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    Inner Visions of 2015 & 2016 - From Present Day to Inauguration Day 2017

    seafloorwithbylineLast night my students and I meditated on the next two years. Below are the visions we had, as well as visions we had a year ago for this period. As life unfolds, I put in bold those that have come true. If you want to see how accurate we’ve been in the past, check here and scroll down.  It’s uncanny, especially since my students are just learning.  We don’t always understand what we’re seeing until the events unfold, but it’s clear that we are seeing world events before they happen. Some of these students did not believe they had any precognitive ability when they first came to class, but they soon discovered that everyone can sense the future, if we just know how. To be fair, the people who take an interest in this practice tend to have exceptional talent for it, and I never cease to be amazed at these students’ abilities.

    Highlights are:

    • Continued environmental disruption from global warming. Our visions coincide with 97% of climatologists’ forecasts that warming is accelerating, only we continue to see  events happening much faster than science is predicting.
    • In February 2015 a stock market correction followed by a rebound with markets moving higher. Market troubles in May, but not long lasting. (In an earlier post of visions of the rest of the century, I saw what appears to be a big market crash in 2020), so not too worried before then.
    • Right wing is in power and chomping at the bit to pass its agenda as quickly as possible. Fear and greed in and around the Congressional process is accelerating, is crazy-making, and fuels an anxiety-ridden atmosphere, widespread public protests, and strife. One of us saw “war on U.S. soil,” which I take as a metaphor.
    • Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election. On Inauguration Day, one of us saw her in a blue suit and blue hat taking the oath of office.Being a conservative democrat, she appeared in a vision as a red elephant wearing a blue outer garment.


    TIMING OF VISIONS BY MONTH: note that visions can be off by a few months but do tend to occur around or near the listed month.  This timing imprecision is because of the way we read together in which I call out the months as we meditate, prompting  people to receive visions. They then write down what they are seeing but I may have already moved on to the next months while they are still focusing on an earlier vision. In other words, people may record their visions at a pace that is not in sync with my stated time line, causing us to think their visions are for a different month than intended. In spite of this problem, we’d had considerable accuracy both in timing and in specificity over the years.  I try not to interpret the visions but remember that the mere mention of something means it is important.  So if we see, for example, “Middle East unrest” it will be about some extra unusual unrest that has surfaced in the media.

    I put in bold those that come true. Each vision is from a different person. Please send me an email if you believe something has come true and I will mention it.

    December 2014

    • Train fire (news stories that 2014 was a record year for explosive oil train accidents due to fracking boom in North Dakota combined with poor rail transport equipment.
    • Shooting (terrorist attacks in Sydney, Australia, and in Pakistan where over a hundred children were killed)
    • Sydney – image of a rotunda of at the top of a  building (terrorist attack on December 15, images appeared on the news of an Opera House with a rotunda).
    • Death of a national figure, great sadness
    • White Flower (sign of mourning) (see shootings above)
    • Period of shifts and change
    • Celebrations


    Previous visions of December 2014 made 12 to15 months earlier

    • Someone shows his muscle in a strong arm gesture.
    • Confusion in Washington, scrambling  (Citigroup attaches legislation to Budget bill that eliminates safeguards against bank risky behavior that caused 2008 meltdown).
    •  Peace on earth, new growth, unbelievable outcome
    • More about town with earthquake seen earlier, town tipped on its side. (Cape Verde volcano)
    • Recurring bad weather.  (Monster storm in California)
    • Middle East unrest
    • College shooting, river overflows
    • Comets (comet discovered that is coming close to earth)
    • Ancient underground concrete structure/rooms discovered, very elaborate and deep.  
    • Gavel: important court decisions (Grand jury acquittals of two police officers accused of murdering African American men set off widespread protests)
    • UFO’s, Catholics, Revelations, Pope’s scandal
    • Peace accord attempt in the Middle East, pirates
    • Dignitaries signed documents
    • Cranberries, celebration, light in darkness
    • Good turn of events
    • Big joy! Celebrations worldwide


    January 2015

    • Mourning, somber (terrorist attacks in Sydney and Pakistan where 132 school children were killed)
    • Widespread anxiety in the collective, Republicans chomping at the bit to get going with their agenda.
    • Bitter Cold
    • A lot of snow (2 people saw this)
    • Obama making an important speech (most likely State of the Union)
    • Stock market up
    • A lot of snow, quiet
    • Volcano


    Visions of January 2015 made 12-15 months earlier

    • Valor, virtue, victories
    • Gun violence, military action, guns fired  (as of Dec. 15th: two highly publicized terrorist attacks in Australia and Pakistan)
    • Teddy Roosevelt loses an eye (Mt. Rushmore?)
    •  Quiet, giants slumbering
    • Resurgence of optimism across the country
    •  Obamacare news.
    • Middle east seems stable but has something working beneath the surface
    • Ability to maintain balance amid turmoil.
    • Big new book, very popular
    • Heartfelt period continues,  crowds moving about, good feeling, skaters
    • Ben Afflect in the news
    • New Dawn!
    • Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure


    February 2015

    • Market correction and rebound higher.
    • Big waves on tropical island in Caribbean
    • Chaos, fire, people running away from homes.
    • Submerged WWII Vintage airplane


    Visions of February 2015 made 12 to 15 months earlier

    •  New Horizons, strong leadership
    • Much snow, Eskimos in trouble.
    •  Ping pong, ponies, diversion
    • Calm, stability, may be short-lived
    • Cruise ship dilemma makes news.
    • Train accident Poland
    • Libraries lose funding.
    • Pink sky, railroad news
    • Era of the heart continues, children in classrooms


     March 2015

    • Tears, anxiety in the collective
    • Shouts of “No justice, no peace!”
    • Great snows.
    • Early Spring, early flowers
    • Plants growing outside (sign of global warming
    • Earthquake/tectonic plates


    Visions for March 2015 seen 12 to 15 months earlier

    • Blue & green peace, love
    • Sea serpent
    • Underground river, survival
    •  Human rights questioned, something  brought to light and put on political agenda.
    • Very wealthy philanthropist dies.
    • North Korea worse
    • Major terrorist attack somewhere in the world
    •  Asian holy man with black hair in a bun on top of head, bowing and people crowding around him.
    • Whale ashore, heavy winds, water.


    April 2015

    • Tears, pain in the collective
    • Dry, drought, forest fires
    • Dry spells
    • Electrical bolts — Tesla in the news
    • Bats
    • Donkey bucks (Democrats in Congress refusing to go along with Republican agenda)


    Visions for April made 12-15 months earlier

    • Gardens, prudence pays off
    • Storm at sea. Lives lost, ship sunk.
    • Reprieve, back to the basics
    • Outbreak of mumps in U.S.
    • An intricate plan goes well.
    • Vortex concern
    • Image of middle eastern men gathered in the streets


    May 2015

    • Wealth emphasized
    • Stock market down
    • Hail
    • Ice cube tray, skin-diver underwater at the Ice Caps – climate news (not good)
    • Very warm
    • Stillness, felt anxiety
    • Problem with Trees


           Visions for May seen 12-15 months earlier

    • Apple trees, strong winds blowing
    • Ocean calm, but problem with off-shore oil rigs.
    • New royal baby
    • Starvation in an African country; starving livestock, yellow fields in foreground with rounded top mountains or hills in distance – Sudan


    June 2015

    • Drought in the West
    • Bomb
    • Vision of stock market shift in the shape of a square root sign. Looks like market drops and then ends higher.
    • Space shuttle news
    • in New England Overcast, rain, stormy
    • Schools, troubled children
    • War

    Visions for June seen 12 months earlier

    • Shipwreak
    • J. Edgar Hoover, IRS, INS, invasive government
    • Twenty-five states have legalized gay marriage; Hillary decides to run!
    •  A new dictator arises and has negative impact.
    • Moon event, astrology discovery


    July 2015

    • Problem with the oceans, deep forces at work, fish affected
    • People suffering, caught in crossfire
    • Baby born to royals
    • Heavy rain, big waves
    • Houses in Salem, MA in the news


    August 2015

    • Scorched earth due to drought and heat
    • Dannar
    • Republicans moving together like herds
    • Plane crash, kills hundreds over Pacific Ocean
    • Beetle in the news,  beetle noises
    • Vision of stock market shift in the shape of a hook. Looks like market drops then goes about two and a half times higher than the bottom of the drop.


    September 2015

    • Still looking for plane
    • Tears, loss
    • Rubble being pushed away, smoke
    • Tension in the economy


    October 2015

    • Global greed, stock market fluctuation
    • Haiti in the news
    • Clean-up done


    November 2015

    • Australia drought
    • Cold, wind (New England)


    December 2015

    • Disappointing holiday season
    • Calm



    January 2016

    • Elephants everywhere (Republican party seems ubiquitous)
    • Power outages
    • Cold frigid winter


    February 2016

    • A parachute (may mean relief from political conflicts)
    • Great movie makes the scene
    • Darkness


    March 2016

    • Mass marches, movements
    • War – U.S. soil


    April 2016

    • Bad, bad, bad (political scene, everything)
    • Earthquake
    • Grey


    May 2016

    • weather a problem


    June 2016

    • Terrible drought
    • Everyone at standstill


    July 2016

    • Seismic readings off the charts in the heartland
    • Everyone still at standstill
    • Rain
    • Beaches deserted


    August 2016

    • Large Image of wi-fi
    • Nantucket in the news


    September 2016

    • Elephants at it again (Republicans busy making news)
    • Early Fall


    October 2016

    • Thunder


    November 2016

    • Victory for democrats
    • One-eyed teddybear
    • Blue jay (symbol of democratic victory)
    • Family values emphasized


    December 2016

    • Democrats in the White House
    • Blue color/Red Elephant (Democrats win with a Right-leaning candidate)
    • Blond woman wins election.


    January 2017

    • Hillary Clinton being sworn in in a blue hat and blue suit.