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    Having everything in one powerful (mindful) moment

    • Stained Glass Windowcropped for wpBeing truly present is hard and takes practice, but the reward is… well… everything.  What do I mean by “everything”? When you pause for a moment and focus on being here now, your awareness opens wide like a camera aperture, enabling you to let in all the light in your life. You also are wiring your brain for greater happiness because the practice develops neural pathways for being present. A University of Wisconsin study found that the Dalai Lama’s monks showed the highest levels of happiness ever recorded in brain scans when they were focusing on the present moment.  The rewards are “everything” because you are changing the way you subjectively experience your life, which affects your every experience.
    • Being present also increases your intuition.  To become intuitive, you have to  focus on your five senses plus your feelings, rather than your thoughts. The mind is usually too distracted to be able to receive the guidance of the present moment that we call intuition.  When I “read” people, I close my eyes and take a breath; time stops and I drink in the person with my senses. The hardest part is not letting my mind distract me.  I find I can get focused by caring about the person I’m reading, by opening my heart to them.  I make them matter to me. In short, I feel appreciation or gratitude for them.
    • So being present, happy, and intuitive starts with gratitude? Gratitude concentrates your awareness to a laser focus. How many times have you longed to have just one hour in the presence of someone you have lost?  If I could have just five minutes with my little dog Sandy who died last year, I’d take her in as never before.  I’d bury my face in her curly tangle of musty white fur and drink her up with all my senses.  My gratitude for having her back would rivet my focus, concentrating all my  awareness into that moment.  We can have those intense moments now. We don’t have to wait until they’re lost.  We need only stop and open to the day with gratitude, using all our senses to take it in.  When we sense the world with gratitude, we have it all, as if our lives are just filled with presents. Every moment is larger, longer, spacious. By the end of the day, you feel full with all you’ve received.
    • If you’d like to have a powerful experience of the present moment, try this Louis Schwartzberg film clip.  The whole piece is amazing, but if you start at 2:36, you’ll get the experience. When you finish the clip, take a few minutes to turn to your own moment and drink it up.   Take a breathe and sit in the magnificence of your own presence.  It’s this kind of awareness and gratitude that opens the door to…well…everything.

    Message of The Second Blood Moon

    blood moonsquareOn Wednesday October 8th at 6:25 am Eastern Time, the second in a rare series of four Blood Moons will begin on the horizon, peaking at 6:55 am. Blood moons are full moon eclipses in which the sunset red glow that rings the earth as it blocks the sun is cast upon the moon, giving it an eerie red hue.

    Ancients believed the moon to be a harbinger of change, while eclipses portend change that will accelerate over the ensuing six months. Since the four Blood Moons  will happen exactly six months apart,  we can expect accelerated change over this two-year period.

    Not only is this planetary event extremely rare, but all four, called a Blood Moon tetrad, will be most visible in the Americas, as if the universe has a message it wants Americans to see. This second Blood Moon will also be visible both in Asia and Australia. Check here to find the times and visibility in your location. Even if you cannot see this Blood Moon, you can still feel its message, as I did  during the first Blood Moon, when I hadn’t even known it was occurring.

    So what might Four Blood Moons mean?  When the first blood moon appeared on the horizon last April, I was not expecting it, nor had I ever heard of a blood moon. But the message was so strong that I pulled over in my car to catch my breath. When I gazed at the large brooding face on the horizon, I felt both awed at its beauty and power, and shaken by its grim message, a warning that, unless we wake up, our hubris would be our undoing. Cars sped past me as I gazed up at the huge amber face hanging on the horizon.  “You are small, like little fleas, dashing about on the earth,” it seemed to say. “You don’t know your powerlessness in the face of Nature.  Treating the planet as supply house and sewer will be your undoing.  It is time to wake up from this recklessness.

    How to Read Wednesday’s  Second Blood Moon

    Here is how I turn on my intuition, whether I’m reading a person, a tree, or our planet, and whether or not they are visible to my eyes. So if you are in Europe or Africa where the Blood Moon is not visible, you can still get its message.

    • On Wednesday I will arise early to stretch and meditate.
    • Go into a meditative (mindful) state to ground yourself and heighten your senses. Intuition comes through your senses, rather than from thinking. Take some deep breaths and follow your breath into your body.
    • Then, if the moon is visible, open your eyes and gaze at the whole picture before you. What do you notice about the scene?
    • If you cannot see the moon, keep your eyes closed and see or feel it inwardly.
    • Continue to be aware of your breathing and stay grounded by focusing on your senses – the touch of your feet on the ground, your hands where they rest, the air on your skin, etcetera.
    • What do you feel the moon is saying if it could speak? What does the whole scene say to you? You may get a message about our planet. You may get a message about you.
    • It may come in many forms–words quietly whispered from within, a perspective about the scene before you, an inner vision, a thought, a memory, sounds or aromas around you or from afar that catch your attention. Note what has arisen within you.
    • Remember that you are part of nature, of this earth, and of life itself, so the messages coming through you are life arising within you trying to grow and thrive.

    If we receive more foreboding, there is still hope. The mere fact of your awareness means you are waking up and connecting rather than disconnecting from nature. Just as our planet is moving into the danger zone, millions of people also are waking up from a millennia long sleep. Those of us who are awakening may feel grief at what we are losing, as well as a new appreciation for the miracle of nature. These feelings can cause us to fall in love with our planet in all of its complex interwoven systems. What we love, we will protect.  There are movements all over the world to protect our earth. Last week millions of people marched in 161 countries around the globe to sound the alarm on climate change. 400,000 people marched in New York City. This outcry is only the beginning of a movement that is gaining critical mass.