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    Climate Visions of the Future That (hopefully) Will Spur Action

    IMG_3622croppedTwo years ago, I posted these  visions  of the next forty years.  Usually when I meditate on the future, a jumble of images and feelings dance in my consciousness.  But when I meditated further out in time, my inner screen was strangely quiet until I reached around 2025 when a lone image of a cactus emerged for the United States. Next came an image of a man kneeling by a pipeline trying to get water to flow. At the time, I thought it was foreshadowing a drought of epic proportions in the American Southwest, a region often depicted with a cactus.

    After seeing NASA data this week of the average July temperatures projected for the next fifty years, it’s likely my cactus was foreshadowing what climatologists are fearing – that widespread over-one-hundred degree July’s would parch the American breadbasket in the middle of the growing season. NASA says that this heat would not just confine itself to the American heartland, but to all the major bread baskets of the world. Such an occurrence, if it happens, would become the single greatest focus of humanity, explaining why it was the only image I saw as I meditated on that period.

    These temperature projections explain why rising seas are not the first thing I saw in my meditations on the future.  The first and greatest crisis for our people is going to be parched farmland.  In fact, if we can’t grow enough food, sea level rise would be moot.

    I’ve been seeing the coming climate crises since I first began giving readings thirty years ago.  At that time, I had visions of refugees crossing our land; not refugees arriving from foreign shores, but middle class American refugees.

    If you want to see the NASA data, it is stunningly displayed in James Cameron’s new  documentary.   Given my group’s record for seeing visions before they happen (see past predictions), I am very concerned about the cactus vision.

    Precognition is a natural human ability that enables our species to survive.  It allows us to see dangers on the path ahead that we can avoid if we act in time.  I hope visions like these, together with volumes of scientific data, will spur people to act.

    Check out 350.org or other climate organizations aimed at curbing carbon emissions. My prayer is that we will act in time and bring about a new era of light. The sooner we begin, the better.


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