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    Psychic Predictions Realized

    Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 10.50.36 PMProphets all.

    If you’re someone who is drawn to this blog, or if you’ve been to one of my classes, then you probably already know that you are gifted with intuition. You may not know that you are also gifted with the ability to see the future, and with a little instruction, practice, and some group energy, you’ll be able to do what many of my students have done – envision the world ahead.

    Twice a year, former students of my five week class  meditate together on the future of our world. With eyes closed, they write down everything they see, feel, and hear inwardly, as I call out the months and years into the future. I gather their notes, including notes of my own visions, and post on

    Since our first meditation on January 3, 2012, hundreds of our visions have come true. No one is more surprised than they are. Over the years, students come and go, but the results continue. While some people are more gifted than others, and those who are drawn to this practice are probably more gifted than average, we are all wired for prophecy.   Also the group energy helps to amplify their powers.

    For anyone who is afraid of seeing the future, I just want to suggest that precognition is an internal guidance system that enables our species to survive.

    Some of the Psychic Predictions that Have Come True: [For a full list, (there are hundreds) scroll through past blogs of predictions and note those that are in bold.]

    Critics may complain the visions are too vague, and in many cases, they are incomplete scenes, scraps of the future. It takes a lot of practice to figure out the whole of what you are seeing. But if you read these visions with an open mind, you may agree that we are seeing the future.

    Some predictions that came true:

    • The most recent Great Snows that have plagued New England (foreseen a year earlier & posted 1/9/13). Bill Mahan, the retired lawyer who had this vision also wrote, “Eskimos in trouble,” a reference to the problems plaguing the Alaskan Iditarod race that had to be moved north due to lack of snow. It’s as if he had seen that New England would get Alaska’s snow this winter, which given the disruption of the Polar Vortex, that is what happened.
    • Most of the other major climate events in the Northeast U.S. including Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, and October surprise snow storm of 2012.
    • The historic November 2012 stock market rally that returned the market to new highs from the crash of 2008. Our vision for November: “Bull with extra large horns on rampage (interpretation: stock market moving up).” We have  since seen dozens of stock market shifts that came to be.
    • The resignation of the Pope in February 2013 for health reasons, a resignation that had not happened in 700 years. The new Pope was elected in March. Our vision was for April: “Something going on with the Pope; he’s sick or passes.”
    • Newtown tragedy of December 2012. Our vision: “Tears” and “Children in Line,” which had been the widely circulated photo of teachers leading a line of children from the tragedy.
    • Obama winning the presidency. A year before the election, someone had asked me who would get the Democratic nomination. I couldn’t tell.  So I focused my inner eye on Inauguration Day and saw an African American man on the podium being sworn in.
    • Elizabeth Warren’s election to the U.S. Senate and subsequent prominence in the U.S. political scene. Our vision: three of us had seen a blond woman as the most important event of the 2012 elections other than the president. For my part, her face and blond hair filled my inner screen, as if this was a big deal that was going to happen. We didn’t know who she was at the time because she had not yet emerged as a front runner, but I figured it out as the election drew near.
    • Government shutdown in September 2013. Our vision: “a strongman bouncing a bull up and down, as if controlling the economy.”
    •  The Boston Marathon bombing, including a dark undercurrent underway in the months leading up to it. Our visions: “No one is going to understand any of this,” “a major terrorist attack,” “a city-wide celebration,” something dark unfolding.”
    • New Boeing 747 getting grounded
    • Problems with fracking emerging. Our visions were of numerous incidents of minor earthquakes in key fracking locations in the U.S.
    • A dry ice explosion at Disneyland that was at first thought to be a terrorist attack. Our vision for that month: “Something happens in Disneyland, in Fantasyland, outside Peter Pan’s Ride.”
    • The Mary Poppins movie (Saving Mr. Banks), the Muppets Movie seen months before announced.
    • The one time Congress was able to agree on something. Our vision: “Congress actually agrees on something.” [Congress lifted the Sequester for air traffic controllers so they could take recess without airport delays.]
    • Deaths of Nelson Mandel, Ariel Sharon, Shirley Temple, and Margaret Thatcher. (We didn’t name them, but did see press images of the events for the months that their passing occurred.)
    • Scandal of horse doping in Dubai
    • British royal pregnancies. Our vision: too many to include here. See posts.
    • Unique astrophysicists’ discoveries. Our vision: “New light discovery.”
    • Oil train accident in West Virginia on 2/17/15 that caused half mile evacuation and oil leakage into major water supply. Our vision: “Chaos, fire, people running away from homes,” and “pink sky railroad news.”

    How does prophecy work? 

    1. People tend to predict those events that matter to them.  I tend to see American politics, financial markets, because they reflect the nervous system of our collective,  the state of our natural world, and the emotional feelings of our collective (love, anxiety, fear, caring).  Some people see mainly celebrity news. Others focus on the Middle East. Still others on disasters. Some people are especially good at weather in our region.

    2. It seems that we are mainly seeing not the events themselves, but the media coverage of events and the subsequent feelings of people exposed to that coverage.  Other than the weather, most events that jump out at us have come from the media.  For the Newtown tragedy we’d seen “Tears” and “children in a line,” the latter had become the replayed image of the tragedy. Bill had seen the January 2015 Sidney terrorist attack as simply an image of the Sidney Opera House, a photo that replayed in the news every time the event was reported.  Pam had seen the Boston Marathon bombing as a feeling she would experience first-hand when authorities shut down all traffic in Boston for a week. “No one is going to understand any of this stuff,” she said looking around the room with a freaked out look.  When I saw the look on her face, I knew she had tapped into some kind of unprecedented bombing event.

    3. This process leads one to wonder if an event is never reported in the media, is it possible to see it? Yes, as long as someone out there experiences the event, in which case we focus on that person’s consciousness for our vision.  But the events that jump out at us as we meditate are going to be those that make the biggest splash in the media that we follow.  People who are mainly reading celebrity news will be good at foreseeing those events. People who follow climate change news or the financial markets, will see those events.

    4. Group energy amplifies the gift of prophecy.  Studies show that psychic energy is more potent when people work together. If those people are particularly bonded, such as twins, lovers, family members, and friends, the power is even greater. Before we make predictions, I have my group spend an hour reading each other’s cards and then engaging in a powerful group meditation where we send healing to each other and our loved ones. The feeling of connection among us is palpable.  Then when we begin meditating to visions of the future, the visions flow readily.