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Spirits Among Us: How an Intuition Exercise Opened a Portal


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I’ve been giving readings and teaching mysticism for 35 years, although a shaman once told me I’ve been doing this for 10,000 years. That was back when I had a mainstream profession and did not know I’d be leaving it behind to read the Tarot.

The experiences I’ve had since I began giving readings could fill ten volumes. Each time, I marvel at the manifestations of the unseen world.

Most of us live in a limited everyday world that misses the energies swirling around us. From years of giving readings, it seems like each of us has a team of spirits at our disposal, if only we let them in. Learning to be open, and knowing how and where to look, lifts the veil between the two worlds, if only for a brief, miraculous glimpse.

The explanation for the unseen world lies somewhere along the knife-edge of quantum physics, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. The myths of ancient people also contain truths that help us understand. I’ve studied them all and still cannot fully grasp this mystery.

I can only recount my experiences, and ponder.

One night when teaching an intuition class to a group of professional women, I witnessed one of the more remarkable manifestations of a spirit. The dozen women were seated in a semicircle in a classroom normally used for Chinese language studies. It was after hours at Newton North Highschool where students and faculty had long since departed. A hundred origami figurines dangled from the ceiling.

I lit a tiny candle and told the women to close their eyes. I picked one of their names out of a hat, we’ll call her Ellen. We were all strangers to each other. No one, except me, had ever done this exercise before, and not even I was prepared for what unfolded.

I turned out the lights and with just the one candle lighting the room, asked the women to note every thought, image, feeling, and sensation while focusing on Ellen. Normally this exercise yields images of the person’s world, some of her thoughts, people she has loved, and important moments in her past—a scrapbook of her life that focuses on the salient and the unresolved.

The students are amazed when our “client” validates what they see, and everyone goes home filled with wonder. I go home happy that another group of laypeople has experienced the mystery.

But that night, something exceptional happened.

I gonged a Tibetan singing bowl and a sound like an ancient bell ushered us into silence. The room was dark, save the flickering light of the candle. As soon as I closed my eyes, I began to make out a vision of a white door. There was more to the vision, but all I could decipher was a door. Although I hadn’t realized it in that moment, two other women were also seeing a door.

When we later turned on the lights and compared notes, one member of our group, a Persian dentist, I’ll call Mithra, a petit young woman with large brown eyes, had seen much more than just the door.

It was Mithra’s vision that made that night so extraordinary.

She recounted that she’d seen the same white door as the others, but behind it she saw the figure of a woman. The woman, she said, was standing motionless and gazing through the door at Ellen.

There was more. Mithra noticed that the side of the door where the mysterious figure stood was brightly lit. On the other side, where Ellen and the rest of us sat, it was dark.

Upon seeing Ellen’s eyes grow wide, Mithra, without understanding what she had seen, felt compelled to tell her that the mysterious figure who stared at her was okay. “She is fine,” she assured. “She is in the light. It’s only dark on this side of the door, where you are; where we all are,” she said.

Hearing this, and realizing that several others had seen the door, Ellen’s wide eyes filled up and at first she was unable to speak. She then told us that she’d lost her sister five years before to a long illness. They had been estranged at the time of her death, and she had been grieving all these years from the guilt and loss. She’d longed to know if her sister were okay and whether she understood how much she had loved her, even though she had not been by her side when she died.

Because no one was expecting to sense a spirit that night—in fact, none of them knew what, if anything, to expect, nor had anyone met Ellen before—this depiction of the other side of life seems all the more authentic to me. Of course, we will never know for sure, since, as Mithra observed, we mortals reside in the dark, where we are normally blind to the energies around us.

Every once in a while, though, a glimpse of the light is there for those who know how to look.

Email or call Jeanne (781-239-3489( for a private reading.

How to see inner visions - six ways


What would the world be like for us if we could really see all that our eyes are capable of seeing? They say we use just 5% of our brains. I’m certain the same applies to our eyes.

First of all, I need you to understand that there are two kinds of seeing — outward and inward.

They work in similar ways.

Outward seeing is the usual, garden-variety kind of seeing.

When I was walking through a field with my daughter, who has an artist’s sharp eyes, she spotted a field mouse peaking out from the snow.  “See it?” she asked.  No, I did not, nor did I see the otter she spotted peaking out from behind a rock when we were kayaking. That’s outward seeing, and we definitely don’t see everything that’s out there.

“You have to be attentive,” she said.

That’s what I tell my students who come to me to learn another kind of seeing, something I call inner seeing.

Inner seeing is something that goes on intuitively in your mind when you see.

I first realized there was a whole unseen world when I closed my eyes.

Most of us don’t bother to check out what we’re seeing inwardly when we close our eyes because we think it’s just going to be a bunch of static.

That’s what I used to think until I started looking at what popped up when I closed my eyes. It definitely wasn’t static.  There were images, and they had meaning, and if I paid attention to them, they actually provided insight about whatever I was focusing on.

I’m not the first to realize there are unseen treasures when looking at that inner screen. The understanding is in our vernacular, as in the word insight for inner sight.

In Greek mythology Tiresias was a blind prophet famous for clairvoyance (which literally means clear seeing). He appears throughout Greek literature at moments when the hero needs critical insight. In Sophocles’ first century tragedy Oedipus Rex, the blind Tiresias tells Oedipus the dark truth of this life – – that Oedipus had unwittingly killed his father and married his mother.  If we didn’t get the relationship between blindness and inner seeing, Oedipus, at that moment certainly does. Horrified at how he had blindly ruined his life and the lives of all he loved, Oedipus pulls out his eyes.

Really icky image, and a bit extreme, but we get the point that Oedipus plucked out his eyes so that he would always have inner sight.

Over time and with some practice I’ve honed my inner visioning skills.  After helping friends gain insight into their life issues, strangers started offering me money to close my eyes and tell them what I saw.

So if you want to learn to see inwardly and experience the insights that come, here are some tips.

  1. Inner visions come when you quiet your mind.

Any mindfulness practice works, as well as yoga, taking a walk in the woods, or sitting in the bath. Many of the long-range predictions I’ve published on this website came during a meditation retreat when I’d been sitting in meditation about six times a day. Some come just after one sitting.

Start with a deep breath. Breathing does wonders for calming you in any situation.  Notice your breath going in and out. Make your eyes soft, keep breathing, relax your jaw and your mouth. Put your hands on your face and smooth away the tension. Now shake the tension from your hands. In this way, you are calming the mind. And always, keep breathing. In truth, the mind never stops racing along, and no one can stop it.  But you can shift your focus to something else, in this case, your breathing, and that usually does the trick.

  1. Inner visions come through your senses, not your mind

People speak of psychic power as a sixth sense, but actually it’s just making better use of your five senses.  So when you are trying to evoke visions, shift your focus from thinking  to experiencing your surrounding with your senses. Turn up your ears by listening to the sounds around you like you are hearing a sound track. Turn up your nose, by breathing in aromas. Feel your hands touching the computer, notice the temperature, notice the pressure of your seat pressed against your butt. You are now focusing on the outside world through your senses.

This seems counterintuitive, but it’s really important because the senses are your antennae to the natural world and your mind doesn’t have a single psychic (or creative) thought.

Your mind works like a computer hard drive filled with data. It focuses on what’s already happened, and anticipates that those things will happen again. In this way, it protects you from danger, only it cannot anticipate anything new or anything that’s not in the past. Since the world out there is always changing, you really do need to use your senses to check what is actually going on right now.

  1. Inner visions need to have a target.

Whether you are using your eyes to see outwardly, as in looking for field mice in the snow, or to see inwardly, as in looking for insight about someone you know– you need to have a target. Like my eagle-eyed daughter said, it helps to know what you’re looking for.

“Tell me what is going on with this person who is sitting before me,” I ask myself as I close my eyes to give a reading. Then images begin floating before me, like genies emerging from a lamp.

The more precise your target, the more likely you are to get a vision you can comprehend. Often you have to create a target that is easier for you to see.

This is what I did a year before the 2008 presidential election when someone asked me whether Hillary Clinton would win the democratic nomination.

At first I couldn’t get anything from my meditation. I closed my eyes, took some calming breaths, and asked the question but got only static.

I needed a more precise target to visualize an answer. I tried to imagine the Democratic National Convention but I couldn’t see it. This is probably because I haven’t watched a lot of them in the past. I tried to imagine the November election for president, but again I didn’t have something precise to visualize.

Then I found my perfect target. I’ve watched every presidential Inauguration since I was five. It’s a vivid event for me, and it’s a strong visual for much of the world. So it’s got a lot of visual energy. I focused on the stage of the January 20, 2009 Inauguration, which was a full year away at the time I was doing this exercise. There, as clear as a bell, I could make out the tiny figure of a black man standing at the podium with all attention upon him.

This was 12 months before the Inauguration, before we even knew the party nominees.  I had found my answer, that Hillary Clinton would not become the party nominee, and I got an even greater insight – who would be the next president,  because I had created a precise and visually strong target upon which to focus my question.

  1. Inner visions like to focus on people who need healing

During my early years as an intuitive, I noticed it was more difficult, if not impossible, to read people who didn’t seem to have any problems. The most difficult-to-read client was the one whose girlfriend had dragged her to a reading just for the experience. Of course everyone has issues, but  it’s the people with serious problems, especially those with a clear illness, whose situations just jump out at you when you close your eyes.  I also noticed that my students had more success getting visions when we focused on people with illness.

Like the trees who scientists have discovered send nutrients to thirsty trees in the forest, I suspect that our fundamental drive to help those who are in need arouses more psychic energy within us. We are not islands but part of an interconnected network just like the trees.

  1. Inner visions come more readily in a group rather than alone.

When a group of my students and I were meditating on the future of our world, one of my students had an extraordinary vision.  It was the evening of January 3, 2013. We were sitting together in meditation with eyes closed as I called out the months ahead. This is a great method for seeing the future by writing down any visions that pop up on your inner screen when focusing on a time frame.

Pam, a retired Red Cross nurse, got a vision of something earth shattering happening in mid April of that year.  Her vision of the Boston Marathon bombing proved to be exactly correct. Two years earlier, Pam had seen another land-mark event months before it happened.  For August 2011, she’d seen a long-horned bull on a rampage which later turned out to be the 2011 stock market rally that brought the market back from the crash of 2008.  When I reminded Pam about her success, she denied being able to do such feats on her own.  “I don’t get any visions are home,” she said. Just when we get together as a group!”  Other students repeated the same sentiments, and I began to realize the power of group energy in creating visions.

While I get visions on my own, most readily are the ones I get while meditating together as a group.




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  1. I have read peer-reviewed climate science for 25 years. In the late 1980s and then in the 1990s, scientists projected climate change effects to start slowly and grow serious later this century. However, by 2005, they began to say (because of the inertia in the climate system and our failure to reduce emissions) we could not avoid “dangerous” interference with the climate but we must try to avoid “catastrophic” consequences. In the past few years, there is growing alarm that various earth systems (oceans, arctic and glacial ice, soils, forests) that are affected by warming temperatures, have responded much quicker than expected so that there have been some unexpected positive feedback loops, or accelerations in warming that are speeding up the process. Go to Real Climate, Goodard Institute for Space Studies (a division of NASA) and/or Columbia Climate Center at Columbia University for bona fide, excellent scientific sources. Unfortunately Jeanne, your visions seem quite plausible.

  2. Karen, thanks for your thoughtful and informative response. I have read the latest report by James Hansen and will read the reports you mention here.

  3. Paul, thanks, it’s a good article that summarizes James Hansen’s study. I think Hansen is an intuitive scientist who uses his intuition to find answers in science. That’s the best kind of scientist.

  4. Thank you for you posting your visions and predictions its very helpful for us that are sensitive and have feelings of the same. Please keep posting. You are so gifted,

  5. Mary, what a generous thing to say. Thank-you, your remarks spur me on to post more!

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