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    Why This Moon is Different

    new moon

    January 20th is a new moon. It’s a super moon and an Aquarius new moon so it’s closer to the earth, larger to the eye, and brings transformative, imaginative powers. A new moon is a blank slate for you to write your dreams on. You can make use of this life-changing energy by making an intention right now.

    Close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Do it again.  Now feel the center of your energy right behind the naval.  Keep breathing and visualize something wonderful for yourself, something in the way you’d like to feel.   Put that intention to the super new Aquarian moon and know that as that moon waxes to fullness over the next two weeks, so too will your intention.  When the full moon arrives on February 3rd, give yourself one more great blast of that intention.  Now feel the shift.

    [The January New Moon image was created digitally by artist Marina Kanavaki   It came to me via blogger  David Kanigan.]