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Learning to See (Eyes Closed)

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Most of us don’t bother to check out what we’re seeing when we close our eyes because we think it’s just going to be a bunch of static or we think that whatever appears doesn’t matter.

That’s what I used to think until I started looking at what popped up when I closed my eyes. It definitely wasn’t static and it did matter.

There were images, and they had meaning, and if I paid attention to them, they actually gave me useful information, information that I couldn’t get with my eyes open.

I’m not the first to find treasure behind closed eyes. The Ancient Greeks in their wisdom created a blind prophet named Tiresias who was famous for clairvoyance, (which literally means clear seeing and is defined as being able to see things that are hidden to the eye).

Tiresias’ blindness goes to the point that when you look with closed eyes (and Tiresias’ eyes were permanently closed), you get the deepest truths. In first century play Oedipus Rex, Tiresias knew the truth when everyone else, including our hero, Oedipus, was clueless.

Fast forward 2,000 years, and modern science also has an interesting take on inner seeing. Contrary to what most people think about clairvoyance, science is discovering that seeing with inner eyes is not just some kind of magical thinking, but may actually be a process we are already using but just not aware of.

For example, in a clever experiment, a Dutch neuroscientist named Beatrice de Gelder plotted brain activity of people who had one blind eye. She blocked their good eye and discovered they could see people’s facial expressions with their blind eye. Yes, you got that correctly, deGelder’s experiment showed that people were accurately sensing people’s facial expressions with their blind eye, although I should point out that they weren’t aware of it.

Equally interesting was what was going on in the brain when this inner seeing was happening. De Gelder found that some of the brain activity was actually in the brain’s visual cortex, the same place images we see with our good eyes are processed.

This discovery puts clairvoyance in a new light. Instead of hocus-pocus, clairvoyance may simply be an expanded awareness of a process that we already use.

De Gelder’s study is just one of hundreds focusing on clairvoyance. Daryl Bem, who the New York Times described as one of the most respected social psychologists of his generation, published a ten year study  showing that ordinary people are not only telepathic but able to sense the future. Naturally the study was panned by the mainstream press because there’s a long-standing taboo in mainstream reporting on anything related to extrasensory perception.

But, as science is beginning to show, this capacity is not supernatural. It’s biology.

I discovered clairvoyance for myself years ago when I first began practicing meditation. I was sitting eyes closed in a meditation class when I suddenly got a vision of a 12 week old fetus floating in one of the student’s wombs. “Wow!” I said, without thinking, “I see you’ve got a baby in there!” It was true and although shocked, she admitted it. But she’d been keeping it a secret. I’ve since learned to keep my visions to myself unless asked.

After that first inner vision, I was hooked.


At the time, I was graduating from the Harvard School of Public Health. I had been a prime candidate for an illustrious public health career. But I threw it all away to get really good at seeing profound visions of people’s lives. And to use this ability to help people see inside themselves. And to be able to predict climate change better than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

I wanted to expand the visual capacity of my brain, and I wanted to understand how it was possible that humans could do this. I also wanted to teach others about it.

So I did, and I have.

The hundreds of accurate predictions on my website all came from inner visioning. The insights I get on clients’ lives when I give private readings also come when my eyes are closed.

In the right hands, it’s a worthy profession.

[Note: Coming up shortly:  Part II of this article: Six Ways You Can improve your inner seeing.]

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World Predictions That are Coming True

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 3.13.58 PM

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Feeling a shift in the Universe – more visions coming to me of the direction of our world. Heartfelt thanks to readers for letting me know when we’ve made a prediction that comes true.   I am grateful to receive your corrections or missing hits.

JULY 2016

  •  Another terrorist attack in France.  (Although the Nice attack (7/14/`6) was not related to ISIS but rather it was another lone mentally ill homicidal/suicidal person similar to the Orlando attack, the public is viewing it as terror, so our vision has come true.
  • Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound). June 24th after UK decision to abandon the EU, markets fell sharply. In July market went to new highs.
  • Women Triumvirate (three in power)  ♀♀♀  Now that Theresa May is the new UK prime minister, we are now seeing the rise of a triumvirate of female power in the West:  May in the UK, Clinton first democratic nominee  in the U.S., and Merkel in Germany.
  • Black car with hood up. Men in suits and wearing fedora hats.  (See images of Boris Johnson jeered as he enters his car protected by police in uniforms and fedora hats after Brexit vote.)
  • Big boats, ships, boats that carry cargo  (Panama Canal in late June opened its $5 b expansion that enables it to hold mega-sized ships).
  • Abortion rights  (On 6/27/16 the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down Texas regulations that severely limited abortion clinics for supposedly medically necessary reasons. Supreme Court found that the Texas regulations are illegal because prevent women from getting abortions.)
  • Hillary is the candidate with Bernie dictating to his supporters who they should support.  (On 7/12, Sanders endorsed Clinton and asked his supporters to work and vote for her).
  • Parades/calm/cluelessness. People don’t know of what’s coming to them.    (This is likely the Dallas shootings of July 7th that occurred during a peaceful demonstration).
  • Fires, drought, widespread.  (Greater fires and drought worldwide than prior year).
  • Beaches deserted (Inaccurate scare made by Atlanta meteorologist that Florida panhandle beaches were infested with flesh-eating bacteria).

June 2016

  • Terrorist attack involving a woman in the UK  [on June 16th a woman MP was murdered by a right wing extremist].
  • Supreme Court major ruling  (in June Supreme Court knocked down Texas law that had limited abortion clinics).
  • Economy: Market drops and rebounds like a square root sign in summer. On June 24th, market plunged. we believe it will rebound.
  •  Gun control legislation in June:  Last year we had a vision that the president would sign gun control measures in January, a vision of the U.S. Capitol Building with a gun on the dome, and three visions that landmark legislation would be passed in the summer. This occurrence was highly unlikely if not impossible, yet in January 2016, the President did pass gun control regulations requiring background checks, and after June 12 when the largest gun massacre in U.S. history occurred in Orlando, the tone of the Republican controlled, anti-gun control Congress changed. Fox News called for gun control. The Republican controlled Senate on June 17 agreed to some gun control measures, the Democratic congresspeople are staging a sit-in in the House, and we are now seeing public pressure to pass gun control.
  • Melting ice caps in the news.  (June: Respected scientist predicts Arctic will be melted by end of summer 2016; Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking makes statement about melting  ice caps and runaway global warming to eventual Venus like temperatures.)
  • Sorrow (likely due to loss of well known figure or highly publicized deaths), like the Newtown tragedy, that upset many millions of people).  We had seen it for May,  In this case it was the Orlando shooting, the largest in U.S. history.
  • Giant Alligator  (June 15: Tragedy at Disney resort when Alligator grabs and drowns toddler by a lagoon. The animal was too large and strong for the father to pry open its mouth).
  • Dictator power  (This is about Donald Trump’s dictator approach to rule. Trump’s new campaign head Paul Manafort is famous for leading the campaigns of dictators around the globe, Also Trump admires dictator’s Vladimir Putin North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and China dictatorship for vanquishing their enemies.)
  • Republican party has leadership vacuum (vision of crowds of people with hole in the middle). (This started in early October 2015 when House Speaker resigned followed by his replacement dropping out of the running. As of June 2016 this vacuum continued in the presidential race where Republican Party leadership & wealthy patrons unhappy presumptive presidential  nominee Donald Trump.)
  • Super sized Hurricane (see similar vision above from different reader)  (Taiwan typhoon July 7th, category 4)
  • Planned Parenthood in the news again.  (PP Ohio extends restraining order).

May 2016

  • Much political bargaining going on in Texas – Republican party.  (Party trying to unify under the presumptive nominee)
  • Massive fish deaths  (widespread reports of millions of fish washing up in Vietnam, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile with explanations still unknown but possibly Fukushima, ocean warming from climate change, other pollutants)
  • Easter Island in the news.  (New study refutes old findings that humans caused the deforestation and demise of inhabitants)
  • People cheering, tickertape, B is for Bernie  (Sanders draws big crowds at rallies)
  • Europe and U.S.A. talks/strategizing  (European Union in jeopardy).
  • Sorrow: (usually this vision is due to loss of well known figure or highly publicized deaths that upset many people).  Sudden death of musician Prince; could also refer to the massacre on 6/12 at Orlando nightclub).


April 2016

  • Bad, bad, bad (American political scene and how it affects the collective)  (Trump supporters bring violence, racism, white supremacy to rallies and these sentiments are spreading throughout the collective
  • Caucasian fist/black convertible: (Trump ties to White Supremacists in the news)
  • Earthquake   (Ecuador earthquake killed hundreds, injured thousands; Japan experiences two sizable quakes in April killing several dozen people each)
  • Still cold (New England)  (After March warmth, cold temperatures returned in April and May)
  • The Beatles in the news. (Sony buys rights to their music)
  • Market correction – like square root sign  (brief dip then recovery in April()
  • Pope making a big statement  (Pope makes big statement on marriage)
  • Famine in South America (Drought and impending famine calls for faster action)
  • Wind, water, environment, water safety, water animals, sea life
  • Syria raids, military going in.  (This vision that we had in September happened at the end of December, however it may mean that in March, U.S. intervention will escalate ).
  • War. U.S. involved.  (War against ISIS escalates with involvement of U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and ).
  • Talk of war in Europe. (After Brussels, more talk of allies invading Syria, which Russians have said would start WWIII.)
  • Cloud seeding, toxic rain  (California seeds clouds, spurs some fears)
  • Bullets – police—body camera – police shooting in the news
  • Upset in primary  (Ohio on March 15 when Kasich beats Trump)
  • Fish – problems with seas (El Nino escalates sea warming and impact on fish).
  • Economy, finances look good, stock market up (new highs in April)
  • Climate fluctuating, more snow/spring flowers not sure what to do  (In New England, warm weather followed by freezing and snow  killed off early flowers).
  • President signs gun legislation.  Vision of Capitol Building and a big gun.(on January 4 President announced gun regulations that force gun sellers to do background checks).
  • Coffee beans in the news (two breaking stories this month on coffee beans: counterfeit beans and lung-disease-causing chemicals in coffee plants).
  • Contaminate water, more cases (Flint Michigan lead water poisoning)
  • Nicole Kidman marriage (10th anniversary to Keith Urban in the news)

March 2016

  • Latest climate study by world’s most famous climate scientist begins to fall in line with our predictions for 20 to 80 foot sea level rise by end of century.
  • Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Inside  (News about this on the weather channel).

February 2016

  • Refugee riots in Europe. (violence breaks out at Greek/Macedonian border as Syrian/Iraqi/Afghanistan refugees try to get to Germany).
  • Denver Broncos win the SuperBowl
  • Dangerous Earthquake
  • New roots found for human being in Africa  (Feb.11 news story: Early hominins bone fossils over 2 million years old found in South Africa caves ).
  • After a snowless winter so far, snow storms start to pummel the Northeast (two storms hit Northeast by February 8)
  • A lot of rain (U.S. east coast)
  • snowstorms, happy winter, fluffy snow, ice storms (first Northeast storm 2/5/16; second northeast storm 2/8/16)
  • War breaks out – probably war on terror in Europe and Middle East.  (Allies move closer to invading Syria).
  • Heightened racism and phobias, backlash. (Trump rallies filled with racism and intolerance)
  • Weather starts out calm then land is pounded once again with snow blizzards, people snowed in. (Two storms in the Northeast during the first week of Feb)
  • Cuba in the news. (Obama makes historic visit to Cuba in March).
  • China in the international news  (Chinese buy Greek port, gateway to Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa).
  • Stock market dip then recovers (looks like a square root sign)
  • Great movie makes the scene  (best picture announced this month – Spotlight)

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January 2016

  • China in the news (China stock market crashes January 5 sending U.S. Markets spinning throughout the month).
  • Market volatile but does not crash.
  • New planet discovered  (a planet the size of Neptune is discovered in January)
  • American politicians, debates fill the news.
  • New England: not a lot of snow.  (1/22-1/23 Huge snow storm in mid Atlantic states but New England still doesn’t get much snow.)
  • A big storm (Biggest snow storm on record in Mid Atlantic states).
  • A lot of elephants — Republican party – Too many presidential candidates. (media complaints of too many candidates)

December 2015

  • Donald Trump implodes by the end of 2015.  (This did not come true, but I put it in bold because part of it unfolded when Trump experienced widespread criticism and backlash after making some politically incorrect statements.  Also the press did report in late November Ben Carson’s comments that, “Trump is imploding.” However Trump did not, in fact, implode and his popularity increased.
  • Miss America on the stage  (This was actually about the Miss Universe Pageant in which the announcer mistakenly gave the award to the runner up and then had to reverse his announcement and take the award away from her, making pageantry history – in not a good way.)
  • Mild weather. Then late December snow (New England). (Warmest Christmas on record in large parts of America. Then on 12/30 New England got snow).
  • Disappointing holiday season (Retail sales were down in December.)
  • President signs gun legislation.  Vision of Capitol Building and a big gun.(on January 4 President announced gun licensing regulations for gun retailers that force them to do background checks. According to our predictions, there may also be gun legislation in the spring).

November 2015

  • ISIS attacks escalate (Paris attacks kills 150 on 11/13/15; Beirut  attacks kill 43 on 11/12/15; Russian airplane downed over Egypt on 10/31)
  • Something dark happening below the surface (international secret plans) [When I had this vision, I thought of Putin, but also realized it may refer to ISIS plans to stage more terrorist attacks in the future]
  • Attention towards U.S. West coast – (San Bernardino attack)
  • Ocean currents discussed as a serious climate effect.

October 2015

  • Royalty News [Kansas City Royals win the World Series.]
  • “Haiti in the News.” (Haiti made international news on October 16 when a Tennessee woman missionary who ran an orphanage was shot down while driving in her car; and one of her orphans was abducted.)
  • “Falling water, damned rivers, lots of rain.” (South Carolina rain crisis, overflowing creeks, homes and business flooded, parts of Interstate shut down, bridges unsafe)
  • “Political shifts as Republicans realign themselves creating crises in governing.” (October 9 House Speaker Boehner resigns amidst an apparent crisis of conscience, following Pope Francis’s Congressional address. His replacement then implodes from inadvertently admitting party wrong-doing, then drops out of the running, leaving political chaos in the Republican party).
  • “Big ship sinks in hurricane, lives lost” (Cargo ship El Faro sinks in Hurricane Joaquin in near Bermuda on October 1, 33 lives lost).
  • “Clean up after Storm in the Southeast”  (Early October, widespread damage and flooding from Hurricane Joaquin in Bermuda, the South Carolina coast, and the Maryland shore.)
  • “News about the plight of elephants and rhinos”(Two news events have occurred since we saw this vision:(1) Guardian story about the plight of rhinos; and (2) Iconic African elephant shot by big game hunter brings back awareness of the plight of elephant-thanks to Eric E. for alerting us to these stories ).
  • “Whales in trouble” (recent die-off of whales near British Columbia has scientists speculating that rising ocean temperatures are causing lethal algae blooms that are killing off whales and other marine life).
  • “Temperature (climate) fluctuations” (Spike seen in last month’s temperatures leading scientists to project possible spike for 2016).
  • “Big trees beautiful but something dying inside their trunks.” (10/1/15 Scientific American published international study that big trees (including the great red woods) are the first to die in drought; they predict 80% of trees will die from global warming droughts around the globe).

September 2015

  • “Tears (worldwide tears shed over children), loss”  (Capsized immigrants’ boat washes drowned child to shore for all the world to see and mourn).

August 2015

  • “Image of a yoke: people burdened, displaced, sad, hanging heads, especially the men”.  (plight of Syrian immigrants who were stopped in their efforts to make it to Austria and Germany).
  • Predicted for late August:  “Stock market in the shape of a hook, i.e., market drops then rebounds higher than where it was before the drop.” August 23rd market dropped over 1,000 points. Then began to rebound. Full rebound did not occur as of 10/18.
  • “Something happens to Facebook” ( Thanks to Peter A. who emailed us that FB just added a new dislike button.  They also announced this month they had a billion users in one day)
  • “More on missing plane & plane crash in Pacific”: These visions are about the August 5th announcement that authorities found a wing of the Malaysian Airline.http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/05/world/mh370-investigation/
  • “Scorched earth due to drought and heat”  (NASA: India worst ground water depletion in the world http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/groundwater-depletion-in-india-worst-in-world-nasa-115061800734_1.html.Also North Korea hit by worst drought in a century).

July 2015

  • “Problem with the oceans, deep forces at work, fish affected” (scientists are studying large die-off of whales and other marine life due to rising ocean temperature that cause toxic algae blooms).
  • “Heat, heat, heat”: (Heat index reaches 165 in Iran and Iraq as heat dome settles over the region.  Also severe heat wave spreads cross Europe http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2015/06/30/intense-heat-wave-spreading-through-europe-temperatures-rising-above-40-c/)
  • “Heavy rain, big waves”  (Above-average monsoon season: over 300 mm of rain in 24 hours floods Mumbai, India)

June 2015

  • “Continued drought in the West” 
  • “Space shuttle news”  (California museum plans to display space shuttle (http://www.techtimes.com/articles/56358/20150528/california-museum-plans-to-display-space-shuttle-endeavor-in-dramatic-upright-launch-configuration.htm)
  • “Shipwreck”  (In May, Search for Malaysian Airplane found shipwreck in Indian Ocean.  In April,  ice reveals multiple shipwrecks at bottom of Great Lakes)
  • “Twenty-five states have legalized gay marriage”  (predicted a year earlier: in April 2015, media announced that 30 states and District of Columbia have legalized same sex marriage.)
  • “Hillary decides to run”  (predicted a year earlier, announced in April 2015)

May 2015

  • “Problems with Trees”  (Although scientists have already shown widespread northern tree death from climate change due to a boring beetle that now survives the northern winters, scientists now find that millions of trees are dying from the California drought. Also this month, there’s news of millions of trees dying from a different boring beetle that migrated to the U.S. from China.) Finally we’re seeing reports of a tiny southern pine beetle moving it’s way into northern latitudes where it has never been before due to climactic warming. Effect on previously untouched northern pine trees expected to be devastating.
  • “New royal baby”  Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born May 2, 2015. We made  this prediction on Jan. 10, 2014 for May of 2015, a year and five months earlier.
  • “Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure”  In late April 2015, a major discovery was made of a 15th century German ship filled with gold and jewels off the coast of Finland.
  • “Teddy Roosevelt loses an eye,” We made this prediction in January 2014 for the January 2015 without a clue what it meant.  Then a reader emailed that it referred to an aircraft carrier called The USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier that is equipped with surveillance planes called Hawkeyes and Super Hornets.  In May 2015, one of the Teddy Roosevelt’s planes crashed into the Persian Gulf. The pilot ejected safely.

April 2015

  • “Donkey bucks — Democrats refusing to go along with Republican agenda”. Predicted for April.  On April 25th, in the annual Correspondents Dinner, the President made a play on words about his “buck-et” list of actions he intends to make in the remainder of his term. Our vision which was made months before the president’s speech was written, both literally and figuratively predicted this event.
  • “Earthquake/tectonic plates” Major earthquake in Nepal on April 25th in location where tectonic plates are well known to be pushing against each other at a rate of 2 inches a year causing seismologists to predict a major earthquake in this location. We predicted this event last January for March 2015.
  • “Electrical bolts — Tesla in the news”.  Predicted for April 2015. On April 30th, Tesla unveiled a battery pack that will store solar energy worldwide in hopes to revolutionize the power market away from fossil fuels. 
  • “Bats”. Predicted for April 2015 and right on schedule, news broke that Chinese scientists discovered an ancient dinosaur who resembles a bat. Images of these “bats” appeared in the news.
  •  “Storm at sea. Lives lost, ship sunk.” A 152 person Russian trawler sinks on 4/1/15, at least 56 lives lost.

March 2015:

  • “Shouts of “No Justice! No Peace!” Another unarmed African American man is shot by police on April 4. This time, the officer is charged with murder.
  • “Libraries lose funding”  15 states have cut library funding from January to March: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia and Vermont, as well as protectorates Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Islands.
  • “Airplane crashing into a mountainside” Likely a vision of the German airlines crashing into the French Alps)  We’d seen this vision in January of 2014.
  • “Human rights questioned, something  brought to light and put on political agenda.”  AP press reported that more than 4,000 men were working as slaves on a remote Indonesian island supplying fish to major retailers such as Walmart. 300 were immediately rescued, and plans made to free 4,000 more, and stop this practice altogether.
  • “Sea serpents” – Predicted for March, a 400-800 pound giant stingray was caught of the coast of Thailand in March. A Giant squid also washed ashore in New Zealand in early May.
  • “Underground river, survival” – Seen in a prediction for March 2015 made a year earlier, this vision was probably about a NASA report that showed that California has just one year left of water from surface reservoirs, after which they will have to rely solely upon underground reservoirs which are not easily replenished). Thanks to an email from one of our readers for clarifying this news.

January- February 2015:

  • February prediction of “market correction and rebound higher” came true.
  • “Great Snows in New England.” Retired lawyer Bill Mahan saw this a year before it happened, using the exact words used by the mainstream media to describe the record 10 feet of snow that hit N.E.
  • “Eskimos in Trouble.”   Also from Bill Mahan, a reference to the problems plaguing Alaska that did not see snow this winter and is warming much faster than the rest of the country.  Alaska’s Iditarod race that had to be moved 400 miles north due to lack of snow, some of the state’s coastal villages are becoming submerged, and it’s entire ecology is in trouble.
  • “Chaos, fire, people running away from homes,” and “pink sky railroad news.” Oil train accident in West Virginia on 2/17/15 that caused half mile evacuation and oil leakage into major water supply.

Highlights of Earlier Predictions that came true:

  • Most major climate events in the Northeast U.S.for past five years. came true precisely during the month predicted, including Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, and October surprise snow storm of 2012.
  • The historic November 2012 stock market rally that returned the market to new highs from the crash of 2008. Our vision for November: “Bull with extra large horns on rampage (interpretation: stock market moving up).” We have  since seen dozens ofstock market shifts that came to be.
  • The resignation of the Pope in February 2013, a resignation that had not happened in 700 years. The new Pope was elected in March. Our vision was for April: “Something going on with the Pope; he’s sick or passes.”
  • Newtown tragedy of December in 2012. Our vision: “Tears” and “Children in Line,” which had been the widely circulated photo of teachers leading a line of children from the tragedy.
  • Obama winning the 2012 election. A year before the election, someone had asked me who would get the Democratic nomination. I couldn’t tell.  So I focused my inner eye on Inauguration Day and saw an African American man on the podium being sworn in.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s election to the U.S. Senate November 2012 and subsequent prominence in the U.S. political scene. Our vision: three of us had seen a blond woman as the most important event of the 2012 elections other than the president. For my part, her face and blond hair filled my inner screen, as if this was a big deal that was going to happen. We didn’t know who she was at the time because she had not yet emerged as a front runner, but I figured it out as the election drew near.
  • Government shutdown in September 2013. Our vision: “a strongman bouncing a bull up and down, as if controlling the economy.”
  •  The Boston Marathon bombing April 2013 including our vision of a dark undercurrent underway in the months leading up to it. Our visions: “No one is going to understand any of this,” “a major terrorist attack,” “a city-wide celebration,” something dark unfolding.”
  • New Boeing 747 getting grounded
  • Problems with fracking emerging. Our visions were of numerous incidents of minor earthquakes in key fracking locations in the U.S.
  • A dry ice explosion at Disneyland that was at first thought to be a terrorist attack. Our vision for that month: “Something happens in Disneyland, in Fantasyland, outside Peter Pan’s Ride.”
  • The Mary Poppins movie. Saving Mr. Banks seen months before announced.
  • Congress actually agrees on something.  Congress lifted the Sequester for air traffic controllers so they could take recess without airport delays.
  • Deaths of Nelson Mandel, Ariel Sharon, Shirley Temple, and Margaret Thatcher. We didn’t name them, but did see press images of the events for the months that their passing occurred.
  • Scandal of horse doping in Dubai
  • British royal pregnancies. Our vision: too many to include here. See posts–all predicted long before pregnancy occurred and all right on schedule.
  • Unique astrophysicists’ discoveries. Our vision: “New light discovery.”

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  1. I have read peer-reviewed climate science for 25 years. In the late 1980s and then in the 1990s, scientists projected climate change effects to start slowly and grow serious later this century. However, by 2005, they began to say (because of the inertia in the climate system and our failure to reduce emissions) we could not avoid “dangerous” interference with the climate but we must try to avoid “catastrophic” consequences. In the past few years, there is growing alarm that various earth systems (oceans, arctic and glacial ice, soils, forests) that are affected by warming temperatures, have responded much quicker than expected so that there have been some unexpected positive feedback loops, or accelerations in warming that are speeding up the process. Go to Real Climate, Goodard Institute for Space Studies (a division of NASA) and/or Columbia Climate Center at Columbia University for bona fide, excellent scientific sources. Unfortunately Jeanne, your visions seem quite plausible.

  2. Karen, thanks for your thoughtful and informative response. I have read the latest report by James Hansen and will read the reports you mention here.

  3. Paul, thanks, it’s a good article that summarizes James Hansen’s study. I think Hansen is an intuitive scientist who uses his intuition to find answers in science. That’s the best kind of scientist.

  4. Thank you for you posting your visions and predictions its very helpful for us that are sensitive and have feelings of the same. Please keep posting. You are so gifted,

  5. Mary, what a generous thing to say. Thank-you, your remarks spur me on to post more!


  7. Hi Emily, I need you to email me directly through my contact form. — Jeanne

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