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    Latest Psychic Predictions 2015 - to 2020

    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 23.03.01Seeing the future gives us a chance to change our direction. This is our evolutionary gift that enables us to survive.

    Our Thursday Night Tarot Group meditated together September 28 and we had the following visions.

    We are close to the center of a spiral, so things are moving quickly. The good news is that we are moving  towards a new calmer way of living that some call the Great Turning. But first comes the change from an old way of life that we are outgrowing –a Great Unraveling.

    Some events may unfold exactly in the month predicted; others may happen in different, neighboring months. Some visions are crystal clear; others appear to us as symbols or scraps of information that we may not understand until they unfold. As with all psychic predictions, they do not all come true, and  events happen that we hadn’t anticipated. Nevertheless, more than 95% of our visions have come true in the past (see on-going list of predictions that have come true by clicking this post).

    As visions manifest, we put them in bold with an explanation if needed. Please email me if you notice that something has come true.  It’s a big help!

    For more visions of 2015 to 2020, plus others going all the way to the end of the century  check out this post.

    Highlights of predictions:  

    • Climate crises continue with stronger storms and worsening droughts around the world, especially in the U.S. Heartland and Australia. In the U.S., drought causes attention to shift to Great Lakes region.
    • Financial markets become increasingly volatile but remain high through 2016, then situation become more unstable, with great volatility in 2017 and 18 and a crash possibly in 2019 and certainly in 2020. Housing market downturn in 2017.
    • Donald Trump implodes by end of 2015.
    • Democrats win 2016 election, Hillary Clinton.
    • Medical breakthrough with ALS.
    • After Democrats win election,  Right Wing responds by creating as much havoc as possible in government.
    • A year after she is elected, attacks on Clinton may push her close to resignation.
    • ISIS attacks escalate.
    • Famine in Africa becomes dire.

    Month-by-month visions.  

    Remember that some visions may not manifest  in the month specified, but rather in a nearby month. We consider it a “hit” if any vision comes true some time during the year.

    October 2015:

    • Political shifts as Republicans realign themselves creating crises in governing. (House Speaker Boehner resigns amidst party push further to the Right. Then chaos ensues as his replacement (Kevin Mcarthy) withdraws from contention on October 8.)
    • Royalty news
    • Temperature (climate) fluctuations
    • Falling water, damned rivers, lots of rain (South Carolina rain crisis, overflowing creeks, parts of Interstate shut down, bridges unsafe)
    • Big ship sinks in hurricane, lives lost (http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/05/missing-cargo-ship-el-faro-likely-sank-hurricane-joaquin)
    • Large fish in trouble
    • Something dark happening below the surface (international secret plans)
    • Big trees beautiful but something dying inside their trunks.
    • Whales in trouble
    • Horton (of Horton hears a who) listening to faraway worlds
    • Market volatility – big dip then rebound,
    • News about the plight of elephants and rhinos.
    • Santa’s Elves in workshop
    • Parade in NYC [note: does this mean the Mets win the World Series?]
    • Haiti in the news
    • Clean-up done from storm in the southeast U.S. (Hurricane Joaquin creates widespread damage in Bermuda, S.C. coast, and Maryland coast)
    • Cruise ship sounds horn (an incident involving a cruise ship)
    • Alice in Wonderland – Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee hedgerows
    • Mermaid– A Warner Brothers project

    November 2015

    • Chill in the air
    • Australia drought
    • Cold, wind (New England)
    • ISIS attack, escalation
    • Market down, then back up.
    • Rough seas at Big Sur, boats beached, attention towards U.S. West coast
    • Cold, pipes freezing, Midwest/Detroit
    • Ocean currents discussed as a serious climate effect
    • Park bench, with no one in the park
    • In the news: Image of babies shoes and the bare feet of a person of color – not good feeling
    • Dirty, drought, earthy, old brown, cracking soil
    • Floating pacifiers in the ocean (an incident)

    December 2015

    • Donald Trump implodes
    • Snow is here (New England)
    • Earthquake, train wreak
    • Miss America on the stage
    • Medical breakthrough
    • Mass General Hospital Charles Street Food contamination
    • Mild weather
    • Warning: Big shark (a man) in the political scene domestic or international who is threatening
    • Cold, ice, glaciers breaking down, melting areas, global warming speeding up
    • Cliffs over water, people’s homes jeopardized, Uncle Sam intervening.
    • Market roller coaster
    • Disappointing holiday season
    • Everything stops, shock, Obama okay?

    January 2016

    • A crisis in the west and heartland. Farms unworked, rusted tractor.
    • Optimism/hope, Stock market soars, International Monetary Fund at impasse
    • New planet discovered
    • American politicians, debates fill the news.
    • China in the news, conflict with neighbors (Tiger countries)
    • Russia, snow, ice
    • A big storm
    • Vibrant colors in elections , red-orange-yellow, people fighting for power
    • Elephants everywhere (Republican party seems ubiquitous)
    • Power outages
    • Cold frigid winter
    • Some strong seismic activity, stormy clouds, people staring at the clouds.

    February 2016

    • Marriage of the century
    • Big snowstorms, happy winter, fluffy snow, ice storms
    • Cuba in the news.
    • AIDS news
    • New roots found for human being in Africa
    • Greece in the international news
    • Victory from a war
    • Famine in Africa: emaciated cattle.
    • Peaceful, calm around politics, but deception under the surface
    • Turmoil and fighting in another land signified with endless mountains. The U.S. (signified by the Statue of liberty) towers over this other land, like a giant wielding its influence. A helicopter falling near a cliff over water.
    • Great Lakes region emerging as important center, probably because of large quantity of fresh water during time of national drought.
    • Stock market dip then goes higher (looks like a square root sign)
    • Great movie makes the scene
    • Holland windmill on its side
    • Ice, cars skidding, cold weather event causes highway problem

    March 2016

    • Stock market major volatility , stress in the markets
    • Pontiff lies in state.
    • Egypt foundings (pyramids)
    • Pail sunshine, new growth pushing up, people and plants growing
    • Bullets – police—body camera – police shooting in the news
    • Basketball net in a barn, Calgary flyers
    • Obama and Michelle happy/hopeful creating optimism
    • Aerospace, NASA in the news.
    • Upset in primary
    • Africa: wild dogs and cattle starving
    • Fish – problems with seas
    • Swordfish, slithery, before hoards of people (delegates)
    • Glory days, hope, new arrival, transformation, changes, big changes around the world
    • Mass marches, movements
    • War – U.S. soil
    • Greece in the News
    • Deep snow, snow shoes

    April 2016

    • President signs important orders (probably gun legislation)
    • Vision of Capitol Building and a big gun (NRA), new gun laws.
    • Still cold (New England)
    • Rains and flooding
    • Farm animals sheep and pigs in shrink wrap
    • Secrecy/Israel knows of secret plans
    • The Beatles in the news.
    • Factory power
    • Bunny, eggs, chocolate, warm and cozy feelings, still hope and beliefs
    • Market correction – like square root sign
    • Bad, bad, bad (political scene and how it affects the collective)
    • Earthquake
    • Grey skies (New England)
    • Coffee beans in the news
    • Caucasian fist/Black convertible
    • Funeral with coffin wrapped in American flag

    May 2016

    • President makes history by signing something big into law, historical (see above vision of new gun laws)
    • In the news: A story involving hunters shooting in a marsh in a duck blind
    • USA knows of issues in Middle East that it is keeping quiet (along with Israel)
    • Cliffs, dangerous ocean currents
    • Stock market crisis, wheel of down turning, hard to keep power going
    • Bright days, good results, important outcomes
    • Weather a problem
    • Sorrow (usually this vision is due to loss of well known figure or highly publicized deaths that move the collective conscience).
    • Flowers, sunshine, baby animals

    June 2016

    • Congress finally gets something passed
    • Immigration law breakthrough
    • Dictator power
    • People are happy, victories, sharing joy and love, peaceful time
    • Republican party has leadership vacuum (vision of crowds of people with hole in the middle). (this happened in early October when House Speaker resigned followed by his replacement dropping out of the running). 
    • Hurricane
    • Everyone (world) is in the dark about something going on secretly
    • Arms/Middle east
    • Planned Parenthood in the news again.
    • Terrible drought
    • Everyone at standstill
    • News about a storm at sea.
    • Oil wells and problems with fish in the Arctic

    July 2016

    • Fireworks, national fervor
    • Abortion rights
    • A coliseum, drones
    • Parades/calm/cluelessness. People don’t know of what’s coming to them.
    • Rights (animal protection), children
    • Fires, drought, widespread.
    • Supreme Court major ruling
    • College education finance reform
    • The planet Mars in the news.
    • Robot strength
    • Refugees suffering, nowhere to go, crawling, turbans on heads, carrying their boat along sand.
    • People start to worry more.
    • The air is stuffy and heavy.
    • Battles – -the big fish goes down, Soviet Putin up to something secretive
    • Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound).
    • Seismic readings off the charts in the heartland (probably from fracking)
    • Everyone still at standstill
    • Beaches deserted

    August 2016

    • Drought, fire in so many places
    • Rising female power
    • Big waves
    • Major legal constitutional change, new law in place
    • Bone discovery,
    • Unexpected political person leaves position
    • World grief, some expression of grief
    • People crying, “Help us!”
    • B is for Bernie!
    • Hard, harsh time, nobody is happy, too many problems
    • Seen a year ago for this month
    • Large Image of wi-fi (large geographic areas going wi-fi?)
    • Nantucket in the news

    September 2016

    • Green Party, failure of a plan
    • Peace, gratitude
    • Pre WWII vintage plane dug up
    • Gearing up, American political hype and frenzy
    • Stock Market up and down,
    • Pope dies (see vision for March 2016 of Pontiff lies in state).
    • Increased consciousness, spiritual awakening permeating the mainstream
    • Airplane wings
    • Longing for hope and calm, wind shifting, things starting to turn around.
    • Market down then up higher


    October 2016

    • Shedding a skin, reborn
    • New beginnings
    • Hillary, cheering, victory
    • Bernie Sanders/grassroots
    • Political intensity/based around U.S. politics
    • Food poisoning, mushrooms
    • Airplane wings
    • Quiet times, things feel right, peace and love
    • Middle eastern city in the news, image of dome as in Morocco

    November 2016

    • Hillary wins.
    • Blue color/Red Elephant (Democrats win with a Right-leaning candidate)
    • New president declared, makes critical impact on international affairs
    • Celebrations, flower (a woman president)
    • Green fight
    • Excitement, crowds, speechifying
    • Rockport harbor, bus
    • Glass discovery
    • Turkey plague
    • Huge bomb goes off somewhere
    • Good harvest, the sky is bright, energy is flowing around!
    • Map of U.S. with Texas as the funnel of a tornado
    • One-eyed teddybear
    • Blue jay (A likely symbol of democratic victory)
    • Family values emphasized
    • Planetary event
    • Obama happy.
    • Sonic waves and fish, especially dolphins, shales and sharks, as well as birds affected.
    • Bomb goes off – big one – high into the sky; buildings blow away as from a big wind (see similar vision in October, which means this may happen in October or November)

    December 2016

    • Whales in danger
    • Melt off in Greenland or Antarctica
    • Stability in U.S.
    • European Union makes unexpected announcement
    • Good days for stock market, some people will be really happy, buying opportunities, Market down then up

    Other visions for 2016, not by month, made in 2014:

    • Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress. Can’t let go of market system that is driving climate change, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means we can’t let go of current system.
    • Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.
    • Six rockets fired into the sky to release chemicals to block the sun, but they coagulate and just rain back to earth.
    • Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles, mountains exposed.
    • Huge cyclone Texas panhandle;
    • Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
    • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals
    • Light – sunrise as more people embrace change.

    January 2017

    • Inauguration: Hillary on podium surrounded by throngs of people with Bernie Sanders close by.
    • Supermarket difficulties, particularly about meat
    • US/Russian relations a big issue
    • Scandal in Congress
    • Women are happy, optimistic about the future of women.

    February 2017

    • Fresh energy in Washington
    • Terrorist Attack
    • First American female president on the scene
    • Cookies Halloween
    • Storms, chaos
    • Eye of power
    • Fights for power continue, opposite leaders over fighting
    • Texas lone start state acting independently of the rest of U.S.
    • Mexican immigrants an issue

    March 2017

    • Congress coming apart
    • Snowshoes, it’s hard work moving forward in the snow
    • Chinese premier in the news
    • Cannons shooting/secrecy, lies revealed with government
    • Epidemic/health/farm animals (Africa?)
    • Medical breakthrough with ALS
    • Meteors
    • People from Arab countries kicking/knocking the U.S.
    • NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull)

    April 2017

    • Lightening strikes the housing market
    • Big snowstorm buries New England
    • Climate shift, then flooding rain
    • Talk of war
    • Robotics
    • New role of a woman seen
    • Stock market correction and rebound (image of square root sign)
    • Half are happy, half are so disappointed, will a crisis begin?

    May 2017

    • Americans disillusioned
    • Earth Burning, Agriculture and trees in the news.
    • Crisis
    • Washington (Congress) tiny, distant, and useless while crisis ensues.

    June 2017

    • Forest fires (June-July) West coast
    • Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)
    • Struggle in U.S. /Economy, including stock market
    • New resolution – compromise
    • The strongest will win
    • Washington D.C. as the new Gotham

    July 2017

    • June-July forest fires West Coast
    • Colonial maritime Costume & Ship
    • Shaky economy
    • The museums in the news
    • Things are starting to settle down again
    • Trouble in the Capitol, Republicans deciding to wreak havoc, throwing tantrum, bringing down the house.

    August 2017

    • Fear of another recession
    • Vacation accident, murder famous family
    • The International Monetary Fund in the news
    • Strong female brewing, like a witch
    • Stock market volatility
    • Mountains, Arab men with staffs gathering
    • Big change, new movement, new wind.
    • Fish hanging upside down (Republicans?)
    • More stock market volatility – down then back up
    • Continued drought

    September 2017

    • Landlords lowering rents
    • Education, student rights
    • Stars, peace agreement
    • Fires
    • Many men with guns lined up, soldiers, women waving – not the U.S.
    • New winds brought new seeds, evolution, prosperity
    • Something going on at Camp David – president retreating?
    • Drought, whole U.S. heartland

    October 2017

    • Humanitarian Aid to Africa
    • People are depressed
    • Imperfection/scandal in White House
    • Death penalty abolished, many reforms
    • Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
    • New science appears, cure for cancer?
    • More drought in U.S.;
    • Market rebounds

    November 2017

    • Hawaii restaurant fire
    • Not happy with Hillary in office
    • United Nations human rights
    • New tax law created, not passed
    • Religious breakdown, people are suffering
    • Crowds with arms, patriotism, not the U.S.

    December 2017

    • Hillary feels sense of failure amidst calls for resignation
    • Washington helping the homeless
    • Lawyer corruption
    • Capitol building glowing red hot with conflict, rage, asserting itself as large
    • Bats and werewolves

    Visions for 2017 (not by month) seen back in 2014:

    • An epic storm, many dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
    • The frog (in trouble?);
    • Stock market volatility
    • Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction, Detroit fires.
    • Guns, shooting still an issue.
    • Water rising in NYC.
    • Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.


    • Middle east problem and peace
    • Female leadership
    • Big agreement signed
    • Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S. for the future.
    • Hunger, poverty
    • War, genocide.
    • Many storms in the U.S.
    • Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project.
    • An island country swamped, barely alive
    • War, genocide.
    • Many storms in the U.S.


    • 2019-2020: Market on fire (bad), serious market volatility
    • Men know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take place
    • People living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash
    • “I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes.
    • Western part of U.S. under great stress.


    • Market on fire (not good)
    • Financial markets crashing – down, down, down.
    • People selling objects for cash, gold, diamonds not meaning much
    • Tsunami, hurricane, fires, drought, natural disaster
    • The beginning of something new. Soul evolution! New babies are born, new spirit in the collective.
    • Technology explosion – longer lives.
    • Train wreak- bad one.