans and even Fox News (also here: Fox News.)
    • People are going to be leaving the Administration. Say goodbye to them, they will leave quickly. (Jeanne) This prediction was made July 26. Two days later Preibus left, five days later, Scaramucci resigned after just 11 days in office. See That was Fast: Trump White House Series of Trump Departures.
    • Heard the words, “Tillerson will leave. He’s getting ready.”(Maryellen) See: Rex Tillerson almost resigned in July, now rifts deepens.
    • There will not be an impeachment. (Sue) (Jeanne)
    • Trump feeling distressed. He is worried about his financial dealings being exposed. This would be too much for his ego to bear. (Susan)
    • Trump makes a hasty decision that slices or cuts something off instantly. A decision that affects millions. (Heather) This was probably his impulsive July 26 tweet to ban trans-gender people from the military. It has caused havoc and put fear and uncertainty in many people, as well as emboldened homophobic people in the military. But the military has decided to ignore his command. This tweet was made right after Mueller conducted pre-dawn FBI raid of Manafort’s residence. Some speculate that Trump was told of the raid by his lawyers and therefore tweeted the hasty decision as a diversion tactic. The U.S. Military has decided to ignore Trump’s decision.
    • Jeff Sessions is cornered and scared. (Natalie)
    • Bull baiting. (Natalie) Robert Muller flips George Papadopoulos. Also This story,
    • Chaos ensues from White house threats against enemies.(Natalie) Trump threatens North Korean dictator, causes chaos around the world.
    • White House is imploding. (Maryellen) The White House is Imploding.
    • Ivanka losing control of situation in influence over her father and her own affairs. (Maryellen) How Jared & Ivanka lost Washington and Jared & Ivanka are in a world of sh-t. From her Roy Moore position to closing the gender gap, Ivanka can’t influence her father.
    • Whitehouse fear and panic; they are scared. (Natalie) Closing doors in the White house. (Natalie) A Long Winter: White House Aides Divided over Scope/Risks of Russia Probe.
    • Heard the words, “Mentally crazy.” I think this refers to Trump’s mind. (Natalie) Although many mental health experts have declared Trump mentally ill, a former New Hampshire senator is calling for congressional panel to investigate and declare Trump mentally unfit.
    • Ivanka also going crazy, unsure, scared, panicking, and losing ground. (Natalie)
    • Saw symbols exploding from earth. the typographic symbols used for swear words, radiating anger, frustration, fear. (Michele) Language used by Scaramucci set new tone for White House communications.
    • I heard Mnuchin’s name and saw an organ grinder monkey and heard the words, “monkey shines,” which is a reference to monkey business. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin may be mixed up in the Russian Trump money laundering scheme.(Michele) Senate Finance Committee woman Waters questions Mnuchin. over Trump financing.
    • Senator Maxine Waters in the news over Mnuchin/Trump money laundering issue. (Michele)
  • Heard the words, “The End of Innocence. ” Saw people waking up about U.S. government. People in the US waking up to true nature of what is going on politically and economically. (Susan)
  • Black suited men running after suspect in city streets. I felt like this was in the UK somewhere. (Susan) See this story about U.S. GOP Congressional staffers showing up secretly at the London offices of Christopher Steele and his lawyer, former UK spy who submitted dossier of evidence last year that Russia was preparing then presidential candidate Trump to help Russia. Some feel that their mission was to discredit the dossier and its author.
  • Sadness rising in the American collective. (Jeanne)
  • Hamburger in a coffin. Could be the death of hamburger and/or a hamburger food safety issue that comes out in the news. (Jeanne) New remarkable veggie burger coming out.
  • Dakotas, snake, shovel, steam snake. The snake may be maybe the Black Snake from Native American Prophecy that says that when the black snake desecrates the rivers, the civilization will fail. People have thought the oil pipelines are the black snake). (Alex)
  • Saw a donkey. Heard the word “jack-ass,” then “hee-haw, hee-haw.” Republicans ridiculing democrats. (Michele)
  • The wealthiest are gleeful at a windfall. (Jeanne) GOP Tax Package is a bust for middle class and a boon for the very wealthiest. )
  • Calendar page for May is red. Then in July the color is blue (political colors). (Meghan) In May House of Representatives passed Obamacare repeal. In July Senate failed to pass it.
  • July 4th celebrations will take on new meaning. Flags waved out of habit, but with no passion or meaning. Some not at all. See this story dated July 4, 2017. (Melissa F.)
  • Shock, sorrow. (KB) Many who voted for Trump are sorry about his reversals from campaign promises, although a large percentage still stand by him and blame his failures on Congress and the left.
  • Fourth of July: protests instead of fireworks. (Laura) On July 4: At parades/protests, GOP gets earful.
  • “True blue” song by Madonna about true love. Red and blue side by side. Suddenly blue gets wider pushing aside some of the red. (Meghan) In July, Mueller investigation takes huge aggressive step forward. Also in July GOP attempts to repeal Obamacare fail.
  • A bear in the night sky roaring. The bear has in past visions been about Putin asserting his power. So too in this vision where Putin got for the first time in his 17 year reign, a criticism-free meeting with an American president. At the July 8th G-20 summit, Trump was visibly submissive to Putin. See here and here.
  • Standing Rock: Vision of a Native American dream catcher, prayers, a vigil, helicopters overhead.
  • Something happens during a cavern exploration near the ocean. Diver deaths in popular underwater caverns.
  • Anxiety in the collective. (Jeanne) Psychological research groups reveal surveys showing rising anxiety and depression from Trump behavior and Congressional policies.
  • Abraham Lincoln in the news. (Bill)
  • A pair of lovers who are meditating in the Grand Canyon when the guy falls into the canyon. (Anais) Looks like the Grand Canyon, but it was El Capitan in Yosemite where a young married couple were hiking when a rock slide killed the husband as he was trying to save his wife.

U.S. POLITICS (July & August)

  • For August or September: Prediction made May 29: Something is happening with John McCain. It involves: three months, family. offspring. Vietnam, the past, and increasing anger. (Zoron/Graham). On July 20, news broke that McCain has an aggressive brain tumor. He was a Vietnam POW, and as a Republican senator, has been conflicted over Donald Trump’s presidency.
  • Confederate flag over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. (Jeanne.) Head of Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, is named after Jefferson Davis, his appointment marks a return to Confederate attitude towards African Americans. He was denounced as racist by Coretta Scott King. Also Sessions is in the news in July due to conflicts with Donald Trump.
  • Not everyone engaged with national purpose. Large numbers of people want to move in an opposite direction. (Half the country is working against federal policy initiatives).
  • The museums in the news – Republicans trying to reduce government contributions. (Jeanne)
  • Trouble in the Capitol, ruling party’s opponents deciding to wreak havoc, bringing down the house.
  • Celebrations are canceled or carefully monitored. (Yaeko) This prediction was made a year earlier and fits new normal in American public events due to terrorism, including White Nationalist violence.
  • Pitch forks in the Capitol. References abound to the Republican health care bill as mean spirited.
  • Black suited men running after suspect in city streets. I felt like this was in the UK somewhere. (Susan) See this story about U.S. GOP Congressional staffers showing up secretly at the London offices of Christopher Steele and his lawyer, former UK spy who submitted dossier of evidence last year that Russia was preparing then presidential candidate Trump to help Russia. Some feel that their mission was to discredit the dossier and its author.


CLIMATE/EARTH (July and August)

ECONOMY (July and August)

  • Stock market downward arrow. Pharmaceuticals included. Wild carousel ride in the markets. (Anais). August had a wild ride downturn then back again. Raised fears of recession, but did not happen.
  • Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers, and others making less money. (Yaeko)


August (Many July visions may apply to August. Also all visions can occur in nearby months.)


U.S. (August) 2017 — also see July/August visions above which could be for August or neighboring months.

  • The wealthiest are gleeful at a windfall. (Jeanne)  Tax package will be passed.
  • Sadness rising in the American collective. (Jeanne)
  • White House:
    • There will not be an impeachment. (Sue) In spite of revelations, no sign of impeachment coming from GOP Congress by end of August.
    • Problems in the White House, confusion, who’s in charge? (Lynn)
    • Lull before the storm. (Grace)
    • Jeff Sessions is cornered and scared. (Natalie) Stories emerge of Trump yelling at Sessions during a staff meeting for recusing himself from the Russia investigation and not firing Comey. This event also fits Natalie’s other vision of bull baiting.
    • Chaos ensues from White house threats against enemies. (Natalie) Trump’s threats to North Korea are causing panic and fear around the world and especially in the U.S.
    • Heard the words, “Tillerson will leave. He’s getting ready.” (Maryellen) Media talk of Tillerson stepping back from Administration after Presidents “equal blame” assessment of Charlottesville Right Supremacist violence.
    • White House is imploding. (Maryellen)
    • Ivanka losing control of situation in influence over her father and her own affairs. (Maryellen). This may not have happened yet, but talk in Washington shows problems surfacing in her image.
    • Closing doors in the White house. (Natalie)
    • White House fear and panic; they are scared. (Natalie) Grand Jury preparation, together with pre-dawn FBI Manafort raid is terrifying for White House staff because it means that Manafort may be put in a position to turn states evidence against Trump and team.
    • Heard the words, “Mentally crazy.” I think this refers to Trump’s mind. (Natalie) New book by 25 psychiatrists assessing that Trump is mentally ill and dangerous as world leader capable of igniting nuclear war.
    • Ivanka also going crazy, unsure, scared, panicking, and losing ground. (Natalie)
    • Saw symbols exploding from earth, the typographic symbols used for swear words, radiating anger, frustration, fear. (Michele) Sounds like White House Communications Director Scaramucci’s profanity-filled interview with New Yorker magazine, that went viral in the airwaves.
  • Hamburger in a coffin. Could be the death of hamburger and/or a hamburger food safety issue that comes out in the news. (Jeanne) New vegetarian hamburger that “bleeds” arrived on the market. Some speculate it could replace hamburger in an increasingly vegetarian population.
  • Dakotas, snake, shovel, steam snake. The snake may be maybe the Black Snake from Native American Prophecy that says that when the black snake desecrates the rivers, the civilization will fail. People have thought the oil pipelines are the black snake). (Alex) Massive South Dakota oil spill.
  • Massive explosion in space. Then silence. (Melissa F.) Astronomers had a major discovery August 14th when they detected waves coming from a massive explosion in space that occurred in 2014 but were only just detected this month. This is a remarkable prediction.
  • More shock, angry protest, gold skyrockets. (KB) In August, large Boston protest of White Supremacist, San Francisco protests stop White Supremacist planned demonstration.
  • Weight of the world on people’s shoulders. (Bar W.) North Korea-Trump threats are terrifying everyone.
  • Elon Musk imagery and connection of his perception of computer generated reality. (Michele B.) Musk launching rockets in July.
  • The discord and disagreement continue at a fever pitch. Cracks in the economic wall of prosperity begin to appear. (David)
  • Symbol of the frog (Pepe the Frog has become an Alt Right (White Supremacist symbol. See here and here) (Jeanne)
  • New resentment against immigrants. A new conservative movement forming. In July, Trump gets court okay for part of his Muslim ban.
  • Tax issues – Trump making tax policy to lower taxes on the ultra rich, formalized. (Tax bill includes more income redistribution to wealthy).
  • The Capitol under so much stress, fighting, no agreement, just a bunch of selfish rich bickering people who make a lot of money and do nothing to lead a country, let alone a world in trouble. (Jeanne) In July, Congress can’t agree on a health bill.
  • Big march. (Julia) Boston, San Francisco, Charlottesville, white spread anti-white-nationalist protests across the U.S.
  • Strong female brewing, like a witch. (In March, media reported that witches of America prayed to topple Trump)
  • A teepee under the night sky, empty but peaceful.
  • People gathered as far as the eye can see. Looks like Woodstock revisited. Hearts coming up from the crowd. Very beautiful feeling. (Jeanne)
  • Standing Rock: Hordes of people coming down the road, stampeding. Shades of WW II, small artillery. Men with white mustaches, longish hair, old hippies, they look like army veterans. (Jeanne)
  • People looking for hope. (Brian)
  • Uber in the news. (Yaeko) (In January, Uber’s revenues plummeted during Muslim Ban; in May Uber CEO’s mother killed in boat accident.)
  • Nuclear power plants in the news. Fukushima news regarding polluting Pacific Ocean fish.
  • New DNA advances. In the news August 8, CRISPR tool.
  • Scientific breakthrough. But a moral controversy. (Lisa) DNA editing tool presents moral controversy.
  • Folk festival extravaganza. (Vicky)
  • Bones found by an excavator in D.C.
  • Sadness in the Collective and a dark anxiwty in August. (Andrea)
  • Vacation accident, murder involving a famous family. (In late May, Uber CEO’s mother killed in a boating accident.)


  • An aerial view of Paris, the Louvre courtyard, a woman with black hair pulled back in a pony tail with a cartoon like animated blast in the background. No one was hurt. (DA) This is a scene from the new movie, Wonder Woman, released on June 2nd. This vision came to DA on May 8. Good read, DA!
  • Nuclear tests (July or August). (Jeanne) North Korea tests ICBM July 4.
  • A blast of some kind as seen from space. Could see it as if I was at the space station looking down. Perhaps it was a failed launch? (Michele B.) This image fits the North Korean latest missile test of early September.
  • Nuclear bomb explodes somewhere. (Bill) This prediction was made a year earlier. It fits North Korean missile tests.
  • Soldiers rebel. Zimbabwe military coups. President ousted.

CLIMATE/EARTH (August 2017)

  • Cave discovery. (Prem) Wine making discovered in 6,000 year old Sicilian cave.
  • . (Jan)
  • Huge ocean waves north west of Australia. (Jan)  Accident kills several youths due to waves off Australia.
  • Fish hanging upside down- symbol of fish in trouble Fraudulent overfishing in New England is exhausting the cod.
  • Heat now an issue in the middle of the country. Arizona airplanes cannot fly due to heat.
  • Seismic readings high in the countryside.(Jeanne) Fits latest North Korean tests which gave very high seismic readings.

ECONOMY (August 2017)

September 2017 Be sure to check visions in prior months that may happen in September.


  • Inner light shining as people are turning inward. (Jeanne)
  • An increase in the practice of meditation. People turn to eastern contemplative traditions as a refuge and also to heal the world. (Jeanne)
  • New minds bring new seeds, evolution, this is good. (Marcia)

U.S. (9/17)

  • Florida in the news (not good). (Julia) This prediction was made in 2016. Fits Hurricane Irma as governor declares state of emergency.
  • Capitol (Congress) embattled, the lid on the building is popping, figuratively. (Jeanne)
  • Crowds gathered and shouting, “Down with the elephant, shows the elephant face down.” Sounds like a protest against Republicans. (Jeanne)
  • Night time in a logging camp, a full moon. (Bill)
  • Planned parenthood. Women despairing. (Jeanne) Congress proposing to dramatically cut PP funding.
  • Students protesting & calling for education rights. (Naghmeh) There are so many protests going on now for education rights. Here’s what happened with Betsey DeVos Came to Speak at Harvard.
  • Camp David in the news–president’s official retreat that Trump doesn’t use because it’s not palatial enough for him. (Jeanne)
  • DAPL pipeline, protests still in news. (Lisa) 200,000 gallons of oil leaked from pipeline in South Dakota.
  • Weight of the world on kids’ shoulders. (Anais) New report reveals anxiety surpassing depression in school children.
  • Somebody golfing finds dead bodies. (Andrea)


  • Putin laughing his butt off. (Frannie)  Trump tweets that Russians are laughing their asses off at the U.S. FBI Investigation.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau worried. (Natalie)
  • A new world order is recognized and openly written about. (Maryellen) Asia is Building it’s Own World Order.
  • I see palaces with rich people drinking and laughing, like Versailles before the French revolution. (Frannie)
  • British Royals:
    • Kate is pregnant. (Frannie)
    • Princess Kate in the news. (John)
    • UK horses procession, a celebration with the Royals. (Jeanne)
    • Kate in fancy dress and royals are waving – refers to pregnancy. (Frannie)
  • Car crash, like lady Di, another celebrity, black man, rapper dead. (Gerti) Story of Princess Diana in the news because her son’s approved it.
  • Hot air balloon spectacle. (Michele)
  • Military stand off? Visual of tanks. (Susan)
  • Russia or somewhere in the east, dark energy, military tanks, people watching these tanks go by, almost like an invasion or breaching a boundary, feels like Ukraine or Eastern Europe. (Doris)
  • Missiles in the sky. (Bar) North Korean fires missiles over Japan.
  • A row of quaint houses in Ireland. The houses are empty. Although it is cold, there is no smoke from the chimneys. Where are the people? (Jan)
  • Bearded Middle eastern men playing flutes. (Jeanne) A coups in Saudi Arabia and a war brewing in the middle east.
  • Soldiers with guns lined up. (Jeanne) A coups in Saudi Arabia and a war brewing in the middle east.
  • Panda Bear (China) in the news. (Yaeko) China has its big party conference. Tells much about the leader’s plans for a more repressive government.
  • People with bows and arrows shooting at the U.S. This is symbolic of people of smaller, less powerful countries who oppose the U.S. (Jeanne)
  • Seeing the frog, a symbol for France, in the news. (Brian) The frog symbol has come to represent the White nationalists and they have been in the news because Trump has emboldened them.
  • France in the headlines. (Naghmeh)
  • Disaster, people hurt. (Marilyn) Four hurricanes hit Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Pontiff Making a Statement & praying for peace. (Jeanne) Pope takes issue with Trump’s DACA policy.
  • The U.S. getting control of Egypt, Middle East and Iraq areas where ISIS is. (Naghmeh) The Fall of ISIS Stronghold is considered a major victory.


  • The fish has been picked and is now just bones. A symbol of consuming in a way that is unsustainable. It applies to how the oligarchs have gone as far as they can in siphoning off the resources and good will of the people. It also applies to how the people have gone as far as they can in siphoning off the resources and good will of Mother Earth. (Jeanne)
  • Thunderclouds and lots of light white ash. (Bev)
  • The rise of floating homes to deal with sea level rise. (Ann)
  • Bad weather in Florida and the East Coast. Much flooding. (Andrew) September hurricanes unprecedented in size.
    • Really rough weather, a lot of rain. (Andrew and Frannie each got this vision).
  • The air quality is getting worse. (Heather) Study finds: air pollution deaths are expected to rise because of Climate Change.
  • I see wheat, then a cactus. (Michele) [Editor’s note: sounds like an image I had of drought over the Great Plains which is the wheat capitol of the world. The aquifer of the Great Plains is nearly empty. The drought will completely change this land by the mid to late 20’s.]
  • A vision of a beach a lot of small pebbles with thick yellow green thick slime flowing back and forth on the beach. Saw large rocks on the side. There was no smell. Foamy. Bubbling. I think it was on the West Coast. (Judy)
  • Thanksgiving colors of brown and orange leaves changing colors early for this month, sign of early fall. (Meghan)
  • Wheat; dry across the Plains region. (Susan)
  • Meteor showers – little kids are picking up small pieces of meteorites. (Laura )
  • People looking at each other bewildered. (Joy)
  • A lot of older (elderly) serious candidates discussing climate change. Smart minds together to come up with a plan (Jeanne)
  • Brown heat and dust bowl in U.S. (Meghan)
  • A lot of rain fall, Floods in New York. (not sure who made this) Houston Hurricane largest concentrated rainfall in history.
  • Problem with whales. (Julia)


September 2017 .


  • Inner light shining as people are turning inward. (Jeanne)
  • An increase in the practice of meditation. People turn to eastern contemplative traditions as a refuge and also to heal the world. (Jeanne)  Meditation is increasingly popular and recognized for its benefits. Mindful apps available to help manage stress. News Articles here and here
  • New minds bring new seeds, evolution, this is good. (Marcia)
  • Two new studies are giving a boost to research that demonstrates how certain mental training routines, like meditation, promote structural changes to the brain. News Article here



October 2017


  • A rise in Angel consciousness. Angels are everywhere at work, touching people’s lives, helping to give them hope. (Jeanne)
  • Autumn, leaves change, happiness, more people banded together, groups organizing for a good cause, protest but peaceful, affecting the media, worldwide, showing that people can come together. (Heather)
  • News about another planet. (Jeanne) New planet discovered that could support life.


  • Halloween murders. (Lisa) https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/31/nyregion/police-shooting-lower-manhattan.html

Visions involving Congress:

Visions involving North Korea: NK conducts unprecedented mass evacuations. U.S. announced that North Korea is working on an advanced missile system that could reach the U.S.

  • Something bad about to happen, feeling of doom, tightness in chest. (Andrew, Beatrice, Mary K., Meghan, Jeanne)
  • Another missile/rocket launch. (Lauren)
  • Bomb threat, test from North Korea. (Lisa P.)
  • Missile launch. (Gail)
  • Very strong brownish red light. Seems like a warning sign. (Linda) Press reports on North Korea show need for caution.
  • I see an image of a highway warning sign for trucks carrying heavy loads. It is a warning to our civilization to proceed cautiously, test our brakes, and be aware that we may not be able to stop if we get going too fast. (Jeanne) Although I thought of it as a metaphor, this event came true in October in Ontario when a tractor trailer failed to break in time to avoid a traffic pileup on Route 400. A huge explosion ensued.

Visions involving Donald Trump:

  • Scandal in White House. (Naghmeh) (Could be outcome of Russia investigations).
  • Trump doesn’t understand. He is confused. He hadn’t expected it all to be so complicated. He is embarrassed. Whatever he does is wrong. (Clara) Faux pas are adding up. Latest are his remarks on Puerto Rico. Also NFL. GOP Upset about Trump’s Health Care Executive Order. Then being keynote speaker for Hate group. Leaks from WH say he is unraveling, “I hate everyone in the WH!”
  • Trump’s hair blew off. (Lauren) [note: hair is a sign of strength. This vision could be a sign of mental breakdown and/or lost power]. October 30 former Trump campaign manager and campaign advisors are indicted. Trump desperately tweeting distractions that Hillary Clinton is the one with the Russian connection.
  • I see Trump wearing a finely woven black suit, in an underground garage, the ceiling low above his head. A black car, maybe a Lincoln Towncar, comes in from the back left. A man gets out of the car and hands him a bundle of manila folders and papers in a large envelope with clasp. Trump walks back into the elevator to take him back upstairs, wiping his brow, as if to say, “Phew! That was hard, but maybe not, because I got away with it.” (Svetlana) SNL cold open skit for November 18 was this scene except with Don Jr. and Eric Trump instead of Donald Trump receiving a yellow manilla folder from Julian Assange of Wikileaks.
  • Frog, Kermit. (Yaeko) (Note: frog is symbol of Alt-right and of Trump’s alt-right leaning.) Donald Trump to Speak at Hate Group’s Annual Event: A First for a President.
  • Muller making progress. Another raid. (Jeanne) Success in getting first Grand Jury indictments October 27.
  • Jeff Sessions feels gone. (Bar)
  • Trump has hands to head. He is raging. (Frannie) White House leaks that Trump is unraveling and yelled, “I hate everyone in the White House!”
  • Substance problems Trump medication. (Natalie). North Koreans say Trump should take medication.
  • Trump or another top U.S. official in limo that hits and possibly kills a messenger on a bicycle. Description of vision: In a big city, tall buildings on both sides, I saw a black limousine stopped in the street. I knew Donald Trump was in the back. He had his hand up to his face and would not look to his left where uniformed me were pulling the fallen cyclist off the sidewalk. The cyclist who had been delivering things, probably documents, was wearing a blue and white helmet and blue and white shirt. I saw many dark suits of people in uniform. The man in the limo, who was an older man with white hair, would not look to the left side of his face where the injured man was. He’d bounced off the front of the limo. (Judy) This is a symbolic vision involving Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who would be the “messenger” and Pence the man with the white hair. Assange or some other person involved in providing documents to Trump from Russians, could be sacrificed in Muller investigation.
  • Trump & Pence holding people down. (Lisa) Immigration reform, healthcare executive order that allows employers to withhold birth control.
  • A racecar driver is going too fast. A female swimmer enters the scene. She’s going to slow him down. This is a reference to Trump and also possibly the patriarchal system thinking they can run the U.S. like driving a Formula One car, but it’s too powerful and complex. They are going too fast and heading for a crash. The woman represents feminine forces to slow him down. (Jeanne) Events of October & November involving women speaking up about abuse in nearly every sector of the economy may be the answer to this symbolic vision which not only applies to Trump as the driver, but all of the patriarchs who are racing ahead with the patriarchal market system.

Visions of U.S. People:

  • Public enlightenment about puppet strings in US and globally. (Susan)  Press writes extensively about the impact of oligarchs, Putin, Koch Brothers, Rober Mercer and others controlling politicians.
  • Image of the Statue of Liberty looking like a mess. Looking away from the sun which is a symbol of truth. Ruled by the dollar. She’s weak and she’s falling apart. (Jeanne)
  • Sadness, fear, and depression widespread among American people. 
    • People are depressed. (Anon)
    • Depression hits in the U.S. (I don’t think this is true economic depression, although a recession is coming), but it’s how people are feeling). (Yaeko)
    • Deep profound sadness. (Ron)
    • It seems our reality is being shaken. Fear and loathing are commonplace. Hope seems to be fading for a better outcome.
    • We are heading for another long dark winter, wherever we are, people are bereft. (Laura)
    • People in the U.S. are scared. (Natalie) Fear of nuclear war as president acts unhinged.
    • Feeling of darkness, night-time prolonged. (Meghan)
    • Opened eyes of US public. (Susan) Surveys show more are disillusioned with President and GOP.
    • Picture feels bleak. (David)
    • People making due with less. (KB)
  • Heroin use epidemic continues.
  • Going to take away healthcare. (Natalie) Trump Signs Bill to Eliminate ACA Insurance rules.
  • The image of the burning Tower, from the Tarot. This stands for major life changing crisis and old structures collapsing. (Jeanne) The Tower image that I saw in my mind’s eye stands for Armageddon (see below). It looks like a firestorm, like the California fires. Also could be about the Las Vegas shooting: The Horror of Las Vegas A gunman armed with high-powered weaponry sprayed bullets at a rate of about 560 rounds per minute.His finger on the trigger of the machinery of murder unleashed more than nine rounds every second toward a crowd of thousands.Over and over and over again.–NY Daily News.
  • A new cure or treatment for a childhood illness discovered.(Natalie) Childhood leukemia treatment cleared by FDA August 30.
  • Early start to the flu season in the U.S. (Audree) Flu season felt. (Sue. S) Flu season begins early in Arkansas.
  • Witch from Wizard of Oz—toiling in cauldron. (Susan) News stories about Laurie Cabot witch of Salem.
  • Fall leaves bristling on street—black and white sidewalk movie scene from To Kill A Mockingbird. (Susan) [Note: This vision refers to racism in the South.]
  • People bracing a bit economically; feeling cautious. (Susan)
  • Hawaii restaurant fire.
  • Improvement of food problems.
  • Batman to the rescue. (We need him for moral support). (Jeanne) (Robert Mueller compared to batman saving Gotham D.C.)
  • Children’s entertainment in America, amusement projects in the media. (Naghmeh)
  • Athlete being wheeled in a gurney – injury at an athletic event? October 17th Celtic Gordon Hayward Suffers Horrifying Injury During First Game.
  • A mother’s disappearance in the news. (Lisa) Husband of Missing Teacher Found Dead October 24.
  • A big explosion at night, making clouds from earth to sky which continue throughout the following day, filled with chemicals and fumes from the explosion and fires. (Prem) Louisiana oil rig explodes on October 15th.
  • Violence due to a KKK rally. (Laura) Charlottesville violence.
  • Many people return to an ancient pagan religion.
  • The prison system expanding and the Latino illegal immigrants being pursued. This is big business for prison corporations. (Jeanne) Raids around the country arresting immigrants within 100 miles of borders.
  • Political disappointment, “business as usual” in President and Congress in spite of election mandate for change. Trump did not deliver on promises. (Julia)
  • More clashes between the public and the police. (Jeanne)
  • Nothing but night. Orange light at end of month. “Shakedown” by Bob Seeger. (Meghan) First charges filed in Mueller investigation.
  • Global panic on Internet hacking. (Helena) Public response to Equifax hack has been overwhelming upset and even the GOP has asked for overhaul.
  • Something falling around tall buildings. (Joy)  Number of dare devil high-rise climbers on the rise. Several deaths this fall.
  • Symbol of rifles crossed as seen on military badges. Not crossed rifles but crossed arrows, the symbol of the U.S. Special Forces who suffered biggest loss since new president and the event has been surrounded with secrecy. Special Forces ambush shrouded with secrecy.
  • Circle of people in deep red color looking at a man seated in a chair. They are saying to him, “Now you need to help us.” (Pickles)
  • Someone standing in the middle of a circle where they are cordoned off from a crowd that surrounds them, holding back a crowd. (Dee)
  • I see a downward arrow. Means the stock market is down. (Anais)
  • Bipartisan outreach/some bipartisan bills passed. Both sides more inclined to come together. (Bluebelle) Senators revive bi-partisan criminal justice bill.
  • I see a fireball. Lots of fire. (Andrew) Louisiana oil rig explodes on October 15.
  • A ship is breaking apart. People are bailing. (Jeanne) This could be the October 15th Louisiana oil rig explosion.
  • In a location with snow capped mountains in the background there is a circus in chaos. A helicopter is falling, people are fighting. (Jeanne)
  • Candidate announced. (Julia)


  • The flags are blending together around the globe and the lines are blurring between countries and territories. (Alex)
  • North Korea in the news again. (Ann). NK doing more tests and nationwide evacuation drills at the end of October.
  • Japan and India also in the news more. (Ann)
  • Italy volcano. (Sue S.) Volcanos and earthquakes being charted more, with press reports on Italy, Indonesia, and the West coast of U.S. and Latin America.
  • See many professional racing bicycles in a race (feels like something new (and improved) regarding bicycles and/or racing). (Maryellen)
  • Coming out of Asia – some threat. (Natalie) At the Chinese Communist PartyCongress, Xi Jinping Plays the Emperor.
  • Unrest southern Europe, Italy. (Natalie)
  • Van Gogh’s painting of the hayfields is in the news. (Lorie) Discovery of dead grasshopper in VanGogh fields painting teaches about the artist’s experience while painting outdoors – a combination of outer and inner reality.
  • Royals in the news. (Toni) Kate third pregnancy announced in September.
  • The Royals are celebrating with a ball or similar celebration. Probably a royal wedding or prince engagement. (Jeanne)  Prince Harry engagement.
  • The southern tip of South Africa, people are fleeing due to water, although not likely from floods but from contaminated water.
  • Panama, the tropics in the media.  Money laundering scandals on the rise for Panama banks and hotels. Trump hotel spot-lighted.  Malia reporter murdered for exposing her countrymen’s money laundering in Panama.
  • Norway in the news. Could be military issue. (Andrea)
  • Hearts heavy, so much pain in back, so much everyone is carrying, feeling emotionally spent. (Bar)
  • Uganda in a crisis. Sadness and disparity of social classes, rich people ok, poor people pushed to flee. (Helena) UN Report issued on this problem. “Uganda now shoulders most of the burden of Africa’s biggest refugee crisis, managing a constellation of camps which require food, water, healthcare, and policing. At Imvepi Camp, now home to more than 120,000 South Sudanese, new arrivals receive vaccinations, hot meals, and basic items such as soap and plastic tarps to build a house. The government also gives each refugee family a small plot of land, about a twentieth of an acre, where they can build a tent shelter and grow crops to eat or sell. But the land often proves too rocky for farming.
  • Cuba in the news. (Andrew) Trump prohibits trade and visits to Cuba. Sonic attack on US and Canadian Embassy: https://www.wired.com/story/us-diplomats-sonic-attack-ototoxicity/


  • Fireman hat. This is the second image I’ve gotten this year of a fireman’s hat. (Jeanne) October California governor calls state of emergency when fires rage across 8 counties in wine country.
  • Severe drought and fire conditions in the Western U.S. Saw a key which means these conditions are a peak into the future for decades to come.(Jeanne) Unprecendent fires in California out of control in wine country.
  • Cold weather colder then expected in pockets in the USA. (Helena) Note: this could be a climate change warning of coming see-saw effect.(Helena) Minnesota weather at end of October unseasonably frigid.
  • Disasters looming. (Sandi) Studies now show seas will rise faster than previously expected. Studies show Arctic melting will cause dangerous weather.
  • Image of The Wave (Hokusai woodblock). (Melissa) Typhoon Lan Makes Landfall in Japan causing flooding, canceled flights.
  • Drums, dark, an opening in the sky, somber feeling. (Gail)
  • Earthquake visions: These might be from North Korea missile tests that collapse a mountain and made the earth shake, inciting fears of volcano.
    • Lightening and storm clouds. (NJ)
    • The earth shakes. 10/12 (Bob)
    • I see one of the earth’s plates. Earthquake! (NJ)
    • I am getting an eruption like a volcano. (Cheryl)  Bali eruption in the news.
    • More significant climate change defining events happening and in the news; feels irreversible and quickening. (Maryellen)
  • White lions are born in South Africa, major symbol of hope, one cub is dead, three alive. (Gerti)
  • Flooding, flooding, flooding. (Toni) Typhoon Lan makes landfall in Japan causing 4 deaths, flooding and canceled flights.
  • Picture of Earth, concerns looking at global macro point of view instead of micro vie. (Joy)
  • Water issues and the Miami high life. (Marilyn)
  • NASA makes great discovery. (Bill). Space rock from another solar system discovered in October.
  • I saw three cacti, symbols for drought. Means drought in three places, where I formerly used to see just one cactus. (Jeanne)

ECONOMY (October)

  • Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
  • Market rebounds.
  • Housing market down. (Yaeko)
  • More drought in U.S.
  • Real estate assessments down for the year. (Brian)



  • An angel stands over the land, sending hope and compassion to the downtrodden and dispirited.(Jeanne)
  • Change, spiritual rebirth and awareness beginning to create a new archetypal process for a generational (in our DNA) lineage into a new and transformed world. (Michelel B.)
  • Maypole image. It means that we begin to change for the better the way we take care of children.
  • Holy figure bowing in prayer. (Jeanne)
  • Image of a beautiful woman who is leading others to practice compassionate prayer. (Jeanne)
  • Vision of a unicorn, symbol of purity, belief, infinite possibility and success .(Jeanne)

U.S. (November)

  • Visions of the U.S. Population feeling more depressed and discouraged in November:
    • The country (U.S.) is going nuts with opposition, seething, fighting. (Jeanne)
    • As I meditate on this time, my heart starts pounding and my body quaking. (Jeanne) The GOP Tax bill, degrading of Obamacare, a pedophile endorsed by the President, a tape showing Paul Ryan and GOP leadership saying that Trump is on the Russian payroll and they are not actually joking, Trump and GOP furthering their gerrymandering, all this causes anxiety.
    • People less optimistic financially, but happily enjoying time and closeness with their families. (Susan)
    • Thanksgiving tables, missing plates, public tired. (Andrew)
    • Tired calm (Jill)
    • Not enough giving thanks. Confusion, anger. How to get through Thanksgiving with so much divisiveness.
    • People can’t control sadness. (Marilyn)
    • A lot of anger in the collective, and unbalanced feelings. (Bar W.)
    • Nothing feels good. Blackness hits, depression until the last week of the month. (Meghan)
    • Something happens to depress us. No real holiday cheer. (Meghan) GOP Tax Package is bad for middle-class and poor, big boon for the ultra wealthy. Then Trump endorses sexual predator Moore for Senate.
    • More hunkering down. (KB)
    • People feeling angry about election hacking. (Sue S)
    • Severe depression among the populace. (Meghan)
  • Visions of Freedom of Speech and the press being repressed:
    • Tightness in throat, media being choked, laws being passed to squelch voices that do not agree, becoming a more fascist country, anger, civil and Constitutional rights being taken away for the so called greater good. (Heather) Trump proposing to eliminate licenses of press who criticize him. The corrosion of support for first amendment
    • People repressed can’t speak out, fear of speaking their minds. (Natalie)
    • Terror state – sense this feeling in the U.S. population. (Natalie)
    • Shopping season is seen as color red, which is not good. (Frannie)
    • People hiding in homes. In this vision, the landscape is urban and poor, as in the Southside of Chicago. (Frannie)
  • Visions involving the White House:
    • Thanksgiving hard for people. Turkey is shriveled. (Frannie)
    • Gray and black drapey strips of cloth hanging from trees, like a deathly Halloween scene. (Melissa F.) Step inside Melania Trump’s Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • Donald Trump is still swaggering but in trouble. (Jeanne)
    • White House with lots of helicopters/other small aircraft in the air. Unusually warm/sunny for this time of year. No people on lawn or walking around. Helicopters dot the sky, perhaps a dozen or more small planes. (Traci S.)
    • Muller: I see a wrist watch. Timing is important. (Jeanne) Muller gets first Grand Jury indictments and makes arrests on October 30, which fits his timeline.
    • Witches on their brooms, a dove of peace is flying across the country from southwest to northeast. (Jeanne)
    • I saw Daedalus’ wings melting and he looks like an aircraft that is falling out of the sky. This could be about Trump’s hubris becoming his undoing, as well as the Trump family hubris. (Jeanne) Flynn sites high ranking White House official (Kushner) instructing him to negotiate with Russia deal for campaign.
    • I see Trump closing his vest and jacket, like he’s going inside of himself; becoming less public. He has a defiant look on his face. (Alex)  Trump in a bubble. 
    • Trump has pneumonia. (Lynn)
    • Trump losing, the net closing. (Natalie) ‘‘The walls are closing in,’’ said one senior Republican in close contact with top staffers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly. ‘‘Everyone is freaking out.’’
    • Trump takes a fall. (Lori) Metaphorically, this came true when Trump’s former National Security Advisor flipped for the FBI Special Investigation.
    • Saw this vision of Trump taking a fall: Weather was cold and it was a party. Saw Trump coming out on wide cement steps but just before he went to step down his right ankle went sideways and he started to fall down and just before he would have toppled down the steps, an attendant caught him. A woman was there. She was in a blue sequin dress, long, and a big fluffy white coat on, probably Melania. She stood there and looked. Then almost instantly they had him in a wheelchair. (Judy)  This is probably metaphorical, since no news reports of a literal fall have occurred.  It was during this month that two Trump people made guilty pleas and agreed to testify against him on the Russia Investigation.
    • The present federal government is symbolized by the Roman fasces look like an ax), symbol of central state harsh rule. (Jeanne) (This vision was made in 2015) Immigration raids have been swift, unexpected, and harsh.blame Obama and degrade his legacy. (Michele)
    • They make effort to freeze out someone, “like a popsicle on a stick.” I got the feeling this was Obamacare. They want to degrade it so they can ruin his memory.
    • Politics angry and fighting with each other. (Joy) So many fighting with Trump on both sides of the aisle.
    • I see a goat. (Ming) FOX’s Ingraham thinks Roy Moore is the GOP scapegoat.
    • Corpulent billionaire, like the image in the game Monopoly. Fat cats get richer. (NJ) GOP tax package is a lump of coal for middle class, and big bucks for super wealthy. Also see here.
    • Something going on in Alaska that comes to nation’s attention. (Patti) This vision is likely about EPA head Scott Priutt reversing an Obama rule that protected Bristol Bay from copper mining.
    • A feeling that players are becoming more secretive, people less trusting, tightening up. (Mary) Video released of GOP House leadership admitting they believe Trump is on the Russian payroll and Paul Ryan asking for secrecy and loyalty not to leak it.
    • More presidential cabinet people leave. (Bob)
    • Shots fired in Dallas, a black officer shooting someone. (Andrew) JFK assassination files being released and reviewed in media.
    • Trump health crisis at a cultural event. Felt gripping pain on the left side of his body into the ear and brain. I heard a popping sound and then heard static, like his mind has gone blank. (Kathleen)
    • Man in a wheel chair. (Melissa) Actress accuses Bush senior of sexual assault and lewd comments made from his wheelchair.
  • Comedian dies. (Andrew) Jim Nabors of Gomer Pyle dies.
  • Small fish (possibly piranhas) eating the toes of a man. (Jan)
  • California leaves or leads. (Kathy) L.A. Mayor considering bid for president. California leading nation in environmental measures.
  • Heroin epidemic. Opiod epidemic reaches new heights.
  • Black cars, funeral of a public figure. Malta journalist who exposed major Panama money laundering corruption murdered in car bomb.
  • DAPL pipeline, protests still in news. (Lisa) 200,000 gallons of oil leaked from pipeline in South Dakota.
  • Oscar Myers, hot dogs, etc. industry in the headlines.(Naghmeh) Oscar Myers has ditched toxic ingredients from its hotdogs.
  • Government has a major change. (Andrea) Andrea made this prediction in 2015 for this fall 2017.  In the fall of 2017, there were many government changes never seen before.    GOP Congress makes sweeping laws in secret meetings and no longer holds  public hearings on the largest piece of tax reform in 30 years. President has an unprecedented number of staff leave his office. President has an made unprecedented number of departures from norm, e.g.,  making policy by unvetted tweets, lashing out again foreign allies via tweet, inciting nuclear violence against a major nuclear foe, also by Tweet.
  • Ghost towns out west (due to running out of water?) (Bill)



  • Thanksgiving is safe, but cold. We are so grateful. (Jeanne) Extreme cold front sends temperatures to record lows in New England. This is the climate see-saw effect from Arctic warming.
  • India tidal wave. (Prem)
  • Snow, baskets filled with snow, a snowy Thanksgiving; empty city. (Lauren)
  • Heavy snowfall, bull running in circles in NYC, telescope looking for something or some people (aliens?) (Anais) (Note: New England)
  • Problem with fish in the sea. (Yaeko) Overfishing scandal in New England.
  • Climate: In a word, cold. I can hear it reverberating in my mind. (David) In spectacular display of predicted see-saw effect, Arctic surge in temperatures causes shift of polar vortex over North America: result is historic temperature drops across U.S.
  • Storm in the northeastern U.S. I saw a weather diagram of a swirling storm over the area. (Audree)
  • Europe, looking down a hillside, trees with leaves, blooming plants, as if it is summer weather in winter. (Prem)
  • Mexico earthquakes. Earth quakes in South America, desert areas. Volcano erupting (like Vesuvius). (Clara)
  • Floods, waves (Gail). Bogata and Chennai extreme flooding.
  • Whales dried up on the coastal beaches. (Gail) Whales beaching on Kauai. Ten Sperm Whales stranded in Indonesia.
  • Rough grey sea, storms over water. (Doris)
  • Icy cold weather. (Julie). Suddenly part of the country turn cold after unseasonably warm October.
  • The sea is rising. There will be more chaos and stress due to water. (Mary)
  • The need for berries for hungry bird populations. (Helena)
  • Worries about meteors. (Helena)
  • There’s more pain in the middle of the U.S. (Andrew)
  • More flooding. (Andrew)
  • Focus on Antarctica. Not good. (Jeanne)
  • Trouble with fish due to climate changes – with deep ocean waters floating upwards are too warm for some fish to breathe. Also saw a scaled fish. (Jeanne) Massive Over fishing fraud in New England Banks finally brought to justice.
  • Early winter in many places. Cold reaches southward (an effect of climate change). (Jeanne)
  • Snow early in New England. (Maryellen)
  • Avalanche in a ski area in the news, significant enough to be in mainstream news – loss of life. (Maryellen)
  • A lot of rain in D.C. (Lorie)
  • Feels cold, winds strong, winter storm comes early in some parts of the country. (Heather)
  • Discovery of a fish that comes out of the ocean and onto the land. It looks like an iguana. (Jeanne) New species of fish discovered. [It doesn’t look like an Iguana, but the circulated photo shows the fish stranded on the beach.]
  • Rain, rainy streets in Washington D.C., feeling of gloom. (Lorie)
  • Australian Gold Coast, ocean waves an issue. (John) In early Dec. 2017, more teenage tragic swimming accidents. The waves are hazardous there and foreigners don’t realize this.
  • Nostalgic image in black and white of people bundled up in 1950’s clothing to keep warm due to cold and wind. Seems that people want to go back to a simpler time. (Susan)


December 2017


  • Angels singing, spiritual celebrations around the world. Image of Moscow, tajmahal, so much love. (Jeanne)
  • Coming together community localities. (Natalie)
  • People trusting their gut. (Natalie)
  • Gratitude, the lights are on in Budapest and Prague. (Andrew)
  • People holding hands in prayer, swaying and singing together–felt peaceful and resolute, not worried. (Melissa F.)
  • An angel stands over the land. It’s a new age of giving. (Jeanne)
  • Star of David (Jewish) and lotus (Buddha) together. (Kirsten)

U.S. (December)

  • White House
    • Someone is falling, grabbing on to things to save himself but he is in free fall. Not Trump. (Jeanne)
    • A lot of expensively-suited people fighting with each other, angry, name-calling. Could be Kushner, Don Jr., or someone else who Mueller has targeted for the Russian scandal. (Jeanne)
    • Getting stomach jitters at the thought of December. Nail biting, head ache situation. (Jeanne) Massive tax bill hoax passed, rolls back Obamacare, adds to huge deficit, huge giveaway to the wealthiest, including a billion dollars to Trump himself, and similar bonuses for GOP congressmen. No hearings held, all done in secret GOP meetings. Also major FOX and GOP attack on FBI investigators.
    • People are so worried that they will be disappointed with the Trump situation. They want him gone, but it’s not happening. (Jeanne)  GOP and FOX launch attack on Special FBI investigation.
    • Someone hanging upside down, a man with long white hair, my heart is pounding. The upside down image is a symbol from the Tarot of the Hanged Man, which stands for being out of control. It calls for surrender to that which one cannot control. I had sensed this was someone in the Trump Administration who will take the first fall from the Muller investigation. (Jeanne)  This is likely Mueller who is now the object of a massive GOP congressional and FOX media attack. They are calling it a coups d’etat.
    • Vision of Trump with black coat on with his back turned. He is focused on self-preservation and is trying to think of a way out of his predicament. He is feeling resigned to “what is”. (Susan)
    • Tillerson gone? Not yet, but in early 2018. (Maryellen)  Tillerson getting ready to leave in 2018.
    • Trump (like Castro) out of sight due to health and treatment – who’s in charge? (Maryellen)
    • Melania Trump living with the new, family issues. (Toni) Wolff book tells of Melania’s misery since Trump became president.
    • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in the news related to Russia Trump and money laundering investigation. (Michele)
    • People are waiting for an announcement, probably political. (Michele)  GOP Tax package had people waiting.
    • I see a jeweled ring which is an issue. I see Ivanka. Then I see a naked white woman, which probably stands for vulnerability. There is a scandal involving a blond woman and a man. This feels like Ivanka and Jared. (Jeanne)  It turns out the man is not Jared, although the issue definitely involves Ivanka and her jewelry company which has been named in a money laundering case.  According to Newsweek, citing GQ, diamonds from Ivanka’s now defunct jewelry business were used to hide a Saudi oil company’s assets.
    • Coming for Trump. This won’t be his undoing, this is actually where I feel the liberal rage the strongest, it will be people on the ground vowing revenge, the energy feels violent, I’m not sure that it actually gets violent though. His undoing will come later, this is just the prelude. (Natalie)
    • Trump is gone, dems take cover. (Kathy)  This prediction does not appear likely to happen in December.
  • The People (U.S.)
    • People upset and shocked at the behavior of the GOP:  First they pass a massive income transfer to the ultra wealthy under false pretenses, then they began making a case for the President to  shut down the FBI investigation.
      • A feeling that something is coming to a close. (Mary K)   The end of an era. (Julie)  America feels like a new country. It’s unclear how to go on in this new country and new reality. (Natalie)  Feels like democracy is coming to a close. We have a President and a Congress that is trying to shut down an investigation of Presidential treason and obstruction of justice.  They transfer huge sums to the ultra wealthy in a tax reform con then proceed towards cutting remaining social programs.
      • A reversal of fortune. Evidence of a scandal revealed. Shock and anger in response. Significant contrast to the meaning of the holiday season. (David) 
      • People asking, “What now?” 
      • A gasp for help. A descent, a spiral downward. Little respite during the holidays. Our world seems to be spinning beyond our control. No relief in sight. A dismal finish to the year.  
      • We’ve got to get it back – democracy! (Toni): Former presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama warn democracy is in danger if we are not careful. See News articles about:  Bush 43: October 19, 2017 Obama: December 8, 2017 and October 19, 2017 Clinton: Conan episode published on November 8, 2017
      • Life in a downward spiral. (Anais)  Republicans trying to shut down Special Investigation of President. 
      • The color feeling of this month is brownish. People are thinking, “Now what?” (Brian)
      • Feeling of no turning back. (Susan)
    • The New Reality of the government abandonment of impoverished families.
      •  People bundled up, sleeping on streets or in an airport. (Jeanne)   Atlanta airport power failure caused huge delays with people and families shown sleeping in the airport.
      • Cold & lonely, but some happy reunions. Food scarce for the poor in New England. (Helena)
      • Families huddled together. (Jeanne)
      • Small, subdued, heavy Christmas. (KB)
    • Transportation, huge traffic jams. (Michele) Two incidents in December: Amtrak disaster in DuPont, Washington and Atlanta Airport power failure caused huge delays and traffic problems inside and outside the airport.
    • This month is the color purple (which usually means combination of red and blue politics). (Frannie)
    • Smoke in the subways. (Donna) NYC pipe bomber sets off small blast and a lot of smoke on Monday, Dec. 11.
    • An image from a Tarot card, the four of pentacles: Poor children in the snow outside a church. (Melissa)
    • Attention to the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps mainly Washington State. (Traci)  Train disaster in Washington in which a new Amtrak train crash and part of it fell onto cars on an interstate.
    • African Americans scared. (Frannie)
    • Confusion and trouble in Denver. (Andrew)  
    • There are “false flag” attacks on Christian churches or gatherings related to Christmas. I see evil men laughing about it. (Meghan)
    • Guns, shooting. (Julia)  GOP passes rule enabling gun holders to bring guns to states that prohibit them.
    • A weight is lifted off the chest. (Patti)
    • Somber reflection of the past year. (Molly) USA Today 2017 review. Many describe the year as being most difficult.
    • States becoming more independent. (Jilli) California is making its own plans to forge ahead without the U.S. Congress. They are planning for coping with fires.(Jeanne) There Are Actual Secession Movements in America: Here Are the Biggest Ones.
    • Discouragement among the people. (Christopher) Democracy under threats, let’s pray for its survival. A winter of discontent: One year later Trump, Clinton both unpopular
    • Lots of people are mad about current administration. The people won’t let them destroy our democracy. They will fight until the very last. (Meghan) I think this one could go with the prediction from Runestoneone about the rose.
    • Soft bells and warm smiles, but also people feeling a sense of desperation, loss of hope. (Graciela) Anger grows and hope fades as Puerto Rico’s ground zero remains without power.
    • Fear and uncertainty about the current political environment in our world. (Christopher) Major cryptocurrencies are crashing as ‘fear, uncertainty, and doubt’ grips the market.
    • Winter Holidays:
      • Rich people making lots of money and giving parties like in Gatsby. (Kathleen)
      • Holiday, but not very rosy, little to celebrate. It is very cold, but people do have cover. (Ming)
      • Simple, modest happy family gatherings around Christmas. People wishing for “good old days” or simpler times. Long dark days. People looking within wondering where are we headed?
      • Holiday cheer – at a price and with effort. (Maryellen)
      • Meaningful Christmas gifts survival gifts. (Natalie)  Survival purchases at an all time high due to Trump’s North Korea escalation.
      • Not much spending during holidays, people are sad. (Joy)
      • Bad Christmas, but there is hope. Economy is not so good. But people are singing anyway. Reminds me of a Christmas Carol with Tiny Tim. They are poor and he is sick but there is love, and hope. (Jeanne)
      • Quiet Christmas. Collective exhaustion after mass trauma. The mood is calm & mournful. (Sue S.)
      • Excitement, crowds, happy feeling, looking down 5th Ave. in NYC. (Grace)
      • Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center is cold and still. (Andrew)
      • I see a large tree in Central Park lit up with Christmas lights. There’s a silence that is more eerie than peaceful. Although the tree is lit up, the sky is dark and foreboding. (Alex)
      • Modest, quiet Christmas celebrations, however families cheerful. (Susan)
  • Shooting stars and a famous baby in the news. (Anais)
  • Oil Companies
    • Big explosion – a huge facility/industrial plant.
    • Oil rig on fire. (Bill)
    • Kansas, Minneapolis in the news over pipeline that affects Canadian Inuit tribe. (John)


  • Insurrection in Egypt. Empty red carpeted hotel lobby in NYC. (Bill)  Instead of Egypt, could it be Iran?  Protests in Iran over economic woes.
  • Korean missiles back in the news. It’s the same old show, a game of flexing muscles between two brainless world leaders. While the leaders are messing around, the people are starving. (Paula) Trump and Kim Jung Un exchanged petty threats in 2017, all the way to the very end of December.  North Korea building missiles tipped with the Anthrax virus.Jerusalem, boys and girls throwing stones. (Paula)  Violent Palestinian group teaching children how to throw rocks at Israelis.An incident in the news: South America. Melina Trump and a sailor in white uniform. (Melissa)
  • UK
    • Catastrophe in England, ship, rain, cold, channel emergency, fog, collision. (Gerti)
    • Women in hats (UK) on parade. (Jeanne)  Prince Harry’s engagement puts the Royals in the news.
    • Brexit issues coming to the forefront. (Jeanne)
    • Diamonds.. (Prem)  Ivanka in the news because of her  diamond business was used for money laundering in Dubai.
    • Riots in the U.K. (Julie)
  • Far East: Boats, including fishing boats, men with guns, getting into the water. Looks like we might be in the far east. Trump trying to create another distraction from the Russia investigation with a military move.
  • Middle East issues heating up. Trump declares Jerusalem capital of Israel.
    • Pyramid with a star on top. (Aija)  It’s the Star of David, dominance of Israel in the Middle East, thanks to Donald Trump.
    • I see the sign of infinity which represents the G-20 summit nations confering on these issues.  All but nine U.N. countries vote against the U.S. Israel policy.
  • North Korea
    • Angelic clouds surrounding the Korean peninsula. (Mary L.)  North Korea and South Korea in talks.
    • Feels like there could be something more definitive happening with North Korea. Possible talks or agreement? Or maybe the opposite!(Pamela)  North Korea reaches out to South Korea for talks.
    • A missile or bomb over water. (Dumbledorbob)
  • Australia: Image of an alligator with a woman inside. (Jeanne) Sadly this came true when the remains of a missing Australia woman were discovered inside a 14 foot alligator.
  • Russia:
    • Putin has cooled off. (Frannie)  Trump attempts to distract from his collusion crime by issuing a statement that he is enforcing the Magnitsky Sanction.
    • Russia: electricity going off. (Anais)
  • Political strife in Europe. (Naghmeh)
  • Norsemen crossing. Probably related to war. (Andrea)
  • Fighting– invasion of one place from another. (Lisa)
  • Honduras in the news. (Audree)
  • Giant mechanical battles. (Ann)
  • Acrobatics ballet in the news. (Terry) Ballet in the news. (Jeanne)
  • Insurrection in Egypt. Empty red carpeted hotel lobby in NYC. (Bill) Instead of Egypt, could it be Iran? Protests in Iran over economic woes.
  • Korean missiles back in the news. It’s the same old show, a game of flexing muscles between two brainless world leaders. While the leaders are messing around, the people are starving. (Paula) Trump and Kim Jung Un exchanged petty threats in 2017, all the way to the very end of December. North Korea building missiles tipped with the Anthrax virus.
  • Jerusalem, boys and girls throwing stones. (Paula) Violent Palestinian group teaching children how to throw rocks at Israelis.
  • Coast of Japan, water between North Korea and Japan, coasts. Grey and cool. (Sophie) North Korea says Japan wants war in 2018 as both gather new and more powerful weapons. Ghost ships: Bodies and boats from North Korea unsettle Japanese community.
  • A barge coming into port front end, a foggy winter. (Mary) Ghost ships: Bodies and boats from North Korea unsettle Japanese community.
  • Mass protests. (Christopher) Iranian cities hit by anti-government protests.


  • Weather is colder than average this month. (Frannie)  Below average temperatures all over Canada, and the north and north eastern US.
  • Snow covered landscape amidst grey sky, still feeling of depression until last week of month. (Meghan)
  • A White Christmas in New England. (Lynn)  Four to 12 inches falls Christmas morning in N.E.
  • Christmas is very cold in New England. No snow. (Jeanne)  N.E. got snow Christmas morning and plunging below-average temperatures.
  • Africa drought worsening. (Doris)
  • Smoke and flame, as from volcanoes. Dark skies. (Mary L.) Volcano. (NJ) Unexpected dormant volcano erupts in New Guinea for first time in history. 
  • A red desert with men riding black horses down a spiral mountain, somewhere in the Middle East where there is a food shortage. (Gail)
  • Drought in Africa, a sad Christmas, an avalanche in Europe. (Doris)
  • Europe, storms and airplanes. Wind, wind, wind. Water moving storms, not cold. Very wet. (Clara)
  • Very hot in Australia. Head bursting hot. (Clara)
  • Thirst, drought, water shortage issue. (Lisa P.)
  • Continent of Africa on fire. It is like a flame or campfire in the middle. (Kathleen) Kenya to suffer extreme heat wave for the first time in history
  • Winter storm, streets empty. (Kim) A snow storm hit the east coast, it snowed in Florida where iguanas were falling off trees.
  • Australia, New Zealand volcanic activity. (Kay) Dormant volcano Kadovar in New Guinea wakes with first eruption in known history, spews lava.

ECONOMY (December)

About the Author:

Jeanne Mayell is a professional intuitive and author who gives private life readings and offers tools to help people develop their psychic abilities. In 2015, Mayell was named by Coast to Coast AM radio as one of America’s most gifted Tarot readers. Holding Master Degrees from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MA in Counseling Psychology from Framingham State University, and published in The Atlantic and other national journals, she is not only a gifted intuitive, but brings an academic and intellectual perspective to the world of psychic readings and intuition training. Sensing that an era of profound and accelerated change is upon us, Mayell has been teaching people to expand the intuitive gifts we are all born with. In this way, we will be able to navigate the coming changes for ourselves, our families and others. She teaches classes in Tarot, Prophecy, Positive Psychology, and mindfulness — all ways to find inner guidance. Mayell has also worked as a health writer (Atlantic Monthly, American Health Magazine, and EastWest Journal), and was the Massachusetts Medicaid Director, a policy analyst for the City of New York’s health and welfare programs, and a research consultant on national health and welfare programs. She has co-authored two books on health and welfare and is currently writing a book on intuition and the Tarot.