Updated: Donald Trump Presidency How it Plays Out

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Jeanne Mayell is a professional intuitive and author who gives private life readings and offers tools to help people develop their psychic abilities. In 2015, Mayell was named by Coast to Coast AM radio as one of America’s most gifted Tarot readers. Holding Master Degrees from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MA in Counseling Psychology from Framingham State University, and published in The Atlantic and other national journals, she is not only a gifted intuitive, but brings an academic and intellectual perspective to the world of psychic readings and intuition training. Sensing that an era of profound and accelerated change is upon us, Mayell has been teaching people to expand the intuitive gifts we are all born with. In this way, we will be able to navigate the coming changes for ourselves, our families and others. She teaches classes in Tarot, Prophecy, Positive Psychology, and mindfulness — all ways to find inner guidance. Mayell has also worked as a health writer (Atlantic Monthly, American Health Magazine, and EastWest Journal), and was the Massachusetts Medicaid Director, a policy analyst for the City of New York’s health and welfare programs, and a research consultant on national health and welfare programs. She has co-authored two books on health and welfare and is currently writing a book on intuition and the Tarot.


  1. Kelly Clover 12/08/2018 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    If your updated predictions on the Trump presidency prove accurate, we have definitely lost our democracy! People overseas will know that America cannot be trusted to do what is morally or legally right. Your description of Donald Trump as the anti-Christ agrees with what Brother James Key (a Christian pastor) says about him. CNN says that Donald Trump has been linked to at least 2 crimes related to the 2016 election. One is steering illegal campaign funds to his campaign. Sadly no Republican public officials have had the courage to call for Donald Trump being brought to justice on any crimes that Robert Mueller found. What we have is a totalitarian dictatorship on our hands where the Bill of Rights will effectively become a meaningless scrap of paper.
    Your prediction of greatly stepped attacks on the press is what all dictators do. A free press is the number 1 thing that is needed to protect all of our other freedoms.

    • Jeanne Mayell 12/08/2018 at 6:20 pm - Reply

      Kelly, my long term predictions show that democracy will be saved. The Atlantic did a story likening the GOP and Trump as being under siege by the Mueller investigation and the other lawsuits and exposes.

      These onslaughts will keep adding up against him in the way that opponents lay siege to a city. Clearly he will not be taken down by any one event. He is too fortified for that– fortified with a corrupt and profit-oriented GOP, wealthy foreign powers, wealthy oligarchs, a powerful ultra right wing media, and his own sense of entitlement.

      It will take time for his power to collapse, but it will happen.

      We are under the thumb of a power base that took decades to build and will take time to dismantle. But it going to crash and burn and when it does, it will be dead and gone for a very long time.

      That is why I focus my readings on the long-term, not just on the year ahead. Here is The Atlantic story: Mueller is Laying Siege to Trump.

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