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    Message of the First Blood Moon

    blood moon3signedcropped

    This past week, we experienced the first in a series of four full lunar eclipses, known as Blood Moons, that will occur in rapid succession over the next two years.   They’re called Blood Moons because the sunset red glow that rings the Earth as it blocks the sun is cast upon the moon, giving it an eerie red hue.

    People have long thought of the moon as a harbinger of change, while eclipses are thought to portend change that will accelerate over the ensuing six months.

    Since the four eclipses, called a Blood Moon tetrad, will happen six months apart, it could signal rapid change over the next two years.

    Not only is this planetary event extremely rare, but it will only be visible over the United States, as if the universe has a message it wants to make sure Americans see.

    On April 15th, the day of the first Blood moon, I didn’t know about any Blood Moons or eclipses.  But I did get a strong feeling – a foreboding about climate change, that we’d crossed a line;  burst through some warning gates.  I had a sense of overwhelming odds against our species’ survival, either because of climate change itself, or because of the unnatural measures men would take to stop it.

    The next day, unbelievably, I received an email from a long lost friend, Bernardita  in Montreal who I hadn’t seen in almost thirty years. A gifted channel, she’d received a message for me while in meditation. She said that four archangels appeared to her pressing her to give me their message. They said I would receive the messages consecutively in time. The first one told me not to be afraid, but to go deeper than my previous meditations, to expand my consciousness beyond our planet. There I would find further guidance. The message was filled with love and support, and made me feel safe.

    Astonished that a long lost  friend living three hundred miles away had felt my despair, and comforted to receive heavenly advice, I set my intention to go deeper.  I waited for another message.  Just as Bernardita’s guides had promised, it came from beyond the planet – from gazing at the moon.

    I was driving when it grabbed my attention,  looming large on the horizon, pulsing orange and brooding over the landscape.  Finding a spot where I could park and observe it, I looked up at it and asked, “What are you saying?”

    Before you read on, I want to remind you that visions of the future are not cast in concrete.  They are glimpses of the path you are on at the moment you have the vision, showing you what will happen if you don’t change. They are guidance to help you navigate.  Changing the future begins with full awareness of the path we are on. Although I’ve had visions of climate change for over thirty years, I’ve never allowed myself to feel those visions with my whole being because they were too frightening. I’ve never felt the odds that we are up against, the power of nature over us, and the possibility of extinction.  This week I felt our situation with all my being.

    So what was the Moon’s Message to Me?  

    As I gazed up at the big orange face, I felt the formidable power of nature. I felt our insignificance; that we have underestimated its power.  Like Pan, the horned God of nature, the moon hung on the horizon, looking at us deadpan, and said, “I am a force that is all encompassing. You must deal with me on my terms.”

    There was more in the message:

    • It portends heat and fire.
    • A clock is ticking, and climate change is accelerating.
    • We have entered a situation from which we can no longer avert our eyes.
    • Scientists’ predictions are underestimates because they still don’t know most of the interactive effects of warming. Events will happen sooner than predicted.
    • We must live according to our intuition and follow our truth from deep within our sensing bodies.
    • Avoid hubris and hubristic solutions that try to dominate nature.  They will only hasten our demise.
    • Celestial beings will be guiding us, but we must make ourselves available to hear them.

     So what to do with such messages? Panic? Forget it?

    • This is only the first in a series of messages. It’s harsh because it’s a wake-up call.  Waking up is the first step towards finding our way.
    • You should decide if the message makes sense to you; learn to listen for your own messages. In the next blog, I’ll provide a guide for getting messages from the Blood Moon, which you can continue to receive over the next two years.
    • Remember that precognition (knowing something about the future) and presentience (feeling something about the future) is part of our body’s warning system that has enabled our species to survive.  Research shows that women are better able to detect future danger while men are better at predicting sexual opportunities (lol!). So listen to women’s  intuition (and men with a strong inner feminine).
    • Also know that the visions we get are not cast in concrete, but indicate a path we are on in the present moment, if nothing else changes.  The future changes when your consciousness changes, as it will now, unless you choose to put your head in the sand.
    • The best response to this kind of message is not anxiety or depression, but mindfulness or wakefulness, which comes from stillness, meditation, yoga or other energy practices, breath work, connecting with our bodies,  self care, opening the heart, and finding our intuition to guide us.
    • Combine your intuition with scientific information from reputable sources, like, for a start, former NASA scientist James Hansen, or check out the first episode of the Showtime series documentary The Year of Living Dangerously.

    Next blog will show you how to find your own message from the Blood Moon.










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